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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I applied to UT Austin's MSW program on November 13th, and met the early application deadline. Ever since January 15th I have been anxiously checking my status each day, but it still says "in review," so the waiting game continues. I am just curious if anyone else has heard back!
  2. Hey guys! I'm currently considering these three schools and programs and would love some insight: Master's in Global Policy Studies at UT Austin Master of Arts in Arab Studies at Georgetown University International Policy and Development at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey Just a couple notes: Location isn't super important. I know the argument for a lot of East Coast and big name schools is that they're ideal for networking and opportunities. However, I do have a job lined up post-grad that will be in DC, so the need to network and be in the heart of everything IR isn't as strong. My thoughts: While I already know that the LBJ School and Georgetown have fantastic programs, I was more drawn to Middlebury in terms of smaller class sizes, their focus on language and faculty seem to really promote the idea of decolonizing the international policy and development field and diversifying perspectives. While living in an active city like Austin is a pro for me, the fact that UT Austin is known for being a typical party school for undergrads makes it a little less appealing. While I might've enjoyed that experience as an undergrad, I'm a little less thrilled as a potential grad student -- especially since the undergrad presence is quite large compared to the number of grad students on campus. I really like Georgetown as an institution, but my cons are that I've heard from peers that the atmosphere can be super cutthroat and unforgiving. I've managed to escape that toxicity during undergrad and I don't willingly want to waltz right into it. My other con is that that it's in DC. Since my career is set in stone to be in DC, I wanted to take this time to explore a different part of the US. I went to undergrad on the East Coast too and I just wanted a different experience for grad school. If any of you know anything about these schools or specifics on these three programs, I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. To be honest, I am leaning towards Middlebury at the moment but the fact that there isn't too much out there about the school and students' experiences does concern me a bit -- in addition to the city of Monterey being a slow beach town that's insanely expensive. Tuition isn't a factor for these schools, but the cost of living is. If y'all were me, which one would you choose and/or which one would you cross off your list immediately?
  3. Hello everyone I'm interested in studying photography (including issues of class, power and the documentary genre). I was accepted to the IFA's MA program, and the UT Austin PhD American Studies program (which would have a strong photography angle). I am wait-listed at U Michigan-Ann Arbor's PhD art history program. I ultimately want to get a PhD, then teach and curate photography. IFA is tremendously respected, and would open a lot of doors (maybe more in curating than academia), but would cost $70,000. UT Austin is of course free. But do you think it 1.) is respected / opens doors and 2.) might allow me to keep a foot in both academic and curating worlds? I would appreciate any insight you might have. Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone, I know, I know the deadline is coming up fast. In fact I had already made my decision before receiving an email from PSU. I was planning on attending the University of Washington's CoreSLP program, with a grant from the university and the prospects of continuing working on the bilingual language acquisition research project I am working on during my gap year. (I should mention that I was an undergrad at UW and my family lives close to Seattle). However, I received an email this morning from PSU offering me a position in their Bilingual Research Lab, a modest tuition remission, and a monthly stipend. In the end, I think the cost is about the same. So, this isn't a research degree, but since I love it I am planning on doing research while completing the program. PSU, along with SDSU and UT-Austin also offer bilingual certifications, which while not totally necessary (from what I understand) might give me an edge if I am hoping to practice in English and Spanish. I haven't really heard about funding from SDSU and UT-Austin, but I believe RA opportunities etc. are only offered after an offer is accepted. However, the PSU email kind of gave me hope that I could have a chance at those. Given all of this, do any of you have opinions about any of these schools/their labs/bilingual certifications that could make or break my decision? I just don't want to make the wrong decision
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