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Found 8 results

  1. I have been accepted to PhD programs for the upcoming Fall at the University of Florida (UF) and the Iowa State University (ISU). -> UF has a small program with younger faculty--most of them are recent graduates from ivy schools--while ISU has one of the largest Statistics department in the US. ->UF is ranked #40 this year and ISU is tied at #20 -> Both places have research that interests me -> UF has a better reputation as a research university in general Please help me decide on picking the school for myself. What factors should I consider before making a decision? Are there any current graduate students or alum from these schools who can give some pros and cons on the schools?
  2. As far as I can tell the recruitment event is an extremely important part of actually securing an admission offer after you've already gotten screened on skype. The University of Florida MCS department candidate visit for PhD applicants is 21-23 Feb, and I would love to go. Problem is, even though I'm a domestic applicant, I currently live outside the US. UF doesn't offer funding assistance for international travel. My unpaid internship doesn't exactly give me a travel stipend, if you know what I mean, but I think it would be a mistake not to go! Would it be appropriate to ask if they could cover a domestic leg of the trip? I'd be willing to spring for 2 flights if they could pay for the third!
  3. I'm about to be in Gainesville, FL for the next two years after getting my MA from Georgetown in English. I'm looking into a Master's in Philosophy -- anyone have any idea whether any FL schools have decent philosophy MA or certificate programs, or maybe philosophy certificate/critical theory oriented programs in the south more generally? (AL, GA, TN, NC, SC -- but stuck with Florida for the forthcoming year). Since I didn't major in philosophy undergrad, my standards aren't ridiculously high, but I don't want to mar my CV (especially for applying to PhDs) by transitioning from Georgetown to a lesser program or school without knowing it, since I'm not really in-the-loop as to grad school in philosophy though I've been studying continental and classical philosophy/psychoanalysis/existentialism for years since undergrad, and have written an undergrad/MA thesis on 19th century continental. I know that UF is a good school but can anyone affirm whether it's a good philosophy program? None of the rankings I can find online for Philosophy MA programs are consistent -- some say that FSU is good, some say that University of Central Florida is best, some say that UF is better (I know it's higher ranked as a public university -- but in terms of a terminal MA). And does anyone have experience getting two MA's in philosophy/English or the humanities and experience/insight/words of warning to offer as to whether that's a good track? I'm going to go for the English PHD but I love philosophy and I think I'll be a better thinker and candidate for the program I want to get into 2 years down the road. Any advice or commentary welcome -- especially if you know of certificate programs or programs that incorporate theory, psychoanalysis etc. For background, I have a strong background in continental 19th century; critical theory (Derrida, Lacan, Bloom, Foucault, deconstruction, other forms of poststructuralism); psychoanalysis (Freud & Lacan); Aristotle and Lucretius; and excelled in undergrad at Kant, Plato, and other touchstones that I haven't had the chance to explore further as an English major. Really strong on and passionate about Nietzsche, really interested in more Freud (big in philosophy programs?). I'm looking to learn more in phenomenology, Hegel, Husserl, Sartre, Heidegger; philosophy of mind; really, I haven't encountered anything I haven't liked (other than business ethics). Clearly not too well-equipped to talk about it but always enlightening and really inspiring so I want to go for it without getting stuck in a program and realizing it's not the quality of instruction worth 2 years pursuing -- so any experience or opinion from someone in the discipline on these Florida programs would be greatly appreciated!!! Just trying to find a way to study it while I'm in Gainesville -- somehow..
  4. I have been accepted for the MS (NT) program of UFL, and I was wondering if anyone here could help me out by sharing you experiences or even the general quality of the teaching and research in the Chemical Engineering Department. Also comparing with universities like Purdue and Penn State, how does it fare in the Chemical Engineering Department? Thank You.
  5. Bach


    I know the question has been asked, but I will ask again... Has anyone who attended the interview weekend at University of Florida hear back? Also, has anyone received admittance to a PhD program without doing an interview?
  6. Hello, Hoping to hear from anyone who attends or knows about the Biostatistics program at the University of Florida. I understand they are only 6 years old or so? How competitive is their admissions at this point? Does anyone know if they offer funding for MS students? Any opinions on the overall quality of the program in general? I'm looking at other Biostats programs in the Southeast including FSU, SC, MUSC, UGA. Would I be correct in presuming that UF is the strongest and most competitive Biostat program among these? How does it compare to FSU? I'll be graduating with a BS in Math and Stats from a decent state school in the Southeast with probably ~3.7 GPA, significant statistics research that encompassed applied statistics as well as some more theoretical areas of survival analysis and bayesian methods, and solid LORs including a UF Statistics alumni. Would such a profile be competitive for an MS in Biostats at UF?
  7. I have completed my application process for the program MS in Management Information Systems of University of Florida and also sent my official transcripts on January 2, 2016. When I log into the 'Gator link account' it does not shows any application status page and just redirects me to the ufl.edu. Does anybody face this problem? Plz let me knw solution for this as even the UFl people are not responding....
  8. I just accepted my offer for the University of Florida's Pharmacodynamics program in their College of Pharmacy. I saw that the IDP for the college of medicine has been making decisions and the south campus is pretty interconnected. So are there any other future Gators on the forum?
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