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Found 18 results

  1. I am an international applicant to the clinical psychology Ph.D. program in the USdrag the whole impression down. I recently took the GRE general test twice and got the following scores: First one: V 159 (83%) Q 170 (96%) AW 4.5 (81%) Second one: V 164 (94%) Q169 (95%) AW 4 (57%) I am happy about my second V and Q but really concerned that the low percentile of my AW will drag the whole impression. I am applying to clinical psychology which I know is a writing heavy discipline, and the writing could be even more important for an international student. I am not sure if I should report both of the score or only one of them. I have research and review paper publication and I know at least one of my referees will be able to confirm my writing ability. ....Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi all, Is a score of 307 too low for funding consideration and/or admission? I am not great at standardized tests which is why I am debating retaking it. 5.5 Writing 153 Q 154 V My undergraduate GPA is 3.33 (3.60 in my major). Schools I am applying to: Michigan (Ford), Duke (Sanford), and Chicago (Harris). Thank you.
  3. Hello. I'm freaking out a little bit, so it would be really helpful if someone with relevant knowledge could help me. I'm a foreign student (and non-native English speaker) applying to Columbia's graduate program in English and Comparative Literature. I just sat the GRE and got 162 (91 percentile) for the verbal section (my quant score was 159, but I have read that's basically irrelevant, right?). The program's website states that successful candidates "trained in the U.S" have "almost always" verbal scores in the 95 percentile. As previously stated, I'm not a U.S. trained applicant; however, I'm freaking out that not having reached the 95 percentile would disqualify me from such a competitive program. Have any of you have or know of someone admitted to that program with verbal scores below the 95 percentile? This is my first choice and my dream program and I want to be realistic about my chances, which I might have overestimated. I have a GPA equivalent to 4.0/4.0 both from my alma mater (which is not a top university, but the best one from my country and one of the five best from Latin America/Spain, and certainly recognized worldwide), as well as the highest grades possible from a semester abroad at a top university in the UK. I have relevant work experience, (non-academic) publications, merit-based scholarships, academic translations published by one of the most important publishing houses of the Spanish-speaking world, very strong recommendation letters from professors from the two universities I attended, and I strongly believe I'm a good fit (I also think my SOP clearly illustrates that). I'm I delusional or I might have a chance even with the subpar GRE scores? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi all! So I took the GRE about two weeks ago and scored a 146 Verbal, 154 Quantitative and a 5 on the A.W. I am satisfied with my Quant and A.W. scores, however, I know my Verbal score is terrible. I am retaking it on August 6th in hopes to improve my Verbal and at least maintain my other two scores, but what if I am unable to do so? Will I be competitive enough when applying to grad schools to receive an acceptance? I am currently working with a 3.83 GPA and have completed more than the 25 required observation hours at several different places. Any information anyone has that can help would be greatly appreciated, I'm terrified that I will go through the application process and receive all rejections. :/
  5. Hello everyone, I recently took a diagnostic GRE practice test and scored a 156 on verbal and 154 on quant. I was wondering what the likely hood of getting above a 165 on both sections would be. Have any of you been able to increase your score more than 10 points per section? I will be taking the GRE on October 7th. Thank you
  6. How many points did you improve your GRE score? What did you start at and what did you finish with?
  7. Hello everyone, I recently took a diagnostic GRE practice test and scored a 156 on verbal and 154 on quant. I was wondering what the likely hood of getting above a 165 on both sections would be. Have any of you been able to increase your score more than 10 points per section? I will be taking the GRE on October 7th. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, I just started studying for the GRE Verbal and did a mock test. I got all the sentence equivalents and the text fill in the blanks right (basically all the vocab right), but I usually get a little bit more than half right for the reading comprehension questions. What will be my GRE score for the verbal section? and any tips to improve reading comprehension??
  9. I need to score above a 160 on the verbal. I think I have text completion down, mostly, but I need a lot of help on the reading comprehension and text completion. Is there a few books that will provide additional help with this?
  10. Hey all, I am looking to see how likely I am to get into the following schools with the following criteria. I feel like I am fitting in somewhere around the average requirements of most applicants at these schools, with maybe a slightly lower GPA. GPA: 3.3 from a small liberal arts school in Ohio GRE: 161 V and 159 Q with 5.0 Analytical Writing Experience: 3 campaign cycles as an intern/volunteer (since '08), 3 campaign cycles as a paid staff in field management and data analytics; 1 year in nonprofit fundraising; 3 months interning with a lobbying firm in D.C.; Only 2 years of work experience after completing my undergrad (I took a semester off to work on the 2012 Presidential campaign) and volunteered/interned throughout college on various local, state, and national races in digital and organizing related work. I am applying/have applied to the following schools: Duke Sanford (MPP), Chicago Harris (MPP), Syracuse Maxwell (MPP), UT-Austin (MPA), Georgetown McCourt (MPP), NYU Wagner (MPA), OSU John Glenn (MPA), USC Price (MPA), IU SPEA (MPA). Thanks!
  11. Is my score of 154 verbal and 158 quantitive too low to apply for a comparative literature phd program? If I can still apply, is there any suggestions? Must I apply for 100+ ranking schools? Thanks
  12. Is there anyone in the mid-advanced stages of their study and in the NYC area that would like to get together to study for the GRE? I have taken the exam twice and I'm right at the cusp of 160 in both areas. I'd like to prep and see if I can hit 163+ in both areas comfortably. I took Testmasters online and didn't really get much out of that. I opted for private tutoring and it was helpful too, but the virtual part made it tricky. I would love to do in person prep but have found that Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc have people in the course who are at the initial stages of their study, and thus probably would not be an effective use of my time since I'm targeting more advanced skills. Feel free to message me if you're interested.
  13. Hi Everyone, I will be taking the gre this coming April and have been practicing my writing skills. Unfortunately, I am unable to find anyone that would be able to grade my essay so I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could please provide some assistance and read my issue essay for me and provide some constructive criticism on what I can improve. With more than 6 billion people in the world, every area of the globe, even areas on the same side of the globe, differ greatly from one another. Each country and each city holds certain attributes for which they are known for and sets them apart from the rest. With this said, to understand the most important characteristics of a society, a person does not need to evaluate the vast majority of the population in each city. Analyzing major cities of any country does not give a better understanding of how the society is. Major cities have high population densities, which means they consist of people with a wide variety of personalities and characteristics that set them apart from each other. For example, one of the major cities of the United States is Los Angeles. People in Los Angeles might be used to a laid back lifestyle with days that consist of going to the beach and socializing. In comparison to New York, another one of America’s major cities, the people in LA are perceived very differently. New York has a very different environment and people here seem to always be on the go and live a busier lifestyle. Evaluating the people of these two cities, anyone can see there is a clear difference between how much the lives of each American may differ from one another even though we are ultimately part of the same society. Living in a certain city for a long period of time also allows a person to adapt to the environment they are in and change according to what the lifestyle requires. Because of this, although we are all seen as “Americans”, we all differ greatly from one another because of where we may have grown up, established our careers, or gone to school. New York is a great example of this, since New York is home to many immigrants and people of many different cultures and ethnicities. Evaluation the population of New York City does not allow anyone to analyze the American society as a whole, because everyone in New York is not typically from America and how they think or what they stand for might be very different from your everyday American. However, sometimes assessing a few specific areas that consist of large majority of the population, helps to get a sense of what the culture of a society is like. Evaluating the population of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or any of America’s major cities, can give anyone an idea America stands for freedom and free thinking. The different personalities, lifestyles, and characteristics of each major city can give anyone the impression, America is place of diversity that promotes individuality. In conclusion, to get the true idea of a society’s culture, morals, and values, it is important to analyze every aspect of that society and not just the lifestyle of a few major cities that will only reveal one piece of the pie.
  14. Hi, Can someone share his/her experience of writing new GRE? What is the difficulty level of new GRE verbal portion? I can see lots of folks getting scores in the range if 155-165 for verbal. I wonder whether the new GRE still has those complex vocab. words or whether it has questions which got to do more with the usage of commonly used words. Also, I have heard that comprehension is the toughest of the lot !! Please share your experience. Regards Harry
  15. I don't necessarily need to retake the GRE for the programs I'm looking at, but I may want to to increase my funding chances. So here's my question: if I retake the GRE and only improve on one section - say, Verbal - but remain the same or even slightly reduce my score on Quant/AW, how might admissions committees view this? I remember in undergrad, with the SAT, colleges claimed to take the highest score from each section a candidate had ever scored. I took the SAT three times, and scored erratically - sometimes I'd improve Q, other times I'd improve V. In the end, I was accepted to a top college, so it was fine, but I never scores amazingly on all three sections at one time. Would this be the same with the GRE? Alternatively, do admissions committees look down on retakes altogether? Also, if it matters, I'm applying to MPA/MPP programs..
  16. I'll be applying to humanities programs in the fall and I would like to improve my GRE verbal score. I scored a 580 (I think 82%, at the time) on the previous version of the test. Ideally, I would like to score in at least the 90th percentile (what would that be on the new scale?). When I was studying the first time, I often scored in my desired range on Power Prep and other practice tests, but didn't perform on test day. I knew all of the Kaplan 500, Barron's 800, a bunch of new words I found in PR, worked on that crazy list of 3000+ words, and took notes on every new word I saw. I still remember most of those words and more since I've been working on my vocab as I do coursework in my Master's program. I did timed practice questions for hours multiple days a week for at least three months before the test. My primary question is, given the changes to the GRE, what is the best way to study and improve on the verbal section now that there aren't the vocab-focused questions (antonyms/analogies)? Should I return to flashcards and vocab games again? I'm thinking about just working through the ets practice questions, but wouldn't mind another book either. Are the new Kaplan/PR/Barron's verbal guides up to snuff yet? I'd like to take the GRE in August. I'd like any suggestions on a six-month study plan. I'm not worried about the writing, and I scored a 670 on the math section the last time which I think is more than enough competence for a humanities student (although I'll freshen up my skills, don't want an embarrassing score)/
  17. Just downloaded a free app with words like "wreak" and "yearling" on their highest level...expert. Any suggestions for an app that I can take seriously? Lol. I'll definitely pay for one but want to see what you guys think
  18. I recently took the revised GRE and received a score range for Q 510-610 and V 630-730. I'm fairly positive that I'll do okay on the essay portions but am wondering what admissions will think of my overall GRE. Is the verbal weighted heavier for IR programs? Will they care that my math skills are below par/ average? Retake or just apply anyway? (Looking at GTown, Columbia, Berkeley, HKS, Princeton) I've got a 3.3 overall US GPA with a 3.85 GPA from a year abroad at Oxford and a White House internship, so I'm wondering if that will help make up for it at all. I'll be applying right out of undergraduate. Suggestions anyone? I'm open to them
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