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  1. So I got waitlisted at the start of March to my top choice Sociology PhD program, and went through the motions of following up to say thank you for letting me know/disappointed I didn't get accepted in the first wave but you're still my top choice/sent an updated resume because a piece I had under review when I applied was accepted for publication that same week. Talked to one of my rec writers who's a professor in that very department, he spoke to the admissions committee chair and didn't get much out of her but has been poking every couple of weeks. I intend to reach back out to them tomorrow, as a couple of weeks have passed since I last checked in, but I'm now wondering if it would be of any benefit to reach out to another person who wrote a rec letter for me - another professor in the soc department. If I did, what should I say? I figure something along the lines of 'thanks again for writing me a letter, I heard back and got waitlisted, can we meet to discuss the implications of this'? Or something else? What have people in similar situations done before? Thank you!
  2. Super anguished by this result, wishing to have someone to chat with T T Oxford MSt English Language and Literature (5 period strands) Oxford MSt English and American Literature, etc.
  3. I recently got waitlisted at an extremely competitive STEM program at CMU's School of Computer Science. I am an international applicant. I received the decision a few days after others got their waitlist and admit decisions. I'm not sure how this translates into where I'm situated on the waitlist "stack". I understand the chances of an admit from the waitlist are slim, but do you believe I could do anything in the next two months that will make an admit more probable? A few friends in their undergrad suggested I mail them once every few weeks to show my continued interest. But I don't want to cross the line between being eager and being desperate. What do you think?
  4. Hi everyone, I hope I'm not repeating a previously asked question but it's very likely - this forum is jam packed and I always end up drowning in search results! I applied to the Soc PhD program at Brandeis and got notice I've been waitlisted (last Friday 3/4), and responded to the email from the head of the grad admissions committee in the department this Monday 3/7. I asked how many students they're admitting this year, if the waitlist is ranked, where I stand if so etc etc, and got some info back quickly which was nice. Today, I found out a paper I co-wrote with a professor in the department (who also wrote one of my rec letters) just got accepted (yay!), and I updated my resume to show this movement since I originally had it included under my manuscripts section as an R&R at the time I applied. So my question is, would it be too pushy/inappropriate to email the soc admissions committee again today saying hey just wanted to pass along an updated resume, which as of today has a newly accepted sociology research piece? I don't want to be too in their face, but this seems like a significant achievement that would be helpful as they continue to make decisions about who to accept from the waitlist, assuming spots open up. Thanks!
  5. I have been waitlisted at one of my top choice college, and then another program I applied to. The whole process has been so disheartening that I've been compelled to write this. The application process is so long and grueling , but after giving it all you can, you expect , if not a speedy, then a reasonably timed decision being sent to you. But gosh, the delay of results and having been told you're waitlisted with NO update at all on your rank/position in the waiting list and if other candidates who were on the list have begun receiving acceptance letters is so grueling. I had also applied to Utrecht University for a master's program and expected results soon, but not only have they been horrendously delayed but all of my emails were also ignored. Weeks and weeks of emailing them and waiting for a response was pure agony. Last week, I finally got an email. And then another, and then another. Each asking me to contact someone else, and when I did contact the someone else, they asked me again to contact someone else—which I did. And finally, finally, it seemed like I had reached the end of the tunnel, and was close enough to see the light because I was told I will be given my results by the end of the week! I was so relieved. Finally. Only to be not given my results. And upon inquiring, I was greeted with an automated email saying it was a national holiday until next week. I was so confused. How can a university staff member let you know you'll have your results by the end of the week and forget that the end of the week is filled with national holidays. I was very hurt and disheartened. But I tried to hold onto the last shreds of my sanity and called them today, to be told....I will receive my results by the end of the month and they don't understand the email I was sent that I will get my results soon.. Um..... How can I explain something I received from your university? I am so frustrated, hurt and filled with anxiety. I just wish these universities and programs realized how much toll it takes on candidates to sit and wait for results. Even a small update means so much. Even if it is not an individualized personalized update, they can surely update on their university website as to how many candidates have applied and they shall get back to people by so-and-so date. I also wish the waiting list thing was more transparent and the candidates knew exactly where they stood. This affects our mental health and life deeply as we base our decisions on it. Right now, my life is on pause because I don't know if I will get into any/a school. I cannot join a company temporarily, and I cannot move to another country for a job that I may have to leave but won't be able to do so on time. I really hope someone reads this and understands and makes sure applicants' needs are met. Feelings of powerlessness and helplessness only further aggravate anxiety and stress.
  6. Anyone waiting for the admission results of the Physics and Astronomy programs of the University of Calgary? Are you already admitted or rejected? I don't want to bother my prospective professor or the administrative coordinator (Ms. Evans) by emailing them. I would appreciate it if we can share our information about this program.
  7. I know there’s art history forum but there really isn’t a forum for just museum studies applicants this year and I thought This would be the best place for it. I have applied to like 6 places, accepted to IUPUI, University of Tulsa, and Texas Tech. I was waitlisted at University of Washington. I haven’t completed my application for Johns Hopkins but I’m submitting that as well. Anyone else stuck in waitlist limbo?
  8. Hello, all. I was recently placed on the Stanford STEP waitlist for teaching secondary English. Does anyone know likelihood of me being accepted? I was looking over past years on GradCafe about the subject, but there weren't many questions or answers. Please let me know if you have any information at all; it is much appreciated!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a senior student from China and I received my decision letter that I'm on the waitlist of Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University in Jan. Do you know are there any chances for me to be admitted? Is there anyone you know who was put on the waitlist and then be admitted? I really hope I could go there! Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, I got waitlisted at my first-choice program at LSU and I am struggling with coping. To give more context, I believe I am #2 on the waitlist, so I would get an offer if the other applicant declined, or if the POI receives additional funding for a second student. They applied for a grant in the fall and are waiting to hear back from them. I feel as if I have a better chance of waiting until April 15th for the POI to get funding because I highly doubt anyone would decline an offer from this program and POI - it's unimaginable for me. What might be some reasons for applicants to reject an acceptance offer? I've read a lot of posts about people's experiences with waitlists but I am still feeling a bit defeated. When I read other people's success stories, I am happy for them but I also know that each program and application year is different, especially this year with COVID and how that may severely impact this POI's chances of getting funding for a second student. I hate that being waitlisted places you in a state of purgatory because I want to do anything in my power to increase my chances of getting an offer. I've thought of a few ideas like reaching out to fellow applicants and asking them kindly what their intentions are with their offer, but I realize this is a terrible idea. Another idea I had was emailing the DCT and asking them what their experience has been like with waitlisted applicants or how long it typically takes for a professor to receive funding after they applied for a grant in the fall. I guess my question is: Is there absolutely nothing I can do to ease my nerves about this? With 2 months left until April 15th, that is a long wait and this program is truly my dream. It's actually been affecting me so badly that I haven't been able to be excited about other programs that I've gotten interviews and an acceptance offer from. I hope I do not sound like I am whining, complaining, or ungrateful. I am more than appreciative to be in the position I am in, but the amount of weight I placed on this program is coming to bite me. This past week I have ruminated a lot and have lost sleep on this, and that should tell you how badly I wanted to be offered an acceptance letter. What are your experiences like if you have had a similar experience with mine?
  11. Hi there! Didn't see a thread for HKS waitlist this year, starting one right here. I got waitlisted for MPP. I was expecting a rejection, so this is a pleasant surprise. I didn't know I was this close. Maybe I should reapply next year if I don't get in?
  12. Hello Friends! Anybody else need a support group for being a waitlister? I am currently waitlisted for the acting MFA at Brown. Anybody else know if they are on a waitlist? How is the...waiting...going? I feel #manic
  13. Hey all, I have just been informed that I am waitlisted for the SLHS grad program for San Francisco State and have been denied from all other programs I applied to in California. Before I started my application process I met up with one of my old professors from San Jose State to ask for a rec. letter. They informed me to look at less popular programs to increase my chances in getting into grad school. Which I now regret not doing. I have tons of experience working in special education (4 years to be specific), have worked in ABA therapy as well. My gpa is not the best (3.41) and I need to definitely improve my GRE scores. Though, I really don't feel I'm that much of a horrible candidate. Anywho... My question is, has anyone ever been placed on a waitlist for a program and have reapplied the following year and have not gotten in to the same program they were waitlisted. What are my chances if I reapply for SFSU next year? Also, what out of state programs should I apply to that won't break the bank?
  14. Anyone else like me got waitlisted by Moody college of communication UT austin? It's said the students who get the answer would give the answer before Apr. 1st. But didn't get any notifications since then. I also got the offer from Rutgers but this one is a dream program.... Waiting is consuming everybody knows that :(((
  15. I've had an unusual experience regarding my application to Boston University for their chemistry PhD program. I did not receive any information about the status of my application till mid February, when a PI of my interest contacted me asking for a Skype interview. They never followed up on my reply though, even after a reminder, and so I never had that Skype interview. Then at the end of February I got an email from the grad office saying I was on a small waitlist, stating that they could only make a limited number of initial offers and that they didn't have space for me in that initial round, hence the waitlist. I responded to that waitlist email basically saying thank you and that I look forward to the result. So my three questions: 1) Is it worrying that the PI never had the Skype call? 1) Is the waitlist email a standard boilerplate response? 2) What would my chances be of getting through the waitlist? BU is very high up on my priority list of universities. 3) Is there anything else I should do, or just wait till the 15 April deadline and see what happens? Btw, I'm an international student, if that would be of any relevance.
  16. Hi friends. Hope everyone is eating some chocolate and practicing some death yoga to destress during the coronavirus chaos! I've searched for over an hour on the forums trying to find a post I saw much earlier on in this year's app cycle (back in November, I want to say) with a sample email somebody had whipped up for someone else looking to decline their spot on a waitlist. I'm going to be contacting two of my waitlist schools soon to ask to be taken off the waitlist (out of courtesy to those students who may also be on the list). Can anyone remember where that sample language was for how to word this respectfully, or offer any advice on wording? Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. I am on the waitlist for the VGT track at Mayo Clinic. Has anyone else been waitlisted for this program? Did they indicate your position on the waitlist or chances of being accepted?
  18. Hi soooo I have applied to 12 PhD Clinical Psychology programs. Yes 12! And now I am worried even that isn't enough because I literally haven't heard a thing from any of them. I haven't received any rejection emails, but I haven't received any interviews/acceptance emails. I check the results page and for a lot of schools, other people seem to have received interviews sooooo does this mean I'm out? I am new to this. I am also really discouraged. I thought I was a competitive applicant with the exception of my GRE scores but I am just in limbo and worried that I didn't even get into any program. I only need one of course...but it's been radio silence. So I haven't received emails about interviews but I also haven't received emails about rejections....anyone know what this means or have any insight to share?
  19. Hi! So last February of 2019 I was waitlisted to Marymount University's forensic and legal psychology master's program! I was told I was in the top third out of 40-50 people. I have been told by one person that had applied to this program that the year previous to that she was waitlisted and that for 2019 she got admitted. Do you think the chances would be that good for me as well? I am definitely re applying this year and I just hope the same outcome goes for me, where I was waitlisted last year and then admitted this year. For this particular program, they say they get around 200 applicants and accept about 95 students. Thoughts? Thank you guys!
  20. Saw that @hopefulSLP2be7 started a thread like this last year for those “who are playing the waiting game... Please post here if you are DECLINING your acceptance OR waitlist position at a school. This will HELP people get a better idea of their situation! Thanks to everyone who participates! Congrats to all the SLPs to be!”
  21. Hi everyone! I know that there are people that have already hear back from SJSU's SLP Master's program, but for us that haven't... Does anyone know what's going on? Are they still sending out acceptances or is their cohort already full? If you have any information, please share
  22. I know we are all here playing the waiting game, we've been playing since the moment we sent in all those apps. There is a reason they call this a process and for that reason I waited before even applying. Now I am losing it! For everyone who is still waiting? Please share with me the ways you manage to distract yourself. I know its the weekend and I won't hear from the school till at least Monday yet I still can't help but refresh my email. All of my eggs are in one basket now I was rejected from everywhere I applied except waitlisted at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Everything is riding on this and I am filled with anxiety. The not knowing is truly killing me. Misery loves company, so if you're waiting and waiting please vent let us wait together and maybe it won't be so lonely
  23. I noticed there's usually one WAITLIST thread every year. This is where you can post about schools that you are waiting to hear back from. Consequently, if you are holding multiple offers and would like to get opinions, you can post here as well!
  24. Hi all, I noticed that there is no waitlist thread for 2019 applications. Let's share all together! Currently, I am waitlisted from two programs. Fingers crossed?
  25. I think this board has worked out well in previous years and thought there might be some benefit in creating a space where (1) people can post if they are declining an offer, and (2) where people can post where they are wait-listed. Sure, there is no guarantee the wait-listed person will get the spot, but it's still nice to know, right? In the end, we can only take up one offer but it's possible that you were accepted at another person's dream school and waitlisted at your own and vice versa.
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