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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all ! I recently was updated about a first author conference proceedings acceptance. This is about 2 months after submitting my PhD applications. Im looking for advice on this - I read somewhere that it might help to email the adcomm with an updated resume. Would emailing at this point be appropriate?
  2. Trying to see if anyone has heard from St. Augustine! I had my interview two weeks ago and was told I should expect an update between 2-3 weeks from the admissions board via email. I thought that was a little odd due to the fact that the deadline is dec 15th. Wanted to see if anyone else is waiting to hear if they got in!
  3. I got accepted to one of my top schools. It is my first acceptance out of 8 (which I haven't heard from yet). I have one more really good school I would like to hear back before making the final decision on this school, though, but if that falls through I will definitely accept at the first school despite the others. It really has everything I'm looking for and I can't imagine going anywhere else. The school I'm waiting for is also a top, but also a very reputable program. I know my chances of getting in are slim, but I don't want to squander the opportunity to consider the two in case I get in by some crazy chance. I didn't respond to my acceptance letter, but today the department chair emailed me and wanted to know if I had any updates on my decision. She said she at least wanted me to confirm I received the application. I apologized for the delay in getting back to her, and I also expressed that I wanted to wait on one more school before making my final decision. I also mentioned that I am very excited about their program and I will more than likely accept their offer - I just want to hear back about the other school's decision before going forward with them. Now I'm kind of paranoid that this wasn't a great thing to say, but it is the truth, and I don't want to leave her hanging not knowing what my status is going to be until I decide to accept or decline. Is it okay to tell the accepting school that you're still waiting on another decision? I told her I am very interested in the program, so hopefully that shows I am not going to just blow them off. But I also don't want to waste the opportunity to hear back from the other school as well. I am not as invested in the other school in terms of location or style, necessarily. The one I got accepted to is perfect for location and the style of writing I'm focused on, but the one I'm waiting on is a more reputable program in a bigger city. I feel like I have already decided, but I also don't want to jump the gun on it without giving it enough consideration. She actually just replied and said she was glad I got the acceptance and gave me a little more details about the open house. I guess I'm just paranoid, but I want to make sure that it didn't look badly on me for telling her I'm still waiting. I assume they hear that a lot, though. Also, is it okay for me to contact the other school to see what their updates are in terms of sending out decisions or should I wait? I haven't seen anything on forums, and this is a school where I know there would be at least a few people posting about acceptances or rejections. There are rumors they are going to send decisions in March, but the open house is in March, too, and I would like to go if possible. Any advice?
  4. What's the "right" way to handle getting an update on the status of your application? Normally, I'd just wait it out, but one of my fully funded offers needs a decision by next week. Unfortunately, my top choices haven't given me much information yet...
  5. I applied to UNC Chapel Hill Biomedical Sciences Ph. D program. I haven't heard anything yet from bbsp (neither good nor bad), yet. I am very very nervous a time passes. I thought this could be a good platform to share updates with each other. Anybody heard anything?
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