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Found 5 results

  1. What MFA program would you think is best for someone studying photography and video? I would love to know. Thanks!
  2. This section has been dead for a while... Any film/digital media/video/art applications for F19?
  3. Hi all, I'm receiving my BFA in creative photography next spring. My GPA isn't amazing (in my art class grades it's a 3.5) but otherwise I've had personal issues that have made school hard. I eventually want to go to grad school and hopefully post-bac up in NYC when I move next fall. Are grades the most important thing when trying to get into a grad school for art, or portfolio? What if your work is what they want but your grades are meh? I need help, thanks
  4. An email was sent to me from PennDesign admissions congratulating me on being shortlisted for placement in their MLA program and asked me to complete a 5 question/5 minute video supplement. Has anyone else seen this yet? Not sure if it's good, bad or if everyone at this stage of the application process is asked to do this. Any insight would be helpful.
  5. thanks to everyone who helped me with my previous SOP. This SOP is for another program at a different university. It needs to be a video so its a bit different. I have made a rough draft so people could give me some comments I'd really appreciate it. thanks What are your educational and career goals? How does this program meet those goals? What qualities and skills do you have to offer the program and the field of mental health? How does your background (education or professional experience) make you the best candidate for this program? 5 minutes Hello my name is Ricardo Alarcon and it’s a great pleasure to address everyone at the FIU graduate admission committee. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and why im applying to the counseling program at FIU program.my goal in applying to counseling program at FIU is become a certified counselor who provides mental health services to a wide range of client particularly clients who are socially disadvantage due to any number of factors. I plan to become licensed after completing the program. I would like to work in a private practice but also as a consultant for NGO organizations. The reason I chose FIU’s program is because of its diverse student and community population. Given FIUs position in Miami where there are a large amount of immigrants many who have suffered from emotional truamas it would be a great place to learn about how to help people who feel completely disconnected from society. Additionally FIUs commitment to social justice and grassroots work is very important to me. Knowing that the course work I take will have a practical emphasis on not just treat mental illness but creating an environment to prevent it and bring about positive social change. These two factors mean that I will feel very confident when work with client from many diverse backgrounds including social-economic status and sex and gender identity. The qualities I bring to the program are my kindness and flexibility. I will work tireless to make sure that works meets not only clinical standards but also provides a comforting environments where clients can explore their emotions and find solutions to their issues. In my daily life I cultivate an environment of loving kindness by using meditation as tool to ground myself and better empathize with others. I am also very flexible in trying to use the right language and symbols to connect with a client whether through their gender and sexual orientation or their religious background. I am committed to finding a way to therapy that is productive and helpful for a client. The background I bring to the program is my previous experience with JUSTUS ATL and Fundacion Ecuatoriana Equidad two organizations focused on creating equality and justice for members of the LGBTQ community. At both organizations I envelope worked in a peer environment trying to build greater equality and justice by working together on our psychosocial issues. I found that my work really did make a difference in the lives of those around me by improving our invidual health concerns but also by using our knowledge to work in society as a whole to bring about more equality and fairness.
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