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Found 6 results

  1. For those accepted into the URI M.S. SLP program, any idea of when we need to accept or decline the offer by? I am waiting to hear from other schools but don't want to let this one slip past by accidentally missing the deadline. Also, does anyone know if they're planning an open house, information session, or if there are any opportunities to tour the department for accepted students? I have researched as much as I can online about the school but I feel it really helps going there and meeting faculty, touring the facilities etc. in order to make a more accurate judgment on whether it's a good fit or not. If there are any grad students out there currently attending URI I would love to hear from you too! What you like or dislike about the school, program etc. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I recently got accepted into Ph.D. program at the University of Rhode Island and received an invitation for the graduate open house. The event will be for 2 days. It's important because funding decisions will be made after the visit. Can anyone give some idea about what one can expect in such events and is there anything important I need to focus on? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi - Does anyone have any experience with URI or Towson's speech pathology program? If so, what has your experience been like with either? Are the professors helpful, do they have good placements, etc... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I got a computer generated email the other day telling me to check my application status, which was a generic acceptance (yay!) from the GSO. Im a little unsure how to proceed as no one in this department has ever answered my emails, I never interviewed with anyone, and my acceptance came with no information about who my adviser would be or any details about funding. It just seems like an all around weird/impersonal scenario. Has anyone else ever dealt with something like this?
  5. So I just took the GREs today and my raw scores were okay. 154 V and 147 Q. My quantitative score makes me cringe but I honestly think it's the best I can do, I've never been very well at standardized tests and being out of college for almost 3 years, this was HARD. I don't have my AW scores back yet but I'm pretty confident I did well. I'm curious to hear from anyone accepted to Worcester State or URI about their stats. Those are the only two schools I am applying to as I own a home and am getting married so I cannot relocate and do not want outrageous commute times. Should I retake the GRE? I've been studying the quantitative section for a few months now and I don't know how much more I can do. I never prepared for the verbal section so I do think if I spent some time reviewing strategies and vocabulary I could do much better. But is it worth the $200? Any input would be great.
  6. Hi all! I'm deciding among a few acceptances for a PhD in School Psychology. My interests are in diversity/cross-cultural issues in school psychology. I hope to begin my career working in public high schools, but may eventually pursue private practice or research. I am deciding between Fordham, University of Maryland, University of Rhode Island, and University of Connecticut. Does anyone know anything (good/bad) about these programs? Research fit is great for all of them. Thank you!
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