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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, fellow undergrad/grad students, I am a student at Arizona State University. I will be graduating next semester (Spring 2017), and I have decided to go for Grad school. After weeks of research, intospectoon, and thinking, I decided that I want to go for Petroleum Engineering in June of this year. I have been hard at work since then on my Resume, Statement of Purpose, GRE, Letters of recommendation, University selection, and other procedures. I have selected the universities I want to apply and here is the list, 1: University of Texas, Austin 2: Texas A&M University, College Station 3: University of Tulsa 4: University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus 5: University of Alaska Fairbanks 6: University of Wyoming, Laramie 7: Standford University I put Stanford at the bottom because I am not sure if they would want me. So, it is just like a blind shot; I do not want not to try. Here is my UG profile: Undergraduate College: Arizona State University Major: Astrophysics Undergraduate GPA: 3.67 (Top 10% in my class, Graduating with academic honors, Magna Cum Laude) GRE 328 (Verbal: 163 (92nd percentile), Quantitative: 165 (90th percentile), AWA: 5 (93rd percentile)) Research Experience: Not exactly research, but I have many major projects under my belt. Some of them include building a rover for a well-known space organization, Studying the surface of Mars and searching for signs of water, Building a miniature spacecraft, etc I am aware that I have a more than decent profile, but my only problem is that I am an Astrophysics major applying for Petroleum Engineering Masters and I want to know how big a problem that is going to be. I would like to inform you guys that I was a Mechanical Engineering major before changing my major to Astrophysics. So, I do have a lot of Engineering courses under my belt. So, What do you guys think? Can I get in to UT Austin? Feel free to share your stories, profiles, and scores. I would be glad to help in any way I can. Let us help each other.
  2. Hello, people, I am a senior Astrophysics student at Arizona State University and I am curious about my GRE score. I took the GRE general test on October 8th and received my scores last week. Now, I know that the admission process is subjective and GRE score is only one part of it. So, I would like you guys to answer my question based on the assumption that the rest of my profile is good enough. Here is my question: Is my GRE score good enough to get me into the University of Texas-Austin with a scholarship/assistantship? My GRE Scores Verbal: 163 (92nd percentile) Quant: 165 (89th percentile) AWA: 4 (60th percentile) Also, I would appreciate it if you can comment on my chances at other universities such as, Texas A&M, College Station University of Oklahoma University of Tulsa University of Alaska, Fairbanks University of Wyoming Thank You.
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