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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! I applied to UT Austin's MSW program on November 13th, and met the early application deadline. Ever since January 15th I have been anxiously checking my status each day, but it still says "in review," so the waiting game continues. I am just curious if anyone else has heard back!
  2. Was wondering whether the dissertation writing years also require tuition in UT Austin philosophy phd, so that tuition exemption through TA'ship etc. is required for a tuition reduction during those years. In other words, if you have no coursework, do you still pay tuition and thus need to teach for its reduction? Obviously you need it for the stipend, but I wonder about the tuition aspect. Thanks all.
  3. Hi all, I have been looking through the social work threads and have found it very comforting to know that there are people who are going through the application and decision process with me. I needed some advice on making a decision on which MSW program to choose. I only applied to two programs which are the University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston programs, I have been accepted to both as well. Problem is, they both have pros and cons for me and I'm having a really hard time choosing which school to attend. Here are the pros and cons: UT Pros: Living on my own (I currently live at home in Houston with my parents) Highly ranked social work program I get to challenge myself in a new school/city UT Cons: I have no professional connections in Austin I would have to start networking again Housing is expensive UH Pros: I have professional connections in Houston I currently have a mental health internship that helps me gain experience for the future Houston is a city which has a lot of internship opportunities for MSW students I am comfortable with UH (I did my undergrad here) and I know the school I would save money on housing UH Cons: I would have to live with my family (I tried negotiating living on my own but parents wont let me) Limited chance to grow as a person on my own* *I live in a south asian household which is pretty different from the individualized American ideal, for me living on my own lets me choose where to go whenever I want and do what I want without having my parents criticize or question my decisions/try to control me. This might sound like an easy decision for some of you, but for me it determines how I will be spending the next two years of my life and if it will help me grow as a person and in my career. I appreciate any help I can get.
  4. I've been accepted to the Advertising graduate programs at UT, SMU, and SCAD. I have to make a decision very soon, so any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Here's a space for anyone planning on going to the Texas Medical Center to meet! I'll be at Baylor in the biochem and molecular biology department.
  6. This is a discussion for all of those who attended the University of Toledo interview/open house this month. If you hear back from them update us please as I will do the same I am anxiously waiting to hear back from this school after interviewing and I am waitlisted at BGSU.
  7. Hey everyone! Looking for others applying for Master of Social Work programs in Texas! ? I'm currently applying to MSW program for Fall 2018, Advanced Standing. SUPER NERVOUS. And only applying to Texas State University & University of Houston. Anyone else?
  8. Hey everyone! Looking for others applying for Master of Social Work programs! Im currently applying to MSW program for Fall 2018, Advanced Standing. SUPER NERVOUS. And only applying to Texas State University & University of Houston
  9. Has anyone heard back yet from UT on their 2018 spring application for the MSSW program? I know the deadline was only four days ago but I just wanted to check in and see! Good luck to everyone!
  10. Has anyone heard back yet from UT on their 2018 spring application for the MSSW program? I know the deadline was only four days ago but I just wanted to check in and see! Good luck to everyone!
  11. Hi all, I just received my admission from Northwestern IMC and am facing difficulties deciding on which program to choose. As UT Austin is a newer program, there doesn't seem to be many posts on the program so I was wondering if anyone could provide any insights that can help me toward deciding! I have accepted my admission at UT Austin and paid a deposit of 2000$, and even finished my career services interview. I thought I didn't have a chance to get into Northwestern, but it turns out I got admitted the last day of being on the waitlist! It's very hard of a decision as the tuition at Northwestern is 84K, and 42K for UT Austin. Northwestern- prestigious program, lots of alumni, focuses more on tech and ecommerce UT Austin- new program (started in 2016), not as many alumni in the field as compared to Northwestern, but there's lots of alumni for McCombs (so could still be of great help when looking for jobs), focuses more on quant and analysis of data in targeting consumers. I was wondering if anyone could provide any insights to the two programs, your opinions are of great help, thank you all so much!
  12. Hi all, I've been accepted to three information studies PhD programs, and I'm having the hardest time choosing between them. The money being offered is similar at all three, they all have good rankings, and I've now visited all three campuses and loved everyone I met at all of them. Here's a little bit of my pros and cons for each: 1) University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign Pros: Highly ranked, well known in my field Lots of amazing research-related resources - good support for digital scholarship (which is one of my subfields), biggest library collections, HathiTrust, great librarians and archivists etc. Good environment - very collaborative I really bonded with advisor Lowest cost of living for the three choices Cons: Not as strong in my subfield - the advisor said she is trying to build a new research group that would be focused on my subfield, but I'd be one of the first people in it Lowest amount of money being offered (not by much, but still), and didn't pay for my campus visit (both other schools did) Probably the least appealing location of the three, based on weather and fun social things to do Don't have as much information on RA and TA-ships - I know I'll be doing them, but they don't make most matches until close to the beginning of the school year Advisor seems like she'd be amazing to work with, but doesn't have the name recognition in my subfield as the advisors from the other two schools do (I think she's well-known in a related field though) 2) University of Maryland (College Park) Pros: Highly ranked Has the advisor with the best match for my interests, and while I didn't bond with him as much, I heard great things from his current students about him Great group of current students, faculty, and post-docs and lots of collaborative projects The project I'd be RA-ing on for 3 years sounds amazing - something that could have a lot of field impact and turn into a good publication, etc. My mentor has made it clear that she thinks this is the best fit for me Best match for my major field of study of the three, I think Cons: Maybe slightly less prestigious than UIUC or Texas? Very high cost of living 3) University of Texas (Austin) Pros: Highly ranked Really bonded with my advisor - she's well-known in one of my subfields and seems like she'd be amazing to work with Small cohorts and very collaborative environment Opportunity to help build up an undergraduate and master's program in one of my subfields - would be able to teach in the program and help shape overall structure Great location - I love Austin and know I'd love living there Highest offer (although not by much, but they did also say I could negotiate for more if I want?) Cons: They're looking for a new dean for the school my program is in right now, so no idea who would be in an important leadership role The program's focus has been on areas of the field that I don't work in - so I'd be a little unusual for them, even though there are faculty members to support my interests I can go into more details if needed - I'm just having the hardest time making a decision because all three seem like they could be good fits for me and my research interests. I've got 2 weeks, ahhhh!
  13. Just got accepted to the MSSW program at UTK! I'm excited but know absolutely nothing about the university, grad life, the area, housing, etc. Any tips tricks and information would be helpful! Also if anyone else is going to University of Tennessee this fall, get psyched!
  14. So I have received all of my admits and have narrowed my selection down to two schools for a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering. 1. University of Texas Austin 2. University of Washington I know Austin is a better school (and cheaper), but I know there is a lot of aerospace companies in the Seattle area (several of which I would love to work for). I was hoping to get some opinions on which may be a better option based on name vs. industry in the area. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I thought I'd start a conversation for those of us who are considering UT Austin for our PhDs this fall. I've been accepted into the film studies PhD and would love to hear from others grads who are thinking of moving there, stuff about the city, housing, funding, costs of living, the entire shebang. And if anyone else is thinking about joining the Department of Radio-Television-Film, would love to hear from you! Thanks!
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