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Found 108 results

  1. I noticed there's usually one WAITLIST thread every year. This is where you can post about schools that you are waiting to hear back from. Consequently, if you are holding multiple offers and would like to get opinions, you can post here as well!
  2. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Hi all, I noticed that there is no waitlist thread for 2019 applications. Let's share all together! Currently, I am waitlisted from two programs. Fingers crossed?
  3. I think this board has worked out well in previous years and thought there might be some benefit in creating a space where (1) people can post if they are declining an offer, and (2) where people can post where they are wait-listed. Sure, there is no guarantee the wait-listed person will get the spot, but it's still nice to know, right? In the end, we can only take up one offer but it's possible that you were accepted at another person's dream school and waitlisted at your own and vice versa.
  4. Waitlistedbuthopeful

    What are people's experiences being waitlisted?

    I'm waitlisted at my top choice and am kind of freaking out. I know waitlisting experiences vary so much across year and program, and realistically the chances of being extended an offer are slim since this program is amazing but I'd love to hear folks' experiences/impressions of being wait-listed... What was it like and when did you finally hear back (with or without an offer)? How do you keep your spirits up? Did you re-apply to the same program? 😭 *sobbing intensifies*
  5. Received a letter from the University of Iowa just now and was told I had been placed on the waitlist. I am extremely sad and nervous. Iowa is my dream. I don't know whether Iowa's waitlist is just a euphemism of rejection. The director of this program told that they thought my application was quite strong, but I have no idea whether everyone on the waitlist received this sentence. Did anyone receive the same letter? Or the offer or rejection of the UIOWA?
  6. Received a letter from the University of Iowa just now and was told I had been placed on the waitlist. I am extremely sad and nervous. Iowa is my dream. I don't know whether Iowa's waitlist is just a euphemism of rejection. The director of this program told that they thought my application was quite strong, but I have no idea whether everyone on the waitlist received this sentence. Did anyone receive the same letter? Or the offer or rejection of the UIOWA?
  7. Hi Starting this forum for people on the waiting list for audiology. I was placed on the waiting list for Dalhousie. Wondering if anyone is in a similar predicament or have you been removed for the waiting list in the past?
  8. soontobeslp2018

    April 15th jitters

    Hey guys! For those of you waitlisted, how are you feeling as the 15th gets closer? I’ve been rejected and waitlisted everywhere so I’m feeling very anxious about the 15th. I know I’m not the only one! Feel free to post how you’re feeling below! Fingers crossed we get good news next week
  9. Hey ya'll, I have been waitlisted to Loyola Maryland and was told that I was on the first tier within the three tiers. Today I received an email saying that they accepted the first group of people off of the waitlist and I was not one of them. Has this happened to anyone else OR Does anyone else know how many people have been waitlisted from Loyola Maryland SLP School?
  10. Llangton

    University of Arizona Waitlist

    Who has been accepted to The University of Arizona, who has been waitlisted? Does anybody know their rank on the waitlist? I’m on the waitlist and I’m getting so nervous! I’ve been accepted at Arizona State, Central Michigan and Western Michigan. I’m definitely choosing either ASU or UA(if I get in). I’d definitely prefer UA though. I wonder if it would be inappropriate to ask for my rank on their(UA’s) waitlist.
  11. Hi everyone! Just wondering has anyone on the waitlist heard back from SJSU yet? They said they were going to send out the final application status after Apr. 16th and so far I have no feedback at all. I'm dying to know if they have already sent out or I just need to be patiently wait longer...
  12. This is for an Occupational Therapy program where this will be the inaugural class. Do more students apply to programs such as this? How are my chances of getting off the waitlist for this type of program? And also, it starts May 21st! Should I still hold on to hope, or move on? I thought I had a really good chance during my interview in March.
  13. A few weeks ago, one PhD program I am applying to told me that right now they don't have an open position for me but I'm a highly ranked applicant. They also told me that they are still looking for funding and once there is change of my status, they will let me know. Is this just another way saying that I'm on their wait-list? The director of the committee replied to me that my chance will possibly materialize after April 15th. Does it mean anything? Any thoughts guys? Thank you very much!
  14. Has anyone who was waitlisted to cu boulder heard back yet? They said they would text us (weird right) on April 15th or soon after if a spot opens up but I wonder if they’ll let us know if there’s not a spot for us...
  15. groundhog

    Desperate for an answer!

    Hi all, Apologies in advance for the rant/vent post. But its nearly 10 days from the April 15th deadline and I haven't heard ANYTHING from my top choice. Without going into too much detail, its an Ivy school and I applied for a PhD program back in December, got an Interview in January, waitlisted in February--and told that by the 15th of April I would have an answer. Fast forward to today and I have gotten nothing from them. I've emailed the assistant program director 5 times (also cc'd his assistant), then got so desperate that I emailed a program coordinator (who I know has no involvement in the admissions process) hoping that she could triage my email to the person in charge. I have gotten no email response, and my calls to the DGS have either been unanswered or they have told me to get in touch with my department for answers. At this point I'm not sure what to think of the process, I kind of feel offended tbh that they won't even acknowledge my emails, even if its to say that they are really busy with other stuff and will get back to me soon. I'm wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this before, and if so do you have any advice? At this point I'm starting to think that I'm rejected and they just forgot to notify me because my application slipped through the cracks---I mean is there any other reason that they would keep me hanging by a thread for so long?
  16. I am currently waitlisted at 5 schools and have no acceptances yet. I took the bulk of my pre-reqs through a post-bac program, but each of these remaining schools has one or two random classes that weren't included. I've registered at various schools for the 5 classes I could possibly need to take, with a plan of dropping if I get rejected or only taking the ones I need for the school I end up going to. But now that May is approaching I'm realizing classes will start soon and I may not hear from the waitlists until later in May or even June. I will be absolutely crushed if I drop a class and then get an acceptance in June but don't have a pre-req filled. If I stay in all of the classes hoping for an acceptance, that means taking 5 classes over the summer while working full time (the most I've taken at once was 3 and that pretty hellish) and also the cost would be over $7,000 if I take all 5 at once! (Could put on credit card but that's pretty terrifying considering my chances here!) I am so torn about what to do and would love to hear from anyone with suggestions.
  17. MurphyNevada95

    Audiology 2018 Waitlist

    Any hope if you are only on wait lists for audiology programs? Currently, I'm wait listed for 5 schools the other one I applied to is a rejection (ASU). Schools I'm wait listed for include University of Arizona, Utah State University, University of Utah, Idaho State University, and Pacific University (Hillsboro, OR). REALLY hoping something works out for me!
  18. I've been waitlisted for 2 schools (JHU and Michigan). One since January and other since March. Both schools have told me that they have no updates yet at the end of March. It's past April 15th... does that mean it's game over? Or will admissions work through the applicant responses this week and give me a response? I've emailed the committee on Monday, but no responses yet. Not sure what to do.
  19. I've been wait listed at ENMU. I was just curious if anyone has been accepted off the wait list this year or in previous years??? I just want to know my chances.
  20. So the schools that I have heard back from so far have all been waitlists. Does anyone know if it’s actually possible to get into a grad program from a waitlist?! Obviously every school is different, but it is just very stressful knowing you may not get in. The schools I have replied to basically said they won’t give out any information about ranking/how many people were waitlisted. Anyone else in this same boat? Have any positive thoughts?!
  21. Last night I was admitted off the waitlist to my top choice program and I couldn't be more excited. I immediately emailed the two main professors I want to work with there to make sure they still actually want me in their labs since I was originally waitlisted. My second choice professor responded saying he would be happy to have me, but now the workday on Friday is ending and I still haven't heard back from the main professor I want to work for. If she doesn't still have space for me in her lab or interest in me joining, then I would go to my second choice school that has a great PI (but the location is really unideal for me on about 5 different levels). If she does still have interest in me joining her lab, then I'd go to my top choice. But I have no idea what I should do if I don't hear back from her. Does anyone have any advise about how to handle this situation?
  22. breakfastfordinner

    Columbia's MFA Fiction waitlist

    Hi everyone, Does anybody have inside info on Columbia's waitlist for Fiction? I emailed admissions earlier today, but the response essentially said that they didn't have any more information and they'd let me know if a spot opened up. They also said they don't rank their waitlist. I really want to go to Columbia but I have to give other programs needing a decision soon. I'm feeling pretty stressed and any info about this year or even the process in past years would be helpful. Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone, I would appreciate any sort of advice for my troubles here. For the longest time, I have had 1 acceptance from the many schools I applied to: UCI. When I went and visited I loved it there and all the people within the program. During this time, I found out I was waitlisted at University of Michigan (which originally was one of my top schools to attend). Here comes my problem: Michigan recently informally told me they are planning to extend an offer. UCI wants their response by April 15th. As of right now, Michigan has not officially extended the offer yet. Even if they were to, I don't know if I would feel comfortable accepting without having the chance to visit the campus and meet the personnel within the program (I know I will most likely love it there, but I just can't be too careful since I'll be spending the next 5 years of my life there). In the best case scenario, they give the offer on Monday and then that leaves very little time to plan a trip over before April 15th. I am sure that Michigan would be more than willing to have a longer deadline; however, I don't want to deny UCI by banking on the fact that I would accept Michigan on the chance that I don't like it over there. So I guess my question is what should I do? I have emailed my points of contact at Michigan explaining my predicament last week and haven't received a response yet. Would it be a poor move to ask UCI for an extension? Is it possible that they would rescind my offer for asking? I apologize if that is a naive question - I am just completely out of my element here.
  24. soontobeslp2018

    Surviving the waiting game

    I’m either waitlisted or rejected from all the programs I applied to. Does anyone have advice for surviving the wait? It’s so hard knowing that essentially starting April 15th (20 days from now) I could start getting final answers. For anyone who was waitlisted, how soon after the April 15th deadline did you start hearing back (acceptances or rejections). Neither school I’m waitlisted at will tell me about where I stand on the list or how many people are on the list. I’m trying to remain hopeful, especially since the grad students at my top choice told me that last year half their cohort was accepted off the waitlist. But I also am trying to be realistic that I may not get accepted off the waitlist. I would just appreciate any advice.
  25. worried2018

    Emailing... again

    It’s been 3 weeks. One month this Friday since I’ve gotten the waitlist email. Think it might be okay to email them to ask about the chances? Specifically where I am on the waitlist...? any thoughts welcome.

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