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Found 17 results

  1. Just wondering to which specializations/deadlines people applied? How did interviews go (if you had one)? How is everyone feeling about their admissions generally w Medill? I know Berkeley is pretty topical on the forum at the moment— also happy to discuss that. NYU, USC, Columbia, etc. as well! But I just wanted to lead with Medill seeing that a lot of people have said they’ve applied. Thoughts? I’m v curious and excited! And anxious hahaha
  2. Hello everyone! Most applications were due today so congrats on getting them in! Now we need to sit back, relax, feel the anxiety, and wait for interview offers. I started this this thread so that we can give each other emotional support during this time. I know I'm an anxious and excited ball of emotions and will probably be checking my inbox daily for the next couple of months. I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way! May we wish each other all the best.
  3. Hey all, I just wanted to start a thread for any fellow MArch applicants waiting on decisions. I applied to UBC, Carleton and UofT for the three year program what about you guys? I know its still early for Canadian schools but anyone hear back yet?
  4. Has anyone heard from University of the Pacific for the Speech Language Pathology 15 or 24 month program? The due date for the application was postponed to a later date, so I’m wondering if this has pushed back their responses to applications. The longer I wait the more I start thinking that I’m going to be declined. Has anyone heard back from them yet? Or Has anyone been in this same situation before with their school? If so, does it mean your less likely to get accepted if they contact you later in the month? Thanks!
  5. Is anyone else getting more anxious every day? I only applied to one school and they said they were "hoping to have most, if not all, decisions out by mid February". Share your anxieties!
  6. Hi everyone, I have been waitlisted at my number one choice school... it's starting to get pretty dark. Please vent/tell stories about your waitlist experience or anything you have heard. I am waitlisted at SJSU for speech pathology. If anyone knows anything about it please feel free to share. Best of luck to us all!
  7. I’m applying to Csudh Msw fall 2019 program, if you have applied what are your stats and when did you or when are you turning in your application. Do you know when they start sending out acceptance or denials? Why did you choose CSUDH?
  8. Hi guys, does anyone have any idea about when the decisions for Waterloo MMath Computer Science (MS CS) for Winter 2020 will be given out? I have applied to Waterloo on Jan 20 for Winter 2020 since Fall 2019 deadline was already over...However, I have also applied to other colleges for Fall 2019 admissions. So, if I get admit in other Fall 2019 colleges, how long should I wait before accepting their offers over Waterloo?
  9. Ever since I finished with my applications in the first week of December, I had been braving the waiting period quite well. I enjoyed Christmas with my family, helped a friend with his applications, read books and articles, and worked out. The anxiety started creeping in from New Year onwards when in the results page of gradcafe I read the acceptance posts of the students. What relieved was that the posts were made by Ph.D. aspirants since I have applied to a master’s program. However, the relief was short-lived since today I noticed that a person had been accepted to the master’s program in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue. I have also applied there, and that gives me chills. Am I about to hear from them any time soon or will I be notified in a subtle way that I have been rejected in April? Did they consider the updated statement of purpose that I sent them? Such doubts wreak havoc in my brain. While I have applied to six other graduate schools, including some very ambitious ones like Johns Hopkins and other safe ones like Arizona State University, what scares me is that I do not know what I am going to do if I did not get into any university. Having scored a reasonably decent score of 323 in GRE and a gold medal during graduation, I was confident enough to ignore plan B back then. Nevertheless, now, when I see my colleagues doing something or the other with their lives while I sit at home with online courses and constant check my mail and gradcafe, I don’t feel right. Nonetheless, there is still a voice in my head saying I should not overthink when the results haven’t even arrived yet and that everything happens for a reason. Hope keeps pushing me forward. Studying in the USA is my dream, and I will not give up. PS: This is my first blog post .
  10. This is for an Occupational Therapy program where this will be the inaugural class. Do more students apply to programs such as this? How are my chances of getting off the waitlist for this type of program? And also, it starts May 21st! Should I still hold on to hope, or move on? I thought I had a really good chance during my interview in March.
  11. Hi everyone, I applied to a variety of MFA and MA programs in fiction writing, including the MA program at Concordia University in Montreal, QC, Canada. I am from the US, thus an international applicant. Today, I received a weird email from someone in financial aid, providing important links for financial aid resources. It thanks me for my interest in CU, and says that " Once you have been accepted we can discuss your program costs, your budget and determine what resources are available to you." I found this email very weird. I've never received anything like it from another program. "Once you're accepted" sounds like I have been preliminarily accepted...? Would they really send out a tease like this to everyone, including rejected applicants? Seems strange and ultimately unfair. Just wondering if anyone has received this or seen this before? At this point in the process, I am looking for any glimmer of hope I can get. Am I reading into this too much, haha? Thank you for the help!
  12. Would it be inappropriate for me to reach out to a POI about something unrelated to my application? I had a Skype call with a POI at UC Santa Barbara back in November and email contact in the time since then (though not in the last month over the holidays.) She's my top choice for a lab/program and I think she was interested in me as well. I haven't heard anything about admissions yet but I'm not concerned at this point. However, I've seen in the news all the crazy stuff that has been happening there - the wildfires, mudslides, and winter storms. I kinda wanted to send an email to her and her research tech (whom I also had a fair amount of email contact with). Something like, "Hey, I've been reading the news about all of the things happening in SB right now, just wanted to reach out and pass along my concerns. Hope you are both doing well and staying safe if any of that is affecting you." or along those lines. Is this crossing a boundary? I'm not interested in asking her about my application status. I mean, of course I'm interested in it in general, but I don't want this email to be read as an inquiry into that. I'm genuinely concerned that they might have been affected. I'm just not sure if this is something I should reach out about.
  13. Hey all! I was chatting with a coworker of mine who is in the med school application process now. She was telling me that it's quite common for applicants to send update letters to their schools of interest during the waiting period between applications and interviews. I had never heard of this as it relates to graduate programs, and I was wondering if anyone had ever done it before. It's been around 2 months since I started submitting applications, and I do work a full-time research job. In those two months I have made significant progress on some of my projects as well as a second-author manuscript that I'm hoping to get submitted in the next month or so. I have not yet heard back from any POI or department admissions. I think that the research experience I have completed in the time since submitting my applications is important, especially as one of the projects was the first experiment that I had designed and carried out completely by myself (with mentor supervision of course, but I wasn't being told what to do, and had to do all the work myself.) Would it be worthwhile to send an update email to the POIs I had listed on some of my applications? It's all stuff that wasn't in my SOP or resume, but possibly important to my application (especially as my GRE scores and GPA are just barely at average for where I'm applying.)
  14. Hello there, all. This is my first post! Just a warning, there are a few poor quality puns/analogies peppered about. Please take this opportunity to exercise forgiveness, as I come in peace. I recently joined the cafe to satiate my impulse to do something other than refresh my application statuses every few hours, or minutes. I've read several posts expressing the anxiousness and uneasiness of the waiting process, and I completely empathize. My own experience of this process has been mostly good, but a roller coaster ride no less. There are just so many ******* feelings!! For goodness sake. Like most of you, I'm weathering the gamut. One moment I'm fantasizing about my dreams coming true, imagining the apartment I'll live in, or what new cafes I'll seek out for long studying/work sessions. About how freakin' awesome it would feel to see that "We are pleased to inform you...", or that fat envelope in the post. I feel the excitement and giddiness in my chest. It feels like a wave of energy pouring over and through me!--Then, a bit later, I'm feeling that bowling ball in my stomach. I'm meticulously fine-tooth combing my (already submitted) applications in my head, looking for areas of weakness, while brushing past areas of fortitude and grace. Even if I don't find anything to corroborate my dread, my insides are still an abyss. Now, with that said, for most of us the aforementioned are not uncommon occurrences or feelings. Knowing a little bit about the cognitive-emotional functions and processes of the brain and body, it seems quite natural--and it is. However, I think there can come a point when we step into a territory where we can easily overwhelm ourselves, and even accidentally (or via acts of self-degradation) slip into a hyper or hypo state, and stress out/depress not only our thoughts, or nerves, but our entire self. Our psyches, our subconscious, our biorhythms. We can sometimes take it to a place of what can only be described as temporary psychosis, and I'd like to now get to my point of telling you why none of us deserve to do that to ourselves! We are freaking out, sizing ourselves up to anything and anyone, building ourselves up and tearing ourselves down, diving down the rabbit holes of what ifs, and am I good enoughs, because we CARE! We care a whole lot. We care parking lots. We care stadiums and amphitheaters. If each "refresh" or "login" or worry, or pang in the gut were an individual, we'd have colonized Mars already. We are here, marinating in our own electric nerves, because we care tremendously about some pretty incredible things. We fear because we care, and not just about getting in to our dream (or any) graduate program/university. We care about learning, and discovery, knowledge, research, and exploration. We care about addressing some of the most pressing issues of our society/country/world/planet, for the better (hopefully). We care about making a difference, solving problems, inventing solutions--people, we are ******* awesome, and I believe that is the bright underbelly of the waiting-and-dreading process. I want to take this moment to simply remind not only all you cool people, but myself as well. I think we deserve to acknowledge just how tremendous we are. If you must succumb to the whirlpool of waiting, what ifs, and borderline mania, at least let the bold text come back to you in the form of a reprieve, or as the eye of the 'hurrycane'. I could go on for far longer than anyone would read, about the benefits of acknowledging what a badass you are for getting this far and for giving a **** about something, but I will leave that for another post, should any fancy some brain science talk, strange analogies and metaphors for life, or simply if you'd like me to continue to talk you up. Because I will. In the meantime, may this serve as a gentle reminder to acknowledge all the greatness you've harvested within and for yourself. Take a second (or 10min every day) to breathe deeply. Breathe in the acknowledgement that you care and can hardly contain yourself, because you're a G. A badass, legit, on fleek... You're positively superb. By pursuing learning, knowledge, reflection, growth and manifestation, we are not only expanding our awareness of ourselves and the immediate world around us, but we are expanding the universe's awareness of itself, and that is ******* incredible, and we really deserve to give ourselves more credit for it. I wish the very best of luck and good fortune to you all during this process/these times. And, no matter where you think/feel you are in your own progress of self, please know that you as you are right now is enough and is valid, and has no more or less worth than the you who you perhaps are hoping to embody at some future point. If that seems hard to believe, remember, our perceptions are our filters for reality. Therefore, as within so without.
  15. Wondering if people who have been on the admin/admissions side of things have any insight on what the general etiquette is for people placed on waitlists? After thoroughly researching Canadian schools, locations and the direction of graduate students, I'm at 2a/1w/0r (out of three applications), which is wonderful, but it just so happens that - of course - the 1w is my top choice school, and the place I feel I would be challenged the most. I have less than two weeks to respond to one of the acceptances, and I'm wondering how much "pushing" is acceptable. Is calling/emailing and discussing the other offer frowned upon? Will emphasizing my deadline be viewed as too pushy?
  16. I made these to express my frustration. Enjoy!
  17. So I have ridden the application wave. First with the application anxiety of where to apply, then the brief but welcome relief of getting all documents in on time. This leading to giddy anticipation of getting in to my top schools only to be met by deafening silence from adcomms. Then finally, getting the news that this year was a bust. At first, I didn't think I could possibly go through this again. It almost seems masochistic to do this to yourself twice..or more. Which leads me to this post.....how many of you have applied more than once? Are odds better the second time around? Do schools recognize perseverance?
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