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  1. Hi everyone!! I applied for three Master’s programs for Fall 2020. I have yet to hear back from two of them. But my third program reached out to me to come visit and said they would help with expenses that visiting would accrue since I’m out of state. Their applications don’t close till March though. Is this a good sign that they reached out to me before the applications even close or is this something they likely do with most of their applicants? I’m pretty stressed about waiting out the admissions decisions so I may just be overthinking this..
  2. Hey! Prospective physics applicant. Looking to apply to MIT Converge this fall to visit MIT. Has anybody done the program? If so, how was it?
  3. I am wondering how important it is to visit a uni I've been admitted to on the visiting students' day? I have been accepted at a number of universities so juggling all the schedules is proving tricky. One admitted students' date conflicts with a conference I was planning to present at (though could still withdraw from); another would be easier for my schedule-wise if I visit during my spring break. What might I be missing if I scheduled a visit at another time? A few current or recent PhDs have stressed it's important to meet potential members of your cohort; on the other hand, not all of them will necessarily be attending.
  4. For those of you admitted to both HKS and WWS and planning on trying to get to both visit days what's the gameplan for travelling and looking for reimbursement. I would ideally fly up to Boston then take a train to Princeton then fly back out of Newark but it looks like the timing may be cramped. I'm a PPIA Fellow and I remember being told that I'm guaranteed travel compensation for visits to PPIA consortium schools but it's impossible to find those kinds of guarantees written down online. Let me know what your plans are and maybe we can link up at some point or split a rental car. Congrats everyone!
  5. Hi friends, I'm a little anxious about an upcoming call with my POI. I recently got admitted and my POI emailed me saying that she would love to answer any questions I might have/introduce the school more. I really want to have this call as well, but I'm not so sure what kind of questions I should ask. I know she must be very busy so I want to make good use of the time. We had a Skype call before the admission decision and already talked about current projects, her group (she is a new AP and just started recruiting PhD students), my interests, and the city where the school is. Currently I'm thinking of asking about funding (the offer letter says TA/RA already though), and maybe the style of advising? There is a visit coming up for the school too, but I don't know if the funding question/asking about visit days is too much on the logistics side and might not be worth asking, but otherwise I cannot seem to come up with other valid questions. Please advise! Thank you very much!
  6. hey guys ? One university I applied to, sent me saying that they found merit in my application, & invite me to take a tour in their university during their Graduate Showcase event, to get to know the program better, & they can interview me too. They say if I can't make it, I should email them to find another way for an interview. Honestly, the trip would be expensive, I can afford it, but it wouldn't be that much convenient. So, I prefer video-conferencing for an interview. But I want to ask, would skipping the visit & suggesting video-conference for interview, would that lower my chances to be accepted?
  7. Hi! I got accepted in a program to visit the University of Michigan at the end of this month. While there, I will be visiting the department I am applying to as well as attending a symposium where graduate students give poster presentations on their research. I have yet to send in my application, but will be doing so soon. I have a few questions for people who have gone on visits before: 1. What should I wear? 2. Should I email professors I am interested in working with beforehand to see if I can meet up with them if I have time to do so? 3. What should I see in Ann Arbor while I am there? Any recommendations for cool places, restaurants, etc.? 4. Any other additional advice would be great! P.S. I am applying to mainly biomedical engineering PhD programs. Thanks so much!
  8. Hey! So I'm linking together several visits and going on a tour of sorts. All schools have offered to reimburse up to $500 in travel expenses. The issue is I'm not sure who to bill for flights between schools. Do you think I should send it to the school I'm visiting next or the one I'm leaving?
  9. A few questions on visit days: - Are these more of a laid-back affair, or are we expected to be prepared? For instance, I haven't read any of the faculty research in detail. I was just planning on doing a lot of listening and little talking. - What sorts of questions should we ask during one on one meetings? My baseline expectation is that I'll just ask about the professor's current research, is this about right? Any summaries, tips, or insight on post-admissions visit days / faculty meetings appreciated. Just want to know what to expect.
  10. I will soon visit my top option for Ph.D. studies. During the visit, I will have an individual meeting with both my likely supervisor and a likely committee member. I'm interested to know if anyone has any recommended questions. So far, I have the following: What approach do you take in supervising (more hands-on or more hands-off)? What do you see as the real strength(s) of the program? What current projects are you working on? Do your doctoral students help as research assistants? If so, what might my work as one look like? How have your supervisees fared in securing academic jobs? In your opinion, what does it take to be successful? Are there any shared traits among your most successful supervisees?
  11. Hey, I have an interview with Cranbrook Academy of art this week. Im going to be visiting their campus as part of the interview and I have no idea what to wear. Any suggestions?
  12. Thursday night I was invited to visit UT Arlington (Dallas) during their student led conference. I responded and said something similar to "yes I'd love to come- please let me know what I can do" Friday night they confirmed that I live in Alabama, and I said yes. I haven't heard anything back yet. And it is now the weekend. The visit is in less than a week. And I still don't know if they are paying for housing, food and/or travel, or if I should. At this point, I'm freaking out. I don't have $600 to fly and would rather not spend a full day driving. Is it normal for a phd program to pay for travel? Should I send a second email and just be direct and ask? I don't want to be pushy. But I do want to start preparing, and if they aren't paying, I'll need some time to try and come up with money or rearrange my schedule so I can drive. Thanks!
  13. Hi everybody. I was invited for a campus visit for a humanities program but I am technically not admitted yet. In this situation typically, do programs reject people after a visit? (from your observations) I'm worried because the visit was never referred to as an interview and a friend of mine assured me that in most cases a reimbursed visit would mean they are very interested in me, but I'm also fearing rejection and not making a good impression. This program is very selective, according to their website only 9 students across all years are enrolled, so I figured competition could be intense. However, numbers-wise I'm not exactly sure what to expect--I asked a current graduate student about the visit but he never mentioned if the visit was meant to select one or two candidates out of a larger group. Perhaps I'm stressed over nothing!
  14. Hi, So I got invited to visit the campus of one of the schools I applied for for Earth Sciences and I'm not sure what would be appropriate to wear. Like do I wear full business casual or more like jeans and a nice shirt?
  15. Hey, anyone going to University of Rochester’s chemistry visitation weekend March 2-4?
  16. Out of the five PhD programs I applied to this year, I have been accepted into my top-choice school and a "safety" school so far (with the other three still pending). I have a great personal relationship with the POI from my "safety" school and I honestly really like the program, but I am feeling conflicted about whether or not I should go to the Admitted Students Day if I am most likely going to reject the offer. I think it could be a good way to network with the professors there (even if I don't wind up going there) and I can use the financial aid package to negotiate with my top-choice school, but I also understand I could be taking someone else's spot away...Is it okay for me to go to Admitted Students Day regardless?
  17. I've applied to a number of MS & PhD programs and my top choice is a research MS (w/ option to do PhD upon completion) at a school across the country. (The program requires a thesis and they do not take PhD applicants without an MS) I see that a lot of schools do Skype interviews. Visiting for an interview would be ideal as the school is so far away and somewhat remote a flight is pretty pricey, but if I am accepted I will foot the bill. Is it typical for MS programs to do phone or Skype interviews rather than flying applicants out for interview weekends? I can't find anything on the departmental websites and I'd think it would be rude to ask my POI or the graduate program director considering I haven't been accepted yet. Thanks!
  18. Hi guys, I have a simple question about campus visit. What do you do in a meeting with a professor during a visit? (Basically I've been admitted to a program, and a department staff is asking me which profs I want to meet with during the visit. I'm kind of intimidated by the prospect. What questions should I ask? Will I be wasting their time? Will they find out that I'm more ignorant about their areas than my SOP suggests?) Do you have any advice?
  19. Hi guys, This may seem like a no-brainer, if you've been invited and they're covering pretty much all of the costs, why not? Well, logistically, I'm finding it a bit of a headache to visit the one school I currently have an open invitation to. I'm pretty sure I want to go there, and I'm really not picky about they type of city or not-city I live in, so I was thinking maybe I'll pass on the visit. If I have multiple schools I'm trying to choose between, I think I'd be willing to bear the headache of planning out the trips. But if you already are pretty sure you want to go to a school, is there any reason to visit if it's really out of your way?
  20. Hey all, I'm prepping for my first interview at UChicago and feel fairly confident about most things, but attire is (as usual) tricky. I identify as agender (they/them pronouns) and have been out in my academic and professional life for three years now. My lab and everyone I've met at the NIH have been incredibly accepting in the past two years of me working here, and I'd like to continue to be out and referred to in a way that makes me feel comfortable. A few of my applications asked for pronouns, and UChicago is one of them. Therefore, I feel comfortable presenting as myself for that interview. What about the other ones though? Do I shake hands and say my pronouns after my name? Should I try to pass as cis? I know two of them will be accepting (a friend of mine at UPenn will give the admissions folks the heads-up about my pronouns), but the other two are up in the air. Any other GQ/NB folks going through this or went through this already? Any advice?
  21. Hi! So I am currently trying to figure out how to resolve interview conflicts issue... I am already committed to two interview offers (one in late January and the other in February), but recently I heard back from third school and unfortunately the third school's interview overlaps with my two other interview dates...... I am sure someone must have posted this kind of situation here at gradcafe, but please bear it with me! Can someone tell me what would be the best way to solve this problem? I really appreciate it!
  22. Hi everyone. I'm an international student and I'm going to apply to University of Rhode Island. I did a skype interview with my potential advisor and - I think- she is quite positive about taking me as a graduate student. Also she invited me to see her lab and meet other faculty. Above all she will pay my plane ticket and my stay there for 4 or 5 days. (I have a master degree in biology and I have quite good records -papers, research experience etc.) What you all think about this situation?
  23. Hi All! I'm going down to do a couple do the SAIS optional interview and class visits at SAIS and Georgetown. Does anybody have any tips on how to make a great impression? Any insights on what the process is like? Thanks!
  24. So, my girlfriend is coming with me on a paid official visit to a graduate school next weekend and they just sent me the itinerary. For the first part of the day when I'm meeting with faculty and touring the facilities I'm obviously doing that alone while she explores the town/shops/sleeps herself. Now, it says after the planned events the graduate students will be taking us out around town in the evening, is that something that is appropriate to bring my girlfriend with me or is that something that should be done alone as well?
  25. What's the deal with this recruiting weekend/ visitation day? Who are generally invited to recruiting weekends? Is it applicable to only US applicants? Do internationals (US resident) also get invited? Is there any ground rule about it? I have seen some universities even sent out invitation to overseas applicants who are not going to make it to the visit. And What does this "not getting invited" thing imply for admissions and funding?
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