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Found 14 results

  1. HELLO TO ALL THE UCLA PHOTO MFA HOPEFULS! So I've been finding it really difficult to find info on UCLA Photo MFA applications for 2022 so I decided to make this! If you applied to UCLA Photo MFA for 2022 gather here so we can be resourceful to each other! Application Decisions/Responses - Have you heard back? (acceptance, rejection, interview....anything???) Interviews - For those who interviewed, when and how was it? what questions were asked? how long? how many interviewers??? etc. What are your other options? Is UCLA your first choice? LETS TALK!
  2. Hey y'all! So I'm totally new here but have quite a bit of experience with applications so please feel free to ask me any questions. This is actually my second time applying for MFA programs. The first time I applied, I applied to Parsons and Plymouth College of Art in the UK. I got into both programs, with a small scholarship to Parsons. However, I didn't want to take out a loan so I went to PCA since the program was a fraction of the cost. I loved my masters program, but I just felt like it wasn't the best fit culturally and I was very homesick so now I'm applying again. I did get an MA and found it to be very valuable in terms of clarifying what I want to do with my work moving forward. If anyone is interested in getting an MA before an MFA, I definitely recommend it. Anywho, I'm wondering if anyone else is interested in focusing on political art. I usually get nudged towards community arts programs, but I'm more interested in a studio-based practice. I'm fairly open about where to go next and would love to hear experiences from other people about the types of programs they're pursuing and why. I'm also interested to hear about the type of work you make, why you make it, and why an MFA program is the next step for you. Here is a list of the programs I'm thinking about applying for: Yale (MFA) Stanford (MFA) Bard (MFA) UC Davis (MFA) UC Berkeley (MFA) UCLA (MFA) USF (MFA) Ruskin School of Art (MFA or PhD) Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (PhD) Malmo Academy of Art (PhD) In case anyone is interested, you can find my art at paulameninato.com and instagram.com/paulameninato
  3. Does anyone know anything about the program at University of North Texas? I've heard some surprisingly good things and would love to get some more information.
  4. Anyone just applied to arts administration programs last month? I really hope to know when the interview invitations would be sent (I 've got only 1 interview invitation so far)
  5. a_photo


    Hey everyone! Would anyone who has accepted to grad school be willing to post their statement? It would be insanely helpful to see some examples. Thanks!
  6. JRRConsult

    Need Help?

    Hello Aspiring Art Students, I am a long time follower of this forum - it helped me immensely when I was applying to grad schools myself. I have been perusing some of these recent threads, and a lot of you seem to have many unanswered questions about how this all works - and "this" can encompass many things. I work in art academia currently, and I will be the first to admit that the grad school application process is mystifying while pertinent information is often elusive. I struggled with this exact problem during my time looking at grad schools. But having now been through the process myself, I have learned some (but not all) answers. Being a professor currently, it is really disheartening to see just how many aspiring students, who do good work, get lost in this process. While I sincerely do want to help, it would be way too much for me to respond to each of these questions individually. Yet, after seeing what some of you are asking and the confusion within, I am wondering if some of you would be interested in some one-on-one consulting, via email or the like. It would be simply too overwhelming to take this on as something casual - and usually, this is what professors get paid to do, in addition to just teaching during the semester. What I can offer you, so that it does not become too insane, is this (and I realize this sounds kind of skeezy to post on a forum, but bear with me): For, let's say, $20 I can offer all y'all any of the following: Provide standard paragraph sized answers to four general questions about this whole perplexing process, or For an hour's time, I will look over your portfolio and help you narrow down choices of what to include, give advice, etc, or I will do one round of reading and editing one document you may have questions about; this can be your statement, letter of intent, a CV, etc - whichever one of these you think you may need help with the most, or if there is any other reasonable thing that you may need help with, I can look into that as well, or If you happen to be in the same geographic location as I am, I would be happy to meet face to face for an hour's time. I'd also possibly be open to doing an hour of Skype if absolutely warranted - though I sincerely believe Skype is terrible and should not be used in the admissions process, but I digress. Here's a little about me to just let you know I am not just some crackpot without any clout: When I was applying to grad schools, I applied to fifteen schools and got into seven; four of those schools offered me significant financial aid, if not a fully funded MFA, I went to a top tier MFA program in the New York City area, I have been accepted into several residencies, including Vermont Studio Center, I have shown internationally, I have been published, I have been teaching for just about 3 full years now; I have taught at two research 1's, a small liberal arts college, and a community college, (and if you do not know the difference between a R1 and a SLAC, you need to before you send out applications), This past semester I helped one of my students get into a competitive international study abroad program at a top international school doing the same thing I am offering here, I have connected some of my students to various institutions for residencies, jobs, etc - I have provided them face-time with very successful artists, I have been paid to give professional practices presentations to classes, I myself have been awarded an upcoming year long, fully funded residency where three slots are awarded out of over two hundred and fifty applications. My personal work is mostly focused in installation, photography, performance and new media. I do not paint - though I went to a really painting heavy program and can offer some insight in that regard. So, you know, I am not trying to prove my worth here, but I do have an idea of what I am talking about. And look, for all that, there is PLENTY I have been rejected from or failed at (which is something we can talk about also). I also obviously cannot promise you that you will get into Yale based on talking to me, or any other specific program. But, if any of you need help navigating all of this, I actually would like to help in a way that I can. If any of you need help and are interested, please feel free to send me a private message - we can go from there as to what you might need and how to achieve it. And feel free to ask any logistical questions about anything I did not cover here. I should also mention that my focus in my work is not necessarily solely commercial - I am much more personally interested in contributing to discourse than I am in doing the gallery circuits. I say this because if your dream is to be Anslem Kiefer or Takashi Murikami and show at Gagosian and only make art to make oodles of money, I will probably be not the best person to talk to. I can give you insights about the various gallery scenes, but that is not where my focus is. In the meantime, good luck to all of you! Believe me, I know how hard it is out there - if something does not happen for you, please do not get discouraged. Though this sucks to always hear, rejection really is just a part of the process. Also, be diligent to really look through this forum and the past years of postings - there is some really valuable information in these threads if you take the time to search through them. One more thing: be sure to check out The Professor is In - Karen Kelsky is not arts based, but she offers a wealth of fantastic general academic information. Edit: Tell you what, let's do this - the first three people to ask me something on this thread, I will respond to the best of my ability. Be sure to ask something general or not so specific that it cannot relate to anyone else besides yourself.
  7. A thread to post about progress in post graduate admissions for PhD Fine Art programs. Post here listing the school, if you applied/plan to, had an interview (add date), received an acceptance/rejection (add date). AARhus-Denmark Oxford-UK PhD Arts/Leiden-Netherlands Royal College of Art-UK, PhD Fine Art, Accepted 1/15
  8. Hello prospective grad students, I'm applying to several MFAs in drawing + painting this year. What's especially difficult about the process is visiting campuses that are far away. I know that most of us work, and dropping your life and your job to visit a campus is a STRUGGLE. I'm organizing a few visits, and my dates are fairly limited. I've had a few campuses tell me, "Oh, it would be better if you came to our graduate school open house." For folks who have been through this process before, what is your opinion on this?! It seems like some open houses are a little bit of a waste of time, since it is grouped with ALL graduate school programs at the university. However, schools like U Michigan has an open house just with their Stamps School of Art. (http://stamps.umich.edu/graduate-admissions/information_sessions) That seems like it could be pretty beneficial, but I would have to change my travel dates around. The alternative is to just have some private visits with a couple professors (which is more personal, but maybe less convenient for them), and hopefully, some meetings with current students. Generally, I'm just looking for more advice on the matter, since most of the advice I've gotten is, "VISIT ALL YOU CAN!" In any way, shape, or form. I'm also still undecided about going to Graduate Portfolio Day. I know, I know, it sounds like it could be worthwhile. But...I live in the Southeast. NYC is not exactly close. Please, I would love some educated opinions on this!! Thank you!
  9. Hey Fellow Applicants I am beginning my first round of MFA applications. I work as a large scale painter and muralist with much of my work incorporating community involvement. I am very interested in relocating to Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and working with them before or during an MFA program. I noticed that Temple offers grad courses for non-matriculating students and my current painting professor mentioned that she enrolled as a non-matriculating student for a number of semesters before being accepted into her well regarded program. I'm curious your thoughts on taking courses before applying to get a feel for the school/professors? Also, any recommendations of other programs that emphasize community practice? I'd also love advice for schools to apply to. I'm interested in an interdisciplinary, practice based program. Fit and finance are more important to me than rank and I am really inspired by more representational aesthetics (NYAA, PAFA) etc. Thoughts?
  10. Does anyone know about MFA programs that have an emphasis on drawing. A lot of the programs seem to just throw drawing in with the painting focus. My work is all about the examination of the drawing medium and I would like to pursue an MFA at an institution with either a drawing emphasis option or faculty well known for their work in drawing. I am talking about contemporary drawing not something classically based. Any recommendations would be helpful as I'm not coming up with too much in my research.
  11. I applied to University of Oregon and University of Washington for MFA in Painting and Drawing. I also applied to Arizona State and University of New Mexico. My top 2 picks are UO and UW, but I am torn between the two. UO is the average 3 year painting and drawing program and UW is a 2 year program. UO has printmaking which I LOVE! UW does not:( but it is 2 years instead of 3! Neither program looks to have much in the figurative style which is my concern. My work is all figure:) Any advice or personal point of view?
  12. Hello, I graduated last May with a BFA after attending 3 different undergrad schools. I had a diverse education over the course of 6 years and feel ready and excited to attend grad school. I have a very loose, expressive hand that relates to Abstract Expressionism. I would not call my work conceptual, however it is not realistic or naturalistic either (NY Academy, for example, would be too geared towards anatomy). Basically, my paintings are about the burden of having a perishable body. I express this through loose interpretations of the body and abstraction. I am not sure what programs are the best fit for my aesthetic. Many of my professors suggested PAFA. Currently, I own an apartment near NYC, so it would be really great if I could find a program here. However, I would relocate for the right program and do not want to limit myself. I would really like some feedback on what would be a good fit for me. Right now NY Studio School, Pratt, PAFA, and Boston Museum School are high on the list for me. Also, I was wondering about Bard. I can't seem to get a good feel for the type of work the students make. Sorry, that was long. Anyway, take a look and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  13. Greetings All, So I have decided to give applying to MFA programs a try. I compiled a list of 21 schools that I would consider applying to. I then narrowed down my list to 7: RISD, MICA, SAIC, IU, Herron, Rutgers, and Columbia University. I was wondering based on my work where I should consider applying or if there are any schools I should consider dropping from my list. www.adamporterart.com Any and all feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks ya'll! -Adam
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