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Found 7 results

  1. I'm visiting UVA (Applied for aerospace engineering PhD) and I just wanted to get a sense of the kinds of questions I should be asking and what else I should be paying attention to. And if anyone has any information about what the dress code is like I'd really appreciate that too!
  2. Hey! Prospective physics applicant. Looking to apply to MIT Converge this fall to visit MIT. Has anybody done the program? If so, how was it?
  3. To all, I am a student attending the last years of a MSc in Economics at Autonoma Barcelona (University within top 75 QS ranking, GPA 4.0, GRE Q 164, good reference letters). I would like to specialize my study towards macroeconomics and financial economics. After applying for Tilburg, I finally got accepted in the Master in Research without funding. Up to now, it's the only option I've got for continuing my studies (I've applied just for three phd positions). Do you believe it's still worth to accept the offer? How actually good is Tilburg's Mres? Should I wait for next year for applying to other phd much more valid (after retaking the GRE)? Furthermore, I would like to ask you whether you are aware of the net for visiting students? How is Tilburg considered among other European university? Has Tilburg any link with US universities? These are more or less my doubts, because constructing an objective idea about this offer and computing the pros and cons is not an easy task. If you know any information, please share! Thank you in advance.
  4. How important do you guys think visiting the campus of the University you are applying to is in order to get in? How many are enrolled as students or candidates that never visited the campus previous to applying? (I am not here speaking of bring invited to campus after the fact) I plan on scheduling campus visits for August and September for my top 5 schools or the 9 I am applying to. I feel this is a good idea but not entirely sure.
  5. So I have been accepted to a few programs that would be wonderful. Have narrowed it down to two and am now trying to decide. I dont have to ask questions to impress faculty, more to genuinely get to know the programs and make the best decision but of course I would really like to not get off on the wrong foot. I have visited one but was vastly unprepared for the visit and was knocked off by the implication of some faculty that perhaps I chose the wrong department(ECE rather than CS where my current knowledge and interests is) so made terrible use of the visit day. Later I got accepted anyway and thinking it through I might have applied to the correct department after all. Theres seems to be a wide variety of interesting things and I dont know who I would want as my advisor there, which can be kind of scary but also gives me time to explore. The one thing I dont want is to go there only to discover that there is no one for me to work with. Also this is so far out of my current range of knowledge I am afraid of what if it turns out I am bad at/ or don't like this kind of research after all or that the culture really doesn't work for me.This school is well ranked and well known, I think around top 20 definitely top 50. In the other school the research they are doing aligns exactly with the system I am actually familiar with and have already a strong interest and fairly good background in, and I think they are doing cool stuff. Its a far lower ranked school. I am visiting soon and trying to get a feel for the school. There though I feel like I would be pigeonholing myself and while I dont worry that I wont find someone to work with, if it turns out we dont work well together I am in bigger trouble. Its hard to figure this out from limited contact. Being a smaller less regarded school I worry that I would have to fight more for my career as well. This school is probably not in the top 100 maybe not even the top 200. Though they do seem to be publishing in decent places just not often, small school, few students. Both have their own "risks" I feel like the first highly ranked school might be a "smarter" option but I also feel that the second program has a lot of resources for the particular problem that I could potentially do good work there. The first program has given me the option to conduct an additional skype interview with a member of its faculty and while this would be very helpful I am having trouble choosing and figuring out how to not step on feet. I am also not entirely sure what would be most helpful for me to know that I can present without making myself look bad. Same applies to the second program. I will get to visit a lab meeting and get to know potential lab mates as well as speak with the potential advisors but what else should I be doing/ asking to make best use of my time to gather information? Again without potentially stepping on any toes.
  6. I'm on the waitlist for a school I've been invited to for visiting weekend. However, I'm afraid that attending the visiting weekend will actually make them want me less, because I'm very socially awkward. However I'm afraid that if I don't go it will also reflect poorly on me, like I don't care about going there. So I don't know what to do...(I really want to go to this school). It's also worth noting that since I'm only on the waitlist and not admitted, my visiting expenses will not be covered. I would pay for it out of pocket. Advice?
  7. Last year, UMICH's art history department had a finalist weekend in February. Does anyone know if they repeated that this year? There are a few wait list notifications for this year but no one has posted any acceptances or rejections, or indicated about a finalist weekend.
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