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  1. I recently got waitlisted at an extremely competitive STEM program at CMU's School of Computer Science. I am an international applicant. I received the decision a few days after others got their waitlist and admit decisions. I'm not sure how this translates into where I'm situated on the waitlist "stack". I understand the chances of an admit from the waitlist are slim, but do you believe I could do anything in the next two months that will make an admit more probable? A few friends in their undergrad suggested I mail them once every few weeks to show my continued interest. But I don't want to cross the line between being eager and being desperate. What do you think?
  2. Hello! I was waitlisted at a school I'd love to attend. What, if anything, should applicants do when they're waitlisted? Is it beneficial to reach out to professors, admissions officers, the director of graduate studies, or even current students, to express interest or say I haven't committed to another school? Or should I let it go until I hear from them? For context, I'm applying to PhD programs in Communication/Media Studies (plus one in Gender Studies), hoping to enroll in Fall 2022. The school says they'll contact me if a spot opens up, I can reach out with any questions in the meantime, and if I commit to attend another school, I need to tell them. Thank you!
  3. I couldn’t find a thread started for this year’s OGS competition, so starting one now. Carleton released their results on Monday March 1st, and I was told that I was on the waitlist. I’m wondering if any one knows how many people are typically on the OGS waitlist at Carleton and what proportion of those waitlisted end up receiving an award?
  4. I got an email from BU saying that I have been placed on waitlist. What are the chances of getting an admit from the waitlist? BU is my top choice so I really hope to get in!
  5. Hi all, One of my most preferred programs (Harris MPP) has put me on their waitlist. Would anyone with experience in getting off the waitlist for MPP programs be able to provide insights as to if there's anything I can do to increase my chances? Thanks ahead.
  6. Hi guys, I am currently on a waitlist for a spot in CS PhD program, and I am very worried because I already had 7th rejection yesterday :(((( Anyone receiving the offer from this school and not needing it please rejects it for me. If you know a friend applying to this university, tell him or her this information. Thanks guys, I'll be forever in your debt.
  7. I finished applying to grad schools at the end of December with due dates of applications being on January 15th, February 1st, and February 15th. I have heard back from two of the three schools I applied to. However, I'm starting to get extremely nervous because the last school I haven't heard from is my alma mater and I know that several others have already heard back and been accepted. I have not received ANYTHING. And I mean anything, no wait list letter, no rejection, and no acceptance. I'm starting to really get concerned because since others have heard back, does that mean that I did not get in? But if I didn't get in, why wouldn't they just send me the email saying no. I've tried to think about this as logically as I can like maybe they sent out letters in alphabetical order but the people I asked ALL have last names starting with letters after mine in the alphabet.. I was thinking maybe they accepted the grad scholars first, but I know for a fact that one kid from my alma mater who got accepted DID NOT apply for the grad scholars and he received an acceptance. I'm just freaking out because this was my back-up plan but I didn't think I wouldn't have been able to get into my back-up plan!?? Should I just consider no news good news???
  8. Has anyone been waitlisted to this particular program(CSUN Pre-SLP program) ? I just saw my admission letter and it seems that it was highly competitive this year and that the school had to waitlist many qualified individuals. So, I guess I don't feel too bad??? ://// I am ranked #8 on the waiting list. Should I apply again next year? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey ya'll, I have been waitlisted to Loyola Maryland and was told that I was on the first tier within the three tiers. Today I received an email saying that they accepted the first group of people off of the waitlist and I was not one of them. Has this happened to anyone else OR Does anyone else know how many people have been waitlisted from Loyola Maryland SLP School?
  10. Hi! So the past few months for me have filled with endless stress and self doubt about applying to grad school and my future in general. I only applied to two schools because I didn't have much confidence that I would get in anywhere and didn't want to waste the money just to be rejected. I got rejected from University of Rhode Island and am currently waitlisted at LIU Post, which I'm actually shocked I even got waitlisted to be completely honest. As hopeful as I am that I'll get excepted, I know I need to be realistic. I have a 3.3 GPA, but with the way my grades are looking this semester, it's probably going to go down to a 3.2. I wanted to see if I could retake some classes in the summer to raise my GPA but my college doesn't let you retake classes to be factored into your GPA after you graduated. However, I could retake them as a nonmatriculated student, but it would make no difference in my GPA. Would grad schools even care if I did this? I was thinking about retaking anatomy because I got a C and I'm especially nervous about that being a CSD course, but I don't want to spend $1000 retaking it for grad schools not to even care. Anyway, does anyone know any ways I could increase my chances of getting accepted, or am I doomed because of my GPA? Am I even being realistic applying with a 3.2/3.3? And does anyone know of any backup plans/other career options with a bachelor's and CSD? I'm sorry this is so long, I'm so beyond stressed and none of my family or friends understand because to them, "I do have good grades". Thank you so much!!
  11. Hi! So i have been super stressed during this whole application process. I only applied to 2 schools because i didn’t have much confidence i would get accepted anywhere and i didn’t want to spend a ton of money just to get rejected. I got rejected from one school and waitlisted at LIU Post. Even though I’m trying to stay hopeful about Post, i know my chances are pretty slim. I have a 3.3 GPA but the way my grades are this semester it’s probably going to be around a 3.2? Am i even being realistic about applying? My GRE scores, recs, and essay are all pretty average so i don’t even really have that going for me. I wanted to retake some classes in the summer to try and boost my GPA, but my school does not allow you to retake classes for a higher grade once you’ve graduated. However, i could take them as a nonmatriculated student, but the grade would not replace my old one. Is it even worth it to do this? I was thinking of retaking anatomy because i got a C and I’m nervous because it’s a CSD course, but if grad schools wouldn’t even care then I’m not going to waste the money. Does anyone have any advice on ways to stand out more or any kind of back up plan? I’m so stressed that I’m not even excited about graduating. None of my family or friends understand because to them “i have good grades” (for any other major i would!) any advice is appreciated! And if you actually read this whole thing, thank you so much!
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anybody has some information on a phenomena I have been experiencing in the application process. After interviewing at several schools and being waitlisted, more than one school has told me that I can expect an answer on admission in mid-March. I was wondering if this was just coincidental or if there is significance to the mid-March time? Given that the schools are publicly funded, I believed that students had until April 15 to give an admission decision if given an offer. Could it be that these schools are waiting for funding to take an additional student (me)? Or is there some other decision deadline in mid-March that they could have in place? Please let me know your thoughts!
  13. Hello! I was wait listed for Columbia's Environmental Science and Policy MPA program (in SIPA), and I was wondering if anyone could give insight as to when usually would be the last day to receive a final decision for somebody on the wait list. Or when might the decision deadline be for accepted students? The thing about this one year program is that it starts in early summer, so trying to find examples from other conventional 2-year programs that start in the fall hasn't been helpful. I really don't know the details of how the wait list works (other than the concept of getting an offer when somebody turns theirs down), so I'm trying to become more informed so as to stress out less. Also if anyone has any clue as to how many people from the wait list usually receive and admissions offer for this program, that would also be appreciated! Thanks!
  14. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the inner-workings of waitlists. I know it's different for each year and each school/program but any feedback is appreciated! For reference I've been waitlisted for Columbia's SIPA Environmental Science and Policy MPA. I've been on the waitlist since the beginning of January so I've had a lot of time to sit and think! A couple of things I have questions about are: If a program has a target cohort size of say 70, will they send acceptances to more (like 100) people and then additionally place more on the waitlist in anticipation of people declining offers? Meaning that even if some people decline they will still not move to the waitlist unless more than a certain number turn down their offers? Also, does the fact that I applied/was waitlisted earlier mean I might be higher up on the waitlist than someone who did so later? The message I received on my application portal said that the waitlist was unranked, but after corresponding with someone, I have reason to believe that one can be "bumped up" on the list. Thanks, I know I'm probably overthinking it, but any comments or insights would be great!
  15. (I posted this in another area of the forum but I think people rarely go into the section of the forum, so I’m posting it here instead. Sorry!) I’m posting this because I haven’t been able to find a thread on being waitlisted (but if you know one, please share the link!) so my apologies if it’s an annoying question! I was recently waitlisted by my top choice and they stated that if an interview slot opened, they would notify me. Does THAT happen often? I’ve heard of waitlisting post-interview but not before. I would think everyone who applied would accept the interview invite and that the committee would select from that group being they take so few anyway...so basically I read the letter and counted it as a passive rejection. I am debating on emailing them, restating my interest and thanking them (as it’s suggested you do) but I’m feeling a tad pessimistic about my chances. What should I do?? Should I feel optimistic about this???
  16. I’m only posting this because I haven’t been able to find a thread on bein waitlisted (but if you know one, please share the link!) so my apologies if it’s an annoying question! I was recently waitlisted by my top choice and they stated that if an interview slot opened, they would notify me. Does THAT happen often? I’ve heard of waitlisting post-interview but not before. I would think everyone who applied would accept the interview invite and that the committee would select from that group being they take so few anyway...so basically I read the letter and counted it as a passive rejection. I am debating on emailing them, restating my interest and thanking them (as it’s suggested you do) but I’m feeling a tad pessimistic about my chances. What should I do?? Should I feel optimistic about this???
  17. Hello all! So, I have recently been waitlisted by BU for their sociology program for Fall 2017. I received an email from the graduate school saying that while all positions for the new cohort have been filled, they would keep me on the waitlist in case the situation changes. My question is, what are the chances of getting off the waitlist (I am currently the #1 on the waitlist), when they have said all the positions have been filled? And does this mean that everyone has accepted the offer for Fall 2017 and therefore cannot back out? Also, is it possible for people to back out after they have accepted the offer? I am nervously waiting till April 15, hanging on to the hope that someone accepts an offer elsewhere and I get in, as it is my top choice. Thanks for all your input!
  18. Hey guys, I am new to the forum! I just have a question that has been bugging me, I would really appreciate some feedback or suggestion regarding my situation. So yesterday, I received a notification from UW Comm Lead department that I got into their waitlist. I replied to that email, reaffirming my interest in the program as well as attaching an updated resume. The advisor replied to my email today, saying she really appreciate that I continue to show my reaffirm interest for the program and that she partly want to see who from those in the waitlist are genuinely interested. She also mentions that she welcome additional recommendation letter or a revised materials. I was thinking of getting my current supervisor to write me one, do you think it is a good idea? Should I re-do my personal statement or video application? I'm just really anxious. Do you think I get a high chance of getting accepted? This is the only graduate program I applied to and I really want to get in. Thanks!
  19. Hi Everyone, I've received an email from a prof. in Columbia saying they were impressed with my credentials but since they cannot over commit, they are putting me on a "(short) waiting list" and I will be notified by April 15. My questions are: 1. Is there anyone else who was or you know of that was put on a waiting list and accepted? 2. What is the typical size of a waiting list? He says in parenthesis that it was short. 3. If I am accepted will I get funding? Is this a question I have to discuss at this phase or wait until after a notification? 4. What do I do now to increase my chances of acceptance? Thank you 0
  20. I got into my second choice and they gave me a great package. I think I am getting accepted into my first choice program, but waitlisted for funding and won't find out until April 15th. My second choice wants a decision on the TA-ship by March 15th (next week!!!) What do I do???? Any advice is welcome. Trying not to make myself sick over this.
  21. I recently got waitlisted into the graduate program of my dreams. I know being waitlisted is not good nor bad. In the words of my counselor, "It is easier to reject someone than it is to waitlist someone." Idk what I should do for the time being. I feel like I am hanging by the edge of a cliff until I hear back from the admissions committee. In the mean time, I thought about retaking my GRE (I barely met the required scores to apply) and reapplying in the fall as well as to other programs (SDSU and USD). I figured that if I posted this it will somehow calm my nerves down or talk to others who are also in purgatory like me. To those who applied to Chapman's MFT program, have any of you gotten out of the waitlist and accepted into the program? Also, is there anything else I can do or do I just wait and see if someone rejects the school's offer? Also, any advice for someone who's riding on a rollercoaster full of anxiety?
  22. Your grades may be low but it is not impossible. I did it and so can you. Of course your chances are low, of course it is hard but I had the lowest stats you could possibly imagine and now I am a first year PT student. This thread is to inspire applicants to chase their dream of becoming Physical Therapist no matter what!
  23. As April. 15th approaches I am really curious to see who gets admitted off the waitlist! Would you please share any experiences you've had with the waitlist, if you got off and if you already had accepted another offer. There isn't much information out there on it, everyone knows the date is coming up but we are all scrambling and hoping for dear life! I am waitlisted to I think, 3 schools, haven't heard back from UDC. I am assuming ill have some news come next week. So close...yet so far! *shrieks
  24. Has anyone called and easily received an answer or is this information they do not release? Thanks!
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