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Found 5 results

  1. I interviewed with a school last week and there was another student who also interviewed right before me. We had the same interviewers and everything. I emailed the school asking when we would hear back and they said the following week however, I just saw that this same student received an acceptance letter on the same day that the school responded back to me saying I would hear back the following week. I was confident that I would have a good chance after the interview but now I'm getting a bit concerned. Do you think this is bad news? or am I getting ahead of myself. We interviewed right after each other on the same day so I'm just a bit concerned. Any comments/thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. [serious question] hey everyone, i'm new to this forum! :] so not really sure how this works , btw is this forum completely anonymous? I'm in Canada by the way- currently in undergrad psychology- i definitely wanna do grad school one day in one of my undergrad essays, i noticed there was a single sentence in the essay that was missing a citation, perhaps the TA didn't catch it at that time or overlooked it as being a minor issue (was being merciful to me?) I wrote a very general statement about a social psychology theory that most social psychologists know about, but I didn't cite that sentence: The TA already marked the assignment, the course is over, and I have a final grade already on my transcript. I do not have any academic offence labelled on my transcript. I didn't use a citation for that sentence, because I thought I didn't have to cite things for basic/fundamental theories known to most social psychologists just as most physicists wouldn't really cite E= MC2 by Einstein. also at the time i wrote the essay, i was suffering from severe mental health issues, and anxiety, and depression, and lots of things like that, i didn't have the mental resources to fully reflect upon whether or not that one sentence would be considered common knowledge (no citation would be necessary in this case) or would be considered as uncommon knowledge (citation would be necessary in this case) Because i felt so guilty about this, I contacted the TA and asked the TA about whether i should have cited such a sentence. The TA said I was not in trouble, but the TA did tell me that I would have to cite such a sentence in the future so does that i mean I technically did commit plagiarism, but the TA overlooked it as being a minor issue and thus, did not bother to escalate this issue any further to higher authorities and did not bother to convict me of an academic offence? my dream is to attain my master's and PHD one day, and let's hypothetically say that i do end up getting my PHD one day I'm just worried years down the road, they'll look back to what I had submitted for the course, and realize that this sentence did not have a citation ->because of this one missing citation in undergrad, would all 3 of my degrees- bachelor's, master's, and PHD- be revoked? or would only my bachelor's degree be revoked but i would get to keep my master's and PHD? I haven't slept in days, and this is seriously eating away at me... some much needed wise advice or comments please? 1) so did i technically commit plagiarism, but the TA overlooked it as being a minor issue and thus did not bother to escalate this issue by reporting it to higher-up authorities (ex. Dean) and did not bother to convict me of a plagiarism offence? what's going on? i don't know what to think of this anymore... 2) if I do get a PHD in the future, would all 3 of my degrees- bacehlor's, master's, and PHD be revoked, because of this one missing citation in my undergrad essay (during my bachelor's)? Or would only my bachelor's degree be revoked but I would get to keep my master's and PHD?
  3. I don't know what to think, it seems like all people have already get a response either rejected or accepted, but not me. I have applied to PhD programs in Earth Science at six schools of which I got rejected from the two that weren't my best fit. However, I'm still waiting to hear from Washington, Rice, Maryland and UCSB, but at March 6th I haven't heard anything yet. Today, I am feeling like shit, severely anxious and completely hopeless! Should I give up on my waiting and assume that I got rejected from everywhere? I don't know what to expect
  4. Hi Gradcafe. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'll get right to the point: I'm supposed to be starting my first semester at Fletcher in January, and I'm having some serious concerns about the value of attending the program. Would love any input from current or past Fletcher students about whether or not getting a MALD is worth the price of admission. I realize that this is a subjective question to a large degree, so to help I'll detail myself briefly. I'm slightly older than Fletcher's median student, relatively debt-free from undergrad, interested in pursuing a career in international relations, something I have not been able to do in my post-undergrad career so far. I'm interested in Fletcher's course offerings, particularly those centered on international trade and commerce. Keeping my options open employment wise, but I'd be very happy with either State Department or private sector IR-themed work, perhaps finance related per my former career. Fletcher has also generously offered me about $30k towards tuition, I have some savings, but would still need to borrow a significant amount to make up the difference ($50-$80k, depending on best case/worst case scenarios). I attended the orientation earlier this year and I liked the school a lot; everyone was very nice. If it wasn't for the significant debt load, I wouldn't be posting this. That's life, though. I suppose it may be last minute jitters, but I've struggled these past few weeks with forking over the money. Fletcher seems like the gateway to the type of career I want... but it's still seems *so* expensive. And yes, I have spoken to Fletcher alums/students and asked them this same question, but I'm a little wary as I came into contact with them through the university. Not to be overly paranoid, but I want the real, unvarnished truth about The Fletcher School, which is why I'm posting anonymously on Gradcafe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially from current/prior Fletcher students in the MALD program. Please help set my mind at ease! Thanks for your time, Hesitant Grad
  5. Hi All! My ideal school's due date was Jan. 15th. SOPHAS delayed things so they didn't get my app until Feb 8th. I was told that I would hear back last week or early this week. Of course I'm really impatient, and am worried that I didn't get in seeing that 3 other people have gotten in already and been notified. This is my first attempt at grad school, and am wondering if sometimes a later notification can be a good or bad thing?
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