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  1. Hi all, I will be attending grad school fall 2021 (phd) and am currently in the Visa anxiety mode. I created this thread for any student who will be attending any US schools from India. Let's connect if you are anxious too. Currently I do not have an appointment.
  2. Hello. I am a 27 year old peruvian currently living in Peru and I am enrolled to study a master's degree in Media and Communication Sciences in the Technische Universität Ilmenau starting in april 2021, I have already been accepted to the course but in order to get a VISA, the embassy of Germany in Peru demands me a formal guarantee letter (Verpflichtungserklärung), this is a German citizen that signs a letter that guarantees that i will have money while I am in Germany. I have enough money for my living, I just need someone to sign that letter, that person will not spend any money, otherwise i cannot get the visa. I do not have family or relatives in Germany, I'm on my own. Can someone please help me?
  3. I had my visa interview yesterday. The interview was smooth but at the end the vo asked me about the subjects that I will take up. I said machine learning and neural networks. She then issued me 221g white form and asked me to mail some documents. My current visa status is administrative processing. Is it a thing to worry about? How long will the proceeding take ?My semester is starting from next month
  4. Hi everyone! I'm an international student currently studying in the UK. I was accepted into a PhD programme in the US and am now trying to apply for an F-1 visa. Due to the travel ban and closure of consulates/embassies worldwide, I am quite worried about getting my visa on time - I assume I am not the only one. I tried to schedule an appointment in my home country (Germany), however, appointments are fully booked until December. Thus, I was wondering if anyone is in a similar situation and has tried to schedule a visa appointment in the UK (London/Belfast)? I'd rather not pay the application fee for the UK as well unless I know more about appointment availability - unfortunately, I was not given any information on this when calling the embassy in London. Thanks in advance and fingers crossed for our visas!!
  5. Are there any other incoming international students who were informed by your departments that classes would be 100% online for the fall? if so, did they comment on how that would affect eligibility for a student visa since DHS regulations limit the number of online credits a student can take to maintain visa eligibility?
  6. Hello all, I am applying for F1 visa from Mexico city as a third country national. I am studying in Mexico and staying in Mexico on a student visa. I was filling up the DS160 and I encountered confusion in a few questions. I would appreciate if you can share your opinion/ideas/experiences on them. 'Intended length of stay ' : I talked to a professor and he said that the average time for completion of the PHD program is 5 years. It's also the same in an image describing the timeline of phD, on the website of the univ. But the program duration given on my I-20 is 8 years. So what to write as the answer to the question "intended length of stay" : 5 years or 8 years : as mentioned in the I-20 ? It asks for home address and mailing address. Is 'home address' supposed to be the same as permanent address, as mentioned on my passport, or the temporary one here in Mexico city ? That's all. Cheers
  7. Hi everyone! I have a question regarding the F-1 Visa Interview that came up in my school's webinar on tips for the visa application process. They mentioned that I could be asked about my travel history to the US with exact dates. Has anyone experienced this during their interview? How specific were the questions? For context, I have traveled a lot to the US just for vacation purposes and I haven't kept track of all my entries and departures. I was advised not to estimate because it could seem untruthful to the officer and a possible reason for visa denial. Does anyone know if there is a portal I can check to retrieve my travel history? I know the us gov has one but it goes back only 5 years. Any tips will be really appreciated!
  8. Hi all. I've received a fully funded PhD offer from Northeastern and my visa interview is scheduled for next month. However, I may have made a potential mistake in my DS-160. For "Person/Entity Paying for your Trip", I selected 'Self' thinking that it was asking for who is paying for the plane ticket but then later I found out that it actually asks for who is paying for my stay in the US, which is of course the university. Could this lead to a problem/rejection? I've already submitted the form, so I can't change anything now.
  9. I've been admitted to a PhD program at a reputable US grad school with full funding. I am from the UK but members of my immediate family recently moved to the US and now have permanent residency. This did not influence my decision to apply to the United States, but I am concerned it could be a problem at the visa interview - particularly when it comes to proving that I intend to return to the UK after I finish the program. Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on how much of a problem having family already in the US can be? Thanks!
  10. Hi, My admit offer for 2 year MS has GTA funding for the first year. However, it has no mention of funding for the 2nd year. I understand that the i20 will have info about 1st year expenses and my GTA funding. I'm not sure if I am required to show available financial documents for 2nd year upfront if 1st year is taken care of by GTA.
  11. Hi everyone I am from Turkey, I will start studying PhD starting August 22. My visa appointment went very well, the officer asked me only three questions, didn't ask for any additional documents and instantly gave me an approval. He even wished me good luck . However, I got my passport back 10 days later, with a yellow-colored paper attached (and without a visa). It was explained that my application required further administrative processing, but it wasn't explained why. Is there anyone here who had a similar experience? Why could this have happened to me? How long did it take you to get your visa issued? Is there anything at all that can be done to expedite the process (although I know the answer is simply no, but one can always hope). If I can't get my visa in time, I will lose my TAship and will have to defer my PhD
  12. I have received the I-20 (without funding) from my University. But now they are offering me a GRA. So a new I-20 would be issued showing the funding. As visa slots are filling up quickly, should I be waiting for the new I-20 or can I book the visa slot with the I-20 that I have right now?
  13. I have always returned to the school a few days before school began (5~10) so I never actually knew there was the earliest admission date. However, this time, I am booked for July 20th but I realized my EAD is the 22nd. This is a 2 day gap. I don't think I can change the ticket now, and have read that sometimes they are allowed in? I've been an F-1 student for more than nine years and have kept to all of the dates. Do you think they would let me slide for the 2 days? Would they let me just wait out the two days in the airport or would my I-20 status be cancelled?
  14. Hi all, I still have not heard about funding yet. My PI told me that it would take about 2 weeks for her to finalize on the funding after discussing with my co-supervisors. I emailed her after 2 weeks asking for an update only to get a reply saying she will be out of office till end of the month. I am considering emailing the co-supervisors ( but I am worried it might look like I am overstepping ) and calling the admission office. I am an international student and I am worried that I may not make it on time since I have to apply for the visa as well and they still do not give me a decision. How do I proceed ?
  15. Hi All, I am yet to make my choice of University for Fall 2018 admissions. I have received offers from Iowa State Univ. with funding and Purdue without funding. I am talking to the professors @ Purdue to know my chances for funding. Could anyone please let me know how much time I have left to decide without being too late for the visa applications. I am an Indian resident. Thanks Smrithi
  16. Hello everyone,,, Now I got accepted with an assistantship offer into a university in America. Still, this university is not my favorite option. So, I'm thinking about also applying to the Japanese government scholarship (next May), & to an Australian university that has a research center which I'm highly interested in its research (next July). But since I can't guarantee that I'll get accepted into any of these two scholarships, & I don't want to waste a year of my life, so I will meanwhile go to the American university, & start to prepare to travel there. & the results of the two Japanese & Australian scholarships appear after the start of the academic year in America! However I I'd like your opinion about whether to go ahead & apply also to those two scholarships, especially two questions: 1) While starting my academic year in the American university, if I find out that I got accepted in the Japanese or Australian scholarship, is it possible to leave that university to go to the other one in either Japan or Australia? 2) Is it possible to do the visa procedures for traveling to Japan or Australia inside the US, although I'm Egyptian & not American?
  17. I already picked up my Italian student visa and my German student visa is also approved, can I pick up my German visa too, because Italy was my plan B and I wasn't sure if I can get German visa or not? Answer Request▾
  18. Hello all, Unclear at this point on how to exactly word this, but I am looking for help on immigration and visas to the UK, specifically, or Europe, more broadly. I am a PhD student looking for eventual employment in the UK. My partner is Scottish and has British citizenship. Does anyone have any experience with the US-to-UK visa process either through academic routes or marriage/partnership routes who would be willing to share information or be in touch? General questions about what kind of visa, how UK universities engage with US PhDs, things to look out for, etc. etc. Thanks very much.
  19. Hi, I hope someone is out there helping me solve this question. I am applying for F1 visa and I have a question about "person paying for your trip" section in DS-160. The program I admitted is 2 year program, and I got "1" year RA. So on i-20, funding I got for 1 year is listed. So the question is what do I have to select for "person paying for your trip" question! self / parent / organization(university)? If i get 2year RA, i would choose university without any concern. But i am worried that i am getting 1 year for now... hope there is someone to answer my question thanks in advance
  20. Oi guys, F-1 student here who is planning on attending a conference in Canada in September. I have my F-1 status still valid but my visa expired last year. Questions: 1. It states on the Canadian immigration page that F-1 students can travel to Canada without being required to have a Visa. Does anyone have any experience with this? 2. If it is indeed possible to travel with just my F-1 status, would the cbp require a visa in returning to the country? 3. If they would, can an international student renew their visa in Canada without having to return to their countries?
  21. Has anyone used FINTIBA (http://www.fintiba.com) to get blocked account with Sutor bank before? I'm going to Uni in Munich and I was just wondering whether it'd be easy to withdraw the money from it because I could not find a branch of Sutor Bank in Munich.
  22. Hey guys, Here is the situation: I was accepted last year to an MFA program and had to defer it for a year. So I'm starting my program this fall. It's going to be time to apply for a visa very soon. What documents will I need to apply? Should I get new official acceptance letter and new I-20? Also, my TOEFL scores are expired - should I take this exam again? Please tell that I shouldn't!!! And please don't tell me to address those questions to my international student office - those guys proved to be utterly useless. If someone here went through a deferral please share your thoughts! Thanks!
  23. For those who of you are planning to pursue a PhD in the United States, what would/should you do if your visa application is placed on administrative hold? I have heard of multiple examples where people's visa applications were put on hold and eventually had to give up going to the States. As someone who is from a country which Donald Trump and his administration hate, I am extremely concerned about this even though my intended major (mathematics) is not as sensitive as aerospace engineering. Obviously, I don't want to wait for another year and re-apply, since it's already my second time applying for PhD. I am thinking about applying for some master programs in UK around May or June as backup options. Any idea/suggestion would be helpful. Thank you!
  24. Greetings from Turkey,I got a fully funded PhD offer from Illinois Institute of Technology on last April. I applied for an F1 visa to enroll in for Fall 2016 semester. Even though I got an approval on my interview, my application status remained under administrative processing for almost six months. I had to defer my admission twice, regardless of my efforts and the university's efforts to contact the embassy several times, since they were extremely indifferent and unhelpful. At the end I got really upset and sent the embassy a veeeeery long e-mail that contained literal sentences like "I can't take this anymore", "WHAT COULD I HAVE EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS?" and "Even if I get cancer and the only cure is in the US, I will never set foot in your country" (I wasn't drunk or high). At the end of the e-mail I requested the withdrawal of my application, which they instantly agreed to like they had been waiting for me to give up already.My supervisor is trying very hard to help me and he is the coolest person on earth. So, I don't want to let this chance slip away. My question is, what would happen if I tried to apply at the same embassy. %100 administrative processing again? refusal for life? Should I apply for this visa at a different country with a valid excuse (I might do an internship abroad). Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hello, I am in quite an unusual situation. I got an admit to the PhD program in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington. Unfortunately, my admit was not funded. When I inquired with the committee and asked if I can terminate my education with a Masters degree, they said I can do that. This is what I would most likely be doing. Now that I received my I20 (which is for a PhD admit), would I face any trouble during the VISA interview? Something like "how are you going to manage your funding for a phd program, and why do you think you did not receive any funding for the program?". Would it have any negative effect if I explain the situation and say that I would return with a Masters Degree if I can't get funding after I go to the university? Any kind of help regarding this is appreciated.
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