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Found 18 results

  1. Any hope if you are only on wait lists for audiology programs? Currently, I'm wait listed for 5 schools the other one I applied to is a rejection (ASU). Schools I'm wait listed for include University of Arizona, Utah State University, University of Utah, Idaho State University, and Pacific University (Hillsboro, OR). REALLY hoping something works out for me!
  2. I've been accepted to a great Epidemiology PhD program with full funding (program A), and would be 100% happy to go there. However, I am currently waitlisted at a place (program B ) that is a much much better fit for what I want to do, and I would rather go there if I get off the waitlist. My getting off the waitlist is contingent on my POI getting some grants, and not on someone responding to an offer, so there is no clear timeline for when I should expect to hear back. If I don't hear back by April 15th, I definitely want to accept the offer from program A, and program B knows that I would like to hear back on my final status by April 15. My question is: what if funding goes through from Program B after April 15th, when I've already accepted Program A's offer? I COMPLETELY understand that is not an ideal case and disrespectful to Program A, but I really really think Program B will help me in my career and is a better fit for my research interest, and I will just be happier there for the next 4 years. What would you guys recommend in case this happens? Stressing out about this way too much. Thanks for the responses!
  3. I'm currently wait-listed at 4 schools (no acceptances yet). Each school I applied to had most of the same prereqs and then a few outliers. It looks like I won't know where I'm going until after summer registration starts, so I have no idea how I'm supposed to know what classes to take over the summer. It will kill me if I end up getting accepted off a wait list and don't have all the prereqs done, but at the same time, how am I supposed to take every single class that every school requires? My bachelor's is in another field, and the post-ba program I'm taking doesn't even offer a lot of the classes. Is anyone else in this kind of situation? How are you approaching it?
  4. Hello! I was wait listed for Columbia's Environmental Science and Policy MPA program (in SIPA), and I was wondering if anyone could give insight as to when usually would be the last day to receive a final decision for somebody on the wait list. Or when might the decision deadline be for accepted students? The thing about this one year program is that it starts in early summer, so trying to find examples from other conventional 2-year programs that start in the fall hasn't been helpful. I really don't know the details of how the wait list works (other than the concept of getting an offer when somebody turns theirs down), so I'm trying to become more informed so as to stress out less. Also if anyone has any clue as to how many people from the wait list usually receive and admissions offer for this program, that would also be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hello. I'm an applicant, and I just have a few questions about the wait list process/ odds at the following schools seeing that there is an April 15th deadline for applicants to accept/ decline. Thanks in advance. 1) Is anyone on the wait list at the following schools? *Georgia State University * University of West Georgia *University of Georgia 2) When do you think applicants will hear back ( I know there's the "After April 15th" memo, but does that mean around the ending of April, May, June, ,etc? Lol ? 3) Is there anyone who was accepted to these programs but decided to decline? 4) Also, what are the odds of being accepted off of the wait list?
  6. I recently got waitlisted into the graduate program of my dreams. I know being waitlisted is not good nor bad. In the words of my counselor, "It is easier to reject someone than it is to waitlist someone." Idk what I should do for the time being. I feel like I am hanging by the edge of a cliff until I hear back from the admissions committee. In the mean time, I thought about retaking my GRE (I barely met the required scores to apply) and reapplying in the fall as well as to other programs (SDSU and USD). I figured that if I posted this it will somehow calm my nerves down or talk to others who are also in purgatory like me. To those who applied to Chapman's MFT program, have any of you gotten out of the waitlist and accepted into the program? Also, is there anything else I can do or do I just wait and see if someone rejects the school's offer? Also, any advice for someone who's riding on a rollercoaster full of anxiety?
  7. Forum created for those who applied to York University's MSW program for the Fall 2016 entrance. Please share your experience: have you been accepted? wait-listed? rejected? still waiting to hear from them? Here is insight on the program from a current student to ensure that York is a right fit for you: On 2016-03-16 at 1:13 PM, serendipitous22 said: Hi everyone. I'm currently in the MSW program at York University. I remember very well what it was like to repeatedly check my email and the various online application systems, and my mailbox... for those of you who are still waiting, hang in there! I wanted to share some information about my program that I wish I had known when I was applying, and when I was making my decision. To be completely fair, here is a brief overview of the type of person that I think would be a good fit for the York MSW program: - You are very interested in critical social work theories, including Marxism, critical race theory, feminism, queer theory, critical disability studies, etc. (*York does not yet have a strong Indigenous component to the program. UVic is excellent at this if that's what you're looking for. Arguably we should all be looking for this, but I digress.) - You did a BSW that heavily focussed on clinical skills OR somehow have clinical skills already. In this instance, I actually think York would be a really good complement to your existing skills. - You want to do macro or meso level social work practice, such as: community work, grassroots activism/organizing, research, group work, programming. York is a good choice for this as it focuses on critical social work practice, which translates well into macro/meso social work practice. - You want to do a PhD and are very interested in theory and want to write a major research paper. U of T limits the number of students who can do a thesis, so York would be a good choice for you as every student needs to write a practice-based research paper (same as a major research paper; note that a PRP is shorter than a Master's thesis) and this is a requirement for many PhD programs. Unfortunately for me, I don't fall into any of these categories and I have been disappointed with the program. I'm writing this in the hopes that you will have a bit more information than I did when making an admissions decision. There are a total of 20 students in my cohort/class, and we have had many extensive discussions as a group about our shared frustration and disappointment with the curriculum, faculty, and department. I would estimate that: 3-4 students have seriously considered dropping out or transferring (including me), 10-12 actively and vocally dislike/resent/are disappointed with the program, and 5-6 aren't happy or satisfied but are committed to just getting it over with. There isn't a single person in my cohort that has expressed basic satisfaction - let alone enthusiasm - for any aspect of the program, aside from the funding package (more on that later). There were some 'rumours' that went around the forum during my application year that I can now comment on based on my own experience. York does not have established relationships with key clinical practicum agencies in the GTA. York has good relationships with a lot of agencies that would interest you if you're interested in community work, policy, research, or activism/organizing. U of T has exclusivity agreements with many clinical agencies, meaning that the agency agrees to only take on U of T students. These include many hospitals or clinical facilities such as Hincks-Dellcrest, CAMH, and the University Hospital Network. Aside from these exclusivity agreements, many clinical/counselling agencies will not accept placement applications from York students. There ARE some exceptions to this rule, but everyone at York who wants to go into clinical/counselling work then has to compete against each other (and students from other schools) to get those limited placement positions. Generally speaking it is true that U of T has a lockdown on key clinical placement sites. If you have ANY interest in doing clinical work (counselling, working in a hospital, crisis work, trauma work, individual/family/couples/group therapy), and you are seriously considering attending another program, go there instead of York. This is the bottom line. Secondly, even if you feel optimistic about securing one of the few clinical placements available, you should know that York does not teach any clinical or practical skills. I knew this when I was applying, but I didn't REALLY understand it. Examples of skills or clinical topics that you will not learn at York include: developing a therapeutic alliance (this term is never used at York), building trust and rapport, phases or stages of a counselling relationship, communication skills (open-ended questions, active listening, reframing, summarizing), assessment skills, documentation skills, treatment planning, crisis intervention, counselling theories, counselling methods, ANYTHING related to mental health conditions (signs, symptoms, therapies).... you get it. There is one class on group facilitation and one class on narrative therapy (the only counselling course); both are electives. This is because York's MSW programs draw on a wholly different knowledge base than U of T, or other clinical programs. Critical social work draws on critical social theories, like Marxism, feminism, critical race theory, queer theory, critical disability studies, etc. U of T's social work program primarily draws on psychology, the medical model, and psychotherapy as a knowledge base. This is why York's mission statement and admissions process emphasis anti-oppression and social justice, and U of T's mission statement and admissions process emphasize research, "clinical" practice, and evidence-based treatment. To illustrate this difference, U of T offers classes on Social Work Practice in Mental Health, Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families, Advanced Social Work Practice in Mental Health, and electives related to trauma, counselling theories, cyber-counselling, child and adolescent trauma.... etc. York offers classes called Critical Perspectives in Mental Health and Critical Social Work Theories and Practice Skills. In the latter, you will learn about how and why various therapies (e.g. CBT, solution-focussed, strengths approach) are inherently problematic. You will not learn how to practice any of these therapies, OR even learn how they are done. You will also not learn how to practice any alternative treatments (in fact, you would never ever say 'treatment' at York). York focuses on critical and structural social work, so their critique of CBT, for example, would be that CBT individualizes a person's symptoms (let's say anxiety) instead of looking at the structural and contextual factors (e.g. the person who feels anxious is a racialized person living in poverty and on the brink of homelessness, so York might say that instead of medication and CBT, we should advocate for affordable housing and a guaranteed annual income). This is IMPORTANT and I have valued this, but I am not better prepared to work with someone with anxiety (meaning I still have no clue what to do). (This is why I imagine that a clinical BSW + a York MSW could be a good combination). So, many of us are stuck and eager to wrap up the program. Some students are doing external training - which, by the way, is incredibly expensive (a one day workshop ranges from $300-$500 and a certificate course in CBT could be $2000). Don't bother thinking, "Oh I'll just take electives at U of T", because there is only a very, very, very miniscule chance that you will be allowed to do so. One redeeming aspect of the York MSW program is its generous funding package. If finances are an issue for you, then it's worth seriously considering attending York as the funding packages are generous. In the 2-year program everyone gets a $15,000 package ($9,000 in Year 1 through a graduate assistantship (which requires 5 hours work/week) and other money, and $6000 in Year 2 through a research assistantship which doesn't require any work). If you get a York Graduate Scholarship then you get $6000 on top of this package. You will get all of this information in your acceptance letter. York also has very low tuition at roughly $1800 per semester. By comparison, the tuition at U of T is TREMENDOUSLY higher and they don't offer any funding packages. ** This is not inconsequential and despite everything else I've said, the money makes a huge difference ** /end rant BEST OF LUCK to all of you. I know this is a stressful time -- hang in there! I hope you all end up at a school that is a good fit for you personally and professionally.
  8. I received an email yesterday saying I was in a short wait pool for the MA in Museology. I have been accepted to two other universities outside of the US since I'm currently in college abroad, but UW really was my top top top choice. Does anyone know maybe how many people a year they accept from the wait list?? Just want to know somewhat of my chance!!! Thanks!
  9. I have been waiting for a while to hear back from my top choice (a social policy program). I've been admitted to three other PhD programs and one of them had a deadline of March 24th. I know that is unusual but it's a great program and that's how they choose to do things. I wrote to the top choice letting them know that I was going to be in town in mid March and I would love to stop by, and also that I had another offer that was requesting that I respond by late March and asking whether they might have any update by mid March or so on my application. I didn't receive any response from the admissions department to my email and there have been no updates on the admission page since I applied in December. Without any other information to go on, I accepted the offer at my second choice, also to make sure that other schools would have time to make offers to their other candidates. And then several days later I received an email from the top choice school saying I was among the very strongest applicants and that they wanted to offer me a spot on the wait list. The email says I would likely hear back from them at the end of April on whether or not there is a spot in the program next year. What are my obligations to the top choice school (offering me a wait list spot) and the second choice school (where I have already accepted)? How do things work with admissions after April 15th? I understand that admissions programs have until April 15th but hearing on March 26th and not getting any information at all when I emailed in March put me in a tough spot. I also feel like the experience has been so different with that admission program, where things have felt pretty impersonal along the way. I felt I made the best choice I could with the information that I had, but if a spot opened up at my top choice I would want to take that spot. thoughts?
  10. Does anyone have any insight on the chances of getting in to NYU's phd program from the waiting list? Or when I might hear back? It's my first choice, so if anyone here is ambiguous and would like to turn it down... That would be great also.
  11. Hi everyone, I've recently been informed that my top choice school has put me on their wait list. I already got an offer from another school where I could do well, so in the grand scheme of things I'm not too fussed because I can still go to grad school in the fall. Anyway, when I asked for more details about where I was ranked on the list, I was informed that "when a spot or two opens up, we will let the committee rank those on the list and then make offers" (verbatim from the email) Has anyone had any experience like this with being wait-listed, and is there a way to increase my chances of receiving an offer should a spot open up? Again, this is my top choice school, and I want a good assessment about how much of a shot I have before I decide to accept the other school's offer. Thanks in advance!
  12. Most of us applied to many universities, and the overlaps between our options is very big, and more if the university is well known or desired. So, it is very probable that the guy that was admitted to the school A, will be admitted to the school B, C, D, E and F. Maybe not all of his options, but more than one perhaps. He was outstanding between the whole applicants, and as many applicants will be the same at other schools, he will probably be outstanding at that set too. But he can only attend one school, so he will have to reject admission to all the other ones. Therefore it is very probable that the schools admit some students from the wait lists or the some of the not notified students. And more important, your chances of getting into any school are not really 10/300 (≈3.3%) but higher. In example, in the most extreme circumstance where only the same 300 students apply to the same 6 schools, each school may admit only 10, but in sum, the 6 schools admit 60, and those 60 have to be unique students. So, in that case, your odds are actually 60/300 (≈20%). 20% is a far better odd than 3.3%, now it seems less than winning the lottery, and more like winning a little raffle between 5 friends. And your actual odd might be higher, because I considered the worst case where a school admits only 10 and get 300 solicitudes; many of your schools might actually get far less applicants, and the less the applicants the higher your chances. So keep hoping, this will not end until you receive your last rejection letter. And even then, you will live another year, you could try again, and with better preparation, now knowing how to take that damn GRE and how to cajole everyone you have to cajole.
  13. After receiving a MA that put me in significant debt, I have entered my first application cycle and I am not feeling optimistic. I applied to 6 schools and got 3 interviews. I was wait listed after 1 interview and have 2 interviews left to go. I can't help but think to backup plans because I just don't feel competitive enough for a psyD. My options are also significantly limited by cost. Nonetheless, I am not even halfway through the application cycle and I am feeling discouraged. My research background is not particularly strong, neither are my GRE scores. I've looked through many of the previous threads here but feel more confused than ever. Im still new to all of this, but...Am I out of my league? My questions are: is it common for people to apply multiple years in a row for programs? / is it worth it? is it common to get off the wait list? / if I don't, should I reapply next year? are there viable backup options for working in the clinical field with just a masters?
  14. Multiple acceptances are incredible, but being wait-listed can be nerve-racking. Help provide some clarity for those waiting for spots to open up. Where have you been accepted? Toward which school(s) are you leaning? Which will you decline? Or, which do you think you will end up declining? Thanks!
  15. I'm applying for my post-professional masters in architecture, and here's my conundrum: I've been accepted into two very strong programs (Berkeley and University of Michigan), but I've also been wait listed by my top choice and one of the best programs in the country at Yale. I have to respond to Michigan by April 15th, and informally respond to Berkeley by next Tuesday (3/20) to tell them my level of interest, with no hard date of accepting the admissions offer yet. I've already written a letter to the head of the admissions committee at Yale, thanking them and reaffirming my interest, in the hope that it might move me up on the wait list. So here's my question: what is the best thing to do at this point, and how does this whole wait list thing work? I don't want to screw anybody over and leave them hanging at the last minute, but if I'm forced to accept an offer and Yale opens up later (especially if they offer more funding than the other two)... I feel like I'd have to take the Yale offer. I know that this is a good problem to have, to be able to choose where I want to go for grad school, but it is certainly a complicated issue. Anyone with advice on how to deal with this situation, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Good evening. Let me begin by saying that I've found the "Waiting It Out" board to be a *huge* comfort as I alternate between checking my e-mail 30 times a day or saying "screw it," pulling on a pair of comfy, worn out pajamas and spending my time eating ice cream and watching cartoons. Phineas and Ferb, Rocko's Modern Life, and a series of progressively stranger anime, if anyone's interested. Moving on to the point of this post, I have what you might call a situation. I've been accepted to one very highly ranked PhD program; however, I am still waiting to hear from three other programs that are equally good. Program A wants to know whether I'm accepting their offer by March 23rd, even though my department won't even be able to give me information about funding until late March/early April (I'm *really* hoping for a fellowship or at least an assistantship). Not to mention the three programs I'm still holding out hope for...I was under the assumption that April 15th was the deadline, but one of my current professors just informed me that there isn't really an *official* deadline schools have to follow. So, how should one respond in this situation? If I do give them a tentative acceptance, is there a professional way to bow out if I'm given a better offer later? I don't want to damage my relationship with potential future colleagues. However, I need to make the best decision for myself and my future. Any advice would be appreciated.
  17. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has been accepted to UConn with funding and will be declining. Any information from UConn acceptances appreciated. Thanks
  18. I started hearing back from MES MA applications last week. The results so far - a win (Chicago, w/ 1/3 funding), a loss (Harvard), and a draw (UTA). Still waiting on news from Arizona, G'town and AUB. Even if I go 0 for 3 on the remaining apps and don't get in to UTA I'm thrilled to go to Chicago, but does anyone know if UTA delves into its waitlist pool? And on that point, how much agency do I have in this position? I remember hearing/reading about how to get off a waitlist when I was applying for undergrad but that was a long time ago. Generally speaking, is letter writing/visiting/calling de rigeur, and is it likely to bost your position? If writing a letter, would it be good form to mention an acceptance at another school or not? Thanks and good luck to all who are sweating it out.
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