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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum so please bear with me. I wanted a profile evaluation and some suggestions on universities for Masters in Computer Science in US Profile Undergrad CGPA:- 8.7/10 Work Ex:- 2 years as a Software Developer GRE:- 321(quants-161; verbal-160) TOEFL:- yet to appear I have done good projects in undergrad and also my extracurriculars are good
  2. Which are the good universities among these for masters in cyber security: Iowa State George Washington University University of Washington Syracuse Northeastern University University of Pittsburgh Boston University GMU University of Houston University of Utah
  3. Hey! First of all, the following is my profile: CPI: 9.63/10 (IIT Kanpur Electrical Engineering) GRE: 328 (158 V 170 Q 4.0 AWA) TOEFL: Not given yet (expected score 100+) One minor and one major project (currently running) with no publications Intern at Texas Instruments as Analog Design Intern with Placement offer and guaranteed publication if I join the company Extra-curricular - A lot with community service and leadership roles, Part of SAE team I am considering applying to about 10 or 11 universities and am not able to choose which ones to apply to. Any help would be appreciated. I have decided on applying to 5 - Stanford, UCB, GaTech, UTA, and NUS. Apart from these, I am trying to shortlist 5-6 more universities and any help in selecting those would be appreciated. Possible options - CMU, UIUC, UCLA, UMich - Ann Arbor, Princeton, Cornell, ETH Zurich, Purdue, UCSD.
  4. Hi Friends, I've got admits in University of Maryland, Baltimore County (MS in Human Centred Computing) RIT (MS in Human Computer Interaction) Can you people please help me decide which college to choose, considering all the factors like research, faculty, future prospects, college reputation (if it matters at all) and security index. Also, please mention the reasons you think one is better that other. PS: Even with the scholarship at RIT, it costs at least $20,000 more than UMBC. So, is it worth to spend those extra dollars?
  5. Hello, I have been awarded the Fulbright Student Award (up to $35k for first year of Master's in the US) and at the end of the week I have to send the list of universities I prefer applying to. My problem is that I don't know how competitive I am and thus how high I should aim in selecting universities. Qualifications I have obtained a BS in Computer Science from one of (if not the) best universities in my country (Romania): University of Bucharest. I have about 1.5 of work experience as a Data Scientist (at Adobe Romania, then at Bitdefender). Unfortunately I have no pure research experience, let alone publications. My stats: GPA: 3.85 (converted from 9.6/10) undergrad GRE*: ~160Q, 167+V, 5.0A (estimated from latest practice tests) TOEFL: ~110 (estimated from latest practice tests) Personal Statement Study Objectives CV / Resume Letters of Recommendation: I can provide them if someone is really interested in reading them *I haven't taken the GRE yet because at the end, I should provide the list of schools I want to my scores sent to and that is precisely why I am here — I haven't settled on the schools yet. School Selection I want to pursue a research-oriented Master's of Science program in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science. I do not have a requirement for a sub-field (NLP / CV / DM / IR). Interdisciplinary opportunities (HCI / Data Visualization / Social Computing) would be a great bonus. University preferences, in this order: CMU UW Stanford Cornell Georgia Tech These preferences are based almost exclusively on the high university rankings (taken mostly from here) and the presence of strong ML faculty. I do not want to fool myself into thinking I can get into even one of these top schools. I would be very grateful if I could get some advice / evaluation on where I stand, what my chances are and what is the approximate range of schools I am competitive for — what I should realistically aim for. Also any advice on what I am lacking / I can improve is greatly appreciated. Notes: because my application process will be partly handled by the Institute of International Education, I cannot customize my essays for each university. Also I am limited to five schools to send my application to. The scholarship is offered for pursuing a Master's Degree only. Thank you!
  6. Hey friends, I'm in desparate need regarding selection of 10 universities for Masters in Computer Science or Masters in Computer Networks program for the semester Fall 2012 based on my profile. Please help me out... Here are my details: PGDCA (1 year program) ---> completed my first semester, not got the result yet BCA (3 years program) ---> 72.07% or 3.7 GPA (aggregate score) (No Backlogs) Projects ----> 5th semester: Web based Archaeological Library 6th semester: Web based E-Governance System ( Both of the projects were for The Government Of India. The project of 6th semester was a hit due to which me and my team got interviewed in a local daily newspaper. ) Extracurricular ----> Attended some workshops and seminars. GRE ----> Total: 294/340 Verbal: 135 Quantitative: 159 AWA : 3.0 TOEFL -----> 95 (Reading:24, Listening:21, Speaking:22, Writing:28) The university list decided is as follows: 1) CSU Longbeach {Deadline: May 15} 2) SJSU - Software Engineering with specialization in Networking Software {Deadline: April 1} 3) NJIT {Deadline: May 1} 4) IIT {Deadline: May 1} 5) University of Colorado Denver {Deadline: couldn't find} 6) UTA {Deadline: April 1} 7) UH - Main Campus {Deadline: April 1} 8) USC {Deadline: Feb 15} ==> Already applied 9) Virginia Tech {Deadline: April 1} Other universities which are kept for considerations are: 1) Cleveland State University - Ohio {Deadline: May 15} 2) NYT {Deadline: don't know} 3) CSU - LA {Deadline: don't know} 4) SDSU {Deadline: don't know} 5) SFSU {Deadline: don't know} Kindly rate them as sure shot admits, moderate and aspirational based on my profile. Also, please let me know if I should consider other colleges whose deadlines are not yet met. Regards, HP (Hetalkumar Patadia) - India
  7. I am a prospective candidate for Graduate School of Education. While selecting universities, I found a conspicuous discrimination made my most of the international applicants: Private Univ vs Public Univ Looking for reputation, prospects and other merits of a graduate program, I found private universities far better than public universities, with few exceptions. What's your opinion? Is ''state funding'' or ''affordability'' the only unique characteristic of a public university graduate program? Do education programs differ significantly between public and private universities? If so, can they be categorized?
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