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Found 17 results

  1. Utah: Slightly better faculty members (better training) Working as RA (better training) Research Data Center (will attract faculty members in the future?) Collaborating with senior professor here UW: Better brand (how much does that help in placement?) Working a lot as TA in the first two years (a waste of time) Slightly better placements (count that much?) Better location of the university Any comments would be appreciated!
  2. Sorry, I'm using a sockpuppet account to avoid associating this with my previous posts. I've been involved in the University of Utah Communication grad program for some time now. I wanted to reach out now before people start applying. In my experience at Utah, I've seen some problematic things that possible applicants should know about. There have been a significant number of queer students who have simply dropped out of the program. There was one in particular who I thought was going to be a rock star in the field. From what I have learned, there are faculty members who make queer students feel unwelcome, and when these students seek help, more obstacles are put in their way. Students of color are reporting difficulties, too. I have not seen any drop out, but I would not be surprised if one or more do. Utah has a rough enough reputation as it is when it comes to people of color. But the faculty don't seem to do much to address this. There is a lot of competition among students and faculty, so much so that things are getting unhealthy. It's not good competition, it's pretty cut-throat and it's making a lot of students anxious. I am also learning about the exploitation of grad students by faculty, including the use and publishing of grad work without credit. In one case I've heard of, a student who had a revise and resubmit had an advisor basically insist they be included as an author in the final version. This is particularly happening among the quantitative faculty. There are great faculty here and I have friends here, but I want possible students to reconsider coming to Utah. I won't be here much longer. At least you ought to ask hard questions of the faculty at NCA or any grad recruiting events.
  3. Hi all, I am looking to hear from those of you who have attended any of these schools for SLP grad school. Idaho state, University of Montana, , Wyoming, Washington State, and Eastern Washington University. Some question I have specifically: 1. Do a lot of students receive funding? I will by an out of state resident and some of the schools listed don't offer to WGRP, so I will have to pay out of state tuition. I am wondering how likely it is to get it waived or get funding to help with the cost? I have competitive application: 3.98 GPA, 152 V 158 Q, 4.0 AW. 2. What are your experiences with the clinic? Do you feel like you are learning within the clinic and are becoming ready to be working on your own? 3. What is the major focus at your school? Thanks for all your help! I greatly appreciate it!
  4. Hello everyone, I've a couple of admits. One from U of Utah and the other from Ga Tech for MS in CS. I want to specialize in Computer Graphics. At the moment I'm leaning towards Georgia Tech because of the better ranking. Could someone give me a few pointers keeping the following things in mind, as to which University would be a better choice. 1. I'm an international student and would need a job after my studies till I can clear my loan (Which university would have better industry association in my field?). 2. Where would I be able to finance my studies better? (RA TA openings for grads) 3. Is the Computer Graphics department at Utah significantly better than Ga Techs? Would I be exposed to better professors at either universities? Any help, testimonials, opinions would be great. Thanks a lot.
  5. I really wanted to get into top schools like CMU, Stanford, UIUC, etc. and was quite hopeful of getting in but unfortunately things are not turning out well. As a safe university, I applied to University of Utah (thank God I did) and got an accept from it with full scholarship. Having only one admit in hand now, I wonder if it makes sense to invest 2 years of your life in studying CS concepts from a university which is ranked in top 50 only. Is it worth really? I have heard unless you are from top 4 universities, college tag doesn't really matter and you will get same treatment when it comes to getting a job from your future employer. Is it true? Any other advice/suggestions that can help me resolve this dilemma would be helpful too. University of Utah's MS CS program also doesn't seem to be competitive at all. Out of 450 applicants, they selected some 150 grad students. It means two things to me: 1) Not much people are interested in applying here because it's not good for some reason? 2) Less competitive program means you are surrounded by less smart people and you are the average of people you surround yourself with. Any thoughts?
  6. Hello, Anybody attending University of Utah graduate school. If so what school and what will the program be? I was just excepted into the School of Computing for a M.S in Computing.
  7. Hi everyone! I recently got accepted to a few SLP programs and one of them is Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals. It's a candidate program in Provo, Utah with a medical emphasis. I got a good impression from the faculty but it's one of the more expensive programs in the country. Has anybody heard about their SLP program or been accepted?
  8. I got acceptances from both last week. I am leaning towards Utah for the large campus and scenic surroundings. Other than being able to live in Boston, are there good reasons to choose Northeastern?
  9. Hi! I'm currently a Ph.D. student in Utah. My project involves a lot of seeds to look at the seed and seedling preferences of rodent communities in burned vs unburned areas of the Great Basin a Mojave deserts. I'm halfway done with my data collection, however, I am starting to run low on some seeds, particularly invasive seeds that can't be bought, and other hard to find seeds. If anyone knows of any way I can get more of the following seeds, I will be very grateful: Great Basin seeds Halogeton Gloneratus Ceratocephala testiculata - Burr Buttercup Alysium allysoides Elymus elymoides - Squirreltail Mojave Desert Seeds Bromus tectorum - Cheatgrass (a different genotype to the kind found in the Great Basin) Bromus rubens - Red Brome Schismus arabicus - Arabian Schismus Erodium circutarium - Red stem stork's bill Yucca brevifolia - Joshua tree I'm ideally looking at trying to get approximately 15,000 individual seeds of each species, but if you know of somewhere that has less, especially of the less common ones like Joshua trees, I would still be grateful for the information. Here is my email address if you would like to contact me directly: rebekahls@yahoo.com Thanks!
  10. Hi! I have recently been accepted to the speech language pathology masters program at the University of Utah. I am very interested in attending, however I want to know more about the environment at the school. Are most students in the masters program from in state? I will be coming from Kentucky, so it'll be a big change. What do people do for fun? What's life like in Salt Lake? I want to make sure I'll fit in. Is anyone in this specific cohort? I'd love to chat!
  11. I'm an international student who's gotten admits from the University of Southern California to the MS CS (spl. in DS) program, and from the University of Utah MSCS program. I'm inclined towards USC because of it's higher ranking and location, but I'm worried about the expense and large class sizes. Utah has smaller class sizes, cheaper fees and possibility of getting a TA position. Since my parents are prepared to fully fund my education, money is not that big of an issue, however saving a few thousand dollars would be nice. Is it worth giving up USC for Utah?
  12. Hey guys, has anyone heard back from University of Utah as yet? I see only a couple of responses on the results page. Also, I would like to know what the opinion of this school is within the US. I am an international, and a lot of the time have to gauge reputation by various rankings.
  13. Hi, I am an international student with Masters in Biotech from a decent university in India, GRE 314, 2 Years of research experience 3 conference posters. With the last 14 months of research being at nationals institute in the field of interest. May I please know what are my chances and when these decisions come by for a Phd in Mol. Cell .Bio? places applied are: utah ×vanderbilt × einstein ×baylor college of medicne × uthealth ×pittsburgh × rochester ×urmc × Thank you for your tIme and effort. VS
  14. So the University of Utah has two options for MS: MS in Computing MS in Computer Science Source: http://www.cs.utah.edu/graduate/deg-program/ Now, as I understand it, the MS in Computing is for a specific track, while the MS in CS is a more general degree. However, you can choose your emphasis areas in CS as well, so my question is which program would be better for me? I want to do a specialisation in Data Science and Machine Learning.
  15. Hello I am international aspiring student with 7 years experience in the tech telecom industry with solid Development Test profile. I have admits from ASU for MS Business Analytics and for CS from Utah. I am interested in exploring data related domain. Will my non relevant experience count much here after an MSBA ? Appreciate suggestions , opinions on which one should I choose. I could opt for data related electives in CS but lose out on practical applications Thanks mthigale
  16. I really want to go here but out of state is pricey! Can anyone give me any helpful info on the program? Thank you!
  17. Hi, I have received an admission to PhD in Computing at U of Utah, 2016.However, they said that: "Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you financial support". Does this mean that there is no TA/RA position or any financial funding available for me? I've emailed the department's director but he did not reply yet so I'd like to ask for someone's advice. I'm really confused because I can not pay myself for PhD study. Could someone tell me what should I do to find a funding? Thanks,
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