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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone! Since April 7th, I’ve been waiting for my status to change, I am on the waiting list for an MA programme and It has been almost one month. I wonder, is there anyone who was on the waiting list and lately got accepted? Or in the past, did you get accepted by the CEU after a couple of weeks waiting? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to initiate a discussion forum for candidates, like me, who are in the waiting list for Pardee Rand Graduate School. I think the least we can do is to communicate and share our opinions and views on whether there's still a possibility to make it, and to sort of derive a communal inspiration from someone in the previous cohorts, if any, who had been successful to be accepted into the program off the waitlist. We do have to accept that being on the waiting list is a mixbag of hope and despair. But I do invite you to share your feelings, guidance and views here. Thank you.
  3. @hopefulSLP2be7 started a thread like this last year (for American Applicants) for those “who are playing the waiting game... Please post here if you are DECLINING your acceptance OR waitlist position at a school. This will HELP people get a better idea of their situation! Thanks to everyone who participates! Congrats to all the SLPs to be!”
  4. Hi everyone, Does anybody have inside info on Columbia's waitlist for Fiction? I emailed admissions earlier today, but the response essentially said that they didn't have any more information and they'd let me know if a spot opened up. They also said they don't rank their waitlist. I really want to go to Columbia but I have to give other programs needing a decision soon. I'm feeling pretty stressed and any info about this year or even the process in past years would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Many accepted applicants are going to decline their offers and many others are waitlisted. So having information on declined offers could be really helpful for those who are waitlisted. Please post here if you have declined an offer to help others make their decisions! This will be great if you share school name, subfield, funding situation, and type of funding with others. School Name Subfield Funded/not funded Type of funding (fellowship or assistantship or combination)
  6. I have been put on three waiting lists for graduate school. And I still haven't heard back from one program yet. Is there anything I can do to help increase my odds? Also, if I don't hear back by April 15th then does that mean I didn't get a spot? I'm feeling really uneasy, can someone please help me out?
  7. I got put on the waiting list for Pacific U's SLP masters program. Anyone else? I'm curious how many there are. Also, they said they don't disclose wait list positions which makes it harder to know if I should wait it out or not. Anyone else have this concern?
  8. About 20 days ago, I was told that I was put into the waiting list for the PhD program of communication at UMD, which was really depressing news for me. Now although I have an offer from another university, the winter in that state is too cold for me, and I suspect whether my health condition can withstand the cold winter there. My parents are also anxious about this. Unlike many other applicants, I applied for only three PhD programs and UMD is my first choice. Now I really wish I have the opportunity to be accepted by UMD, where the weather is milder so that my parents don’t need to worry about me too much in China. If anyone who is accepted by this PhD program plans to reject the offer, could you please make the decision sooner and give a space to those on the waiting list? Your earlier decision is REALLY significant for my family and myself! Thank you so much!!! You can contact me with my email: ma.lingyan@outlook.com Thank you once again!
  9. Hello, Does anybody know if NYU-Sackler Institute has done sending admission letters? Are they still interviewing? How many applicants are they expecting to accept?
  10. I've been told that I was on the waiting list about a month ago and a recent email informed me that all decisions would be communicated by 13th April. However, nothing happened, no rejection letter nor admission letter, no update on website. I'm just wondering if anyone is still waiting for UChicago like me. I applied for the 12-course program by the way
  11. With most of our applications submitted, and people hearing back from schools right and left, I thought it would be nice to start a thread for those of us who are still waiting to hear or stuck on a waiting list. List where you're waiting to hear back from and your waiting list woes! If you're one of the lucky ones who has been accepted to multiple schools, list where you won't be going! This can also be a place to ask questions about waiting list etiquette, deadlines, how to choose, etc! I've been accepted to MAT programs at Tufts and WashU, still haven't heard back from University of Illinois at UC, and I'm first on the waiting list for my top choice program at UMass Amherst. And the waiting is driving me crazy!!!
  12. Has anyone heard back from Rutgers School of Communication and information who was placed on the waiting list for the Fall 2016 semester? Was anyone accepted or rejected afterwards? Thanks for your time.
  13. I emailed a professor from The Department of Geology of Miami University (Ohio) to ask her about the time line. She told me that the first round decisions have been made but they were not able to make me an offer but might recruit me later if there were some positions left. But she also told me that the possibility is not very high. It seems to me that I am on their waiting list but not rank very high. For god's sake! It is my first decision-like thing! I applied for 9 universities but heard from nowhere before this! And just look what the first is! Oh, I just bored of waiting. Is anyone reading this email got an offer from the Geo Department of Miami Ohio? Will you go there then? I really want to know how many guys would refuse them to go somewhere else. Perhaps I could take the chance! Fingers crossed for everyone!
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