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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I got admits for MS in Computer Science from Columbia, UT Austin and UIUC. I'm an international student and I'm mostly inclined to go for a job post MS. Can you help me decide on which program to go for? Columbia is an Ivy but looks too expensive. Others are cheaper and have decent CS programs but I'm not really sure how to compare the ROI between them. Thanks.
  2. Which school to choose, Cornell or UT Austin for PhD in mixed signal and analog circuits?
  3. Hello all! I have recieved admits from the following universities: University of Texas at Austin - Business Analytics - No scholarship New York University (GSAS) - Data Science - No scholarship University of California at LA - Business Analytics - No scholarship Arizona State - SE Awaiting - Rutgers NB (Data Science) Rejects - WashU - Data Science USC - Data Science CMU - MIS BIDA (16 Months), Data Science I am confused between UT Austin's Business Analytics and NYU's Data Science. My main ask is for a course that would give me higher chances of employability down the lane, without a bomb of loan in the pocket. My profile: International student | GRE - 321/4.5 | Toefl - 113 | Work experience - 30 months (Java developer, Deloitte) | Undergrad - 77%, ECE, national papers Any inputs and leads are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!! P.S: UT Austin's and UCLA's course does not permit TA/GA and on campus jobs. Everything needs to go from our loan. Cost wise: UCLA > UT Austin
  4. So I got offers from both UT Austin and ETHZ and now I am confused as hell. I haven't received funding from either, that could have made my decision a lot easier, since money is an issue for me. From what I have read all across the internet is that UT Austin is like a job haven while ETHZ has a huge problem on that end (especially for non-EU citizens like me, an Indian, who btw does NOT know German). On the other hand, ETHZ costs nearly half of UT Austin (based on rough estimates on their respective websites). Not to mention that this year's rankings put ETH in 3rd for EE and 7th overall. Moreover, I am not entirely sure I want to pursue a job after masters or study further and get a Ph.D. If I were to pursue a Ph.D., I guess ETHZ would be a much better choice given it's reputation. But as I mentioned above, if I were to pursue a job, ETHZ doesn't come close. Just for the sake of completion, I also got an offer from TU Delft, but felt ETH probably be a much better choice. And I am also awaiting results from UIUC and KTH. Since I felt UT Austin would be better than UIUC and ETH better than KTH, I am not thinking about them too much, unless one of them offers funding, which changes the whole equation. Any suggestions, advice, anecdotes from your experience, or anything really you feel can help me. Appreciate your time. Thanks
  5. Hello people! I couldn't find a current forum for folks treading the process of applying/waiting for a decision from Film MFA programs. Let's get the discussion going! I know I have questions about when schools contact you with their decision, which schools give the most funding, and the interview process. Tell later I bid adieu...
  6. Hi!!....i'm looking to get into the UTAustin rtf program for fall2013......anyone who is already there??
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