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Found 20 results

  1. Nashville, TN

    I have an offer from Vanderbilt. Anyone ever lived there? Any advice?
  2. Vanderbilt Funding?

    So, maybe I am just being paranoid, but it looks to me based off past threads/results that people accepted to Vanderbilt with funding get some kind of a phone call before receiving their award letter. Which makes me think that I am one of the alternates for funding. Has anyone heard this?
  3. Vanderbilt 2017

    Does anyone know anyone who has lived at The Fairfax apartment complex? They look fairly nice, but have those floorboard stripes for heating. I'm wondering how cold they get in winter.
  4. Hi all, Thanks in advance for your input. I could really use it! I've been accepted to the following schools for the Master of Public Policy. I intend to study education policy. UVA (with sizable scholarship) Berkeley (no scholarship) Columbia (1/4 scholarship) Duke (about 1/2 scholarship) UChicago (about 1/4 scholarship, but could change) Michigan (about 1/3 scholarship, but could change) Carnegie Mellon (about 3/4 scholarship) Vanderbilt (very small scholarship) I was also waitlisted at HKS. Because of financial concerns, I'm prioritizing UVA, Duke, UChicago, Michigan, and Carnegie Mellon. However, Berkeley's got such a wonderful reputation... What are your thoughts?
  5. Options...

    So far I have been accepted to USF - UF - FSU - Vanderbilt - Nebraska. I am still waiting on Baylor, and I doubt I will attend either of the other two I am waiting on. So if any graduate student has any feedback about any of these schools, I would love to hear it! Right now Vanderbilt is my first choice, but obviously finances play a partial role in the decision, and I still don't have all the information yet. One of my other main concerns is to have a lot of freedom in my choice of clinical setting, and my primary interest right now is Medical SLP. Also, for UF I could feasibly live at home, which is an hour away. Is this doable?
  6. Vanderbilt University

    Any other Vanderbilt Fall 2017 MS-SLP applicants here? I've been checking up on the results page regularly, but it doesn't sound like anyone has been notified this cycle yet. They let people know around March 7-11 in years past, so we might hear soon. Anyone know when they will notify? And, is there anyone who has visited/attended the Vanderbilt program who has any perspective to share on the program?
  7. Hi all, I've been accepted to PhD in Biostat at Vanderbilt and I'm also on the waiting list of University of Minnesota. I like Vandy but it's a relatively new program. I know UMN has a great biostat program, but Minnesota is really cold and I'm not sure if I can stand it. Should I wait for UMN? Is there much difference if I choose Vandy instead of UMN? I really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  8. I got offered a fellowship to Pitt a few weeks ago and just last night I got an email from a professor at Vanderbilt saying that I am likely to get off the waitlist. I am still waiting to hear back from a few other schools, but if these are my only two offers, how do I decide? I am interested in labor economics, specifically education and the economics of inequality. They are ranked so similarly and I don't think I know enough about the programs to make this decision right now. Thanks!
  9. interviews admits?

    Hi, I am an international student with Masters in Biotech from a decent university in India, GRE 314, 2 Years of research experience 3 conference posters. With the last 14 months of research being at nationals institute in the field of interest. May I please know what are my chances and when these decisions come by for a Phd in Mol. Cell .Bio? places applied are: utah ×vanderbilt × einstein ×baylor college of medicne × uthealth ×pittsburgh × rochester ×urmc × Thank you for your tIme and effort. VS
  10. Hello, I have noticed that a few interview results have been posted over in the admissions results and that someone also denied an interview. Has anyone over here received any results? This is my number one school and I have not received any correspondence yet. Thanks!
  11. I applied for the masters of religion at Vanderbilt. I was not waitlisted, but have still not heard anything. My application status is just "submitted." I emailed the department and have not heard anything back. Has this happened to anyone else? Does Vanderbilt usually wait this long to make decisions?
  12. Hi All, I know this is really last minute but I have been going back and forth on my decision and couldn't really decide. Basically I applied for the applied statistics in education and got accepted by Teachers College (Ed.M. in Measurement and Evaluation), Vanderbilt (M.Ed. in Quantitative Methods), and NYU (MS in Applied Statistics in Social Science Research, A3SR). The program at Columbia seems weird because for the past six years or so there have been only two years when the program got only two students. The other years there were no students who chose this program (including last year). I'm pretty sure this is not a good sign but wonder if anyone has any other opinions (or an inside scoop) on this. The program at Vanderbilt is very new (they accepted their first cohort last year, 5 students in total) and it has an internship part attached to it. Basically all students have to complete either a semester long or a summer internship before they graduate. I'm not sure about the location (I wasn't able to make a visit) and the surrounding job market. If someone could provide insights on this, it would be very much appreciated. The program at NYU is also new (they started two years ago and they have their first graduates this May). It seems nothing special but it is considered a STEM program (as an international student, that means I can have H1B visa lottery three times instead of one) so I'm still considering it. They expect to recruit ~15 people this year. So I'm looking for information on: 1. The quality of these three programs. 2. The location and the surrounding job market. 3. Is it worth to go to NYU just because of it's a STEM program? Thank you all in advance.
  13. I'm an out-of-field applicant and was very unsure of what to expect going into this process. I'm still in shock that I got into several great schools and have finally decided on attending Vanderbilt. However, I haven't formally accepted yet because I just found out that I won a Fulbright grant to teach English in Europe next year. All my professors assured me that if I won, I would be able to defer grad school for a year and do both. When I called Vanderbilt, this wasn't the case. So now I have to decide between going straight to school next year or going to Europe instead and reapplying next year. I don't want to risk it again with the 6% acceptance rate, but I also don't want to miss out on going to Europe again. I know it's a great problem to have, but I don't know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  14. How are my chances? (Econ PhD)

    Hello all, I am a soon to be graduate playing the waiting game with my Economics PhD applications. I only applied to 4 programs (Vanderbilt, Florida State, University of Kansas, and University of Houston), and I am starting to worry. Do I stand a chance or should I consider applying to some terminal masters programs? GRE Scores (V/Q/A): 158/156/5 Undergrad: Business with specializations in Economics and Management, Math and Security and Intelligence Studies minors, member of Honors Program (will graduate as fellow), 171 credit hours in 4 years GPA: 3.82, all A's in Economics classes, one B+ and the rest higher in math classes Math classes include: Calc I, Calc II, Intro Stats, Stats for Social Sciences, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations President of Economics Club Economics Teaching Assistant, lots of research experience 1.5 publications (1 published, 1 currently under review, 1 revise and resubmit at a Cornell undergraduate journal), 3 presentations (conferences and poster sessions) 2 Strong letters of recommendation (1 from excellent econ professor), 1 LOR not sure about but from Chair of Math Dept/Asst. Dean of Arts and Sciences If I do have a chance at getting in, what are my chances of getting funding? Thanks!!!
  15. This week, I was accepted to Vanderbilt and Columbia Teachers College for speech-language pathology (My 2 top choices!!!) As an out-of-field applicant with no prereqs done, I'm incredibly grateful to be in this position, but I don't know how I'll ever decide between the two. I plan to visit both, but in the meantime, can anyone give me some insight on either of these programs? I'm interested in the bilingual opportunities at TC, but I know Vanderbilt is ranked much higher...any ideas why? Obviously NYC and Nashville couldn't be more different, both are expensive, and there really is no wrong choice here.
  16. Accepted to Peabody - Master's

    So I just got in to Vanderbilt for an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration. And by just got in I mean like 7 days ago...but anyway. Who else has?! Anyone else going to Visitation Day on the first weekend of February?
  17. Hi everyone. I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect place to post questions about school decisions, or if these types of posts are annoying in general. I am trying to decide between attending Vanderbilt, U. Memphis, or U. Maryland. I am pretty sure I want to work with stroke/TBI patients who have aphasia/dysphagia, so I think of myself as more interested in the "medical side" of SLP. I have been offered much more funding to Memphis and Maryland than to Vanderbilt, but it seems like Vanderbilt is one of the best for medically focused SLP training. Any advice? I would very much prefer not taking out loans, which I would have to do (to some extent) for Vanderbilt. Thanks for reading and for any insight.
  18. Has anyone had an interview or been accepted to Vanderbilt's Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences? If so, when did you apply, what are your stats, and when did you get your interview/acceptance? I turned in my application January 6th and have not heard back yet, so I'm getting worried. My Quantitative GRE scores and my undergrad GPA kind of sucked, but I did well in my verbal GRE and my graduate GPA is a 3.5. Thanks!
  19. Vandy

    I just saw on the results survey that someone was accepted via email to Vand for English PhD. I have absolutely no confidence that I will get in, but congrats to whoever it was that did! I will now sit in front of my inbox all day.
  20. So my significant other is a grad student at Vanderbilt, and I'm currently an adjunct at another college in town. Sometimes, I accompany her to the Vanderbilt library to grade papers, read, and whatnot. Something I've learned about the VU Central Library is that I'm almost always within an inch or two of cracking my head when I walk the main stacks and computer labs. Obviously, there are reading rooms with big, tall ceilings, but the stacks themselves seem to have really (really) low ceilings. I'm 6'2", which is tall-ish, but not superhuge, so I think it's sort of wild that their ceilings are so low! Have you experienced or heard of any similarly odd or surprising peccadilloes concerning potential grad programs?