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Found 21 results

  1. Is anyone else accepted or waitlisted post interview for any of the DBBS programs at WashU (WUSTL)?
  2. Is anyone else accepted or waitlisted post interview for any of the DBBS programs at WashU (WUSTL)?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to Gradcafe, and this is my first time to create a topic here! I'm applying to MA program in art history, and my long-term goal is to get a PhD in art history. I am very fortunate to be accepted to the MA programs of UMass-Amherst and Washington University in St. Louis, both with funding. I like both programs for their intimate atmosphere because of the small graduate student body, and both programs have professors that I would love to work with. I feel it very hard to make a choice between the two. I wonder if anyone could provide me with more information about the two programs? How well are their graduates placed to PhD programs and museums/galleries?
  4. Hi everyone: I recently got accepted to WUSTL AM Statistics program, and I'm struggling to find any discussion about the program. All that I've seen during my searches on this forum and google are some rate my chances threads. I assume it's because of the small size of the class plus the fact that statistics is still part of the Department of Mathematics in WUSTL. Just wondering if anyone can add some information on the lack of information issue. Here's a little bit of my background: graduated with BS in math/econ and statistics, worked in industry for two years as a data analyst (mainly writing machine learning analysis code. unsupervised, supervised, classification, nlp, etc.) After working in industry for a while I really feel that I want to do more advanced-level work. Anyways here are some info that I've been able to gather about the program: 1. 7 faculty, 13 phds, 10 masters students in total (part of the Math Department) 2. Required courses: 5, including: a series of two classes (two series to choose from, one 400 level on mathematical statistics and one 500+level that's more proof based. 400 series might be taught by postgrad lecturers; 500+ by faculty) one out of two classes (one 400 level and one 500+ level on linear models. I couldn't find any meaningful difference in course description. Both taught by faculty) two 400 level classes on bayesian and statistical computation. Both taught by faculty. 3. Optional thesis 4. Two year program assumed by a line that says 'two semesters (or 18 units)' in the description and the program requires 36 units to graduate. I do have three concerns for the program: 1. It seems like this program is a 'cash cow' since it says no financial support. Does this necessarily imply lower quality for and attention given to masters students? 2. Even though there's a full phd outcome page, there is no mentioning of masters outcome. 3. Some classes (including required) are 400 level. Does this necessarily mean they are undergraduate level courses, or just being 400 due to administrative reasons? Some supporting info: the phd program also requires the two 400 level classes on bayesian and statistical computation. Does anyone have any thoughts on the program? Or is there anything that can be inferred about the program based on the info that I found? Would really appreciate any help.
  5. Hi all, I am posting this question to anyone who might have applied to anthropology program at Washu/Wustl. Have you had interview with them? If yes, when and how many times. I have not heard anything yet and at this moment I cannot wait anymore. I have seen four updates in the result page stating interviews with faculty members. Thank you so much.
  6. Hi! I have been accepted to both UChicago School of Social Service Administration and Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) Brown School of Social Work. Same amount of scholarship around 80%. They feel like very different programs but I will get the full scoop in April during admitted students day. At WashU, I would pursue the MSW with the Social and Economic Development Concentration and policy or system dynamics specialization. I would look at doing a public service fellowship through the school that would place me in local government to support different local initiatives and get my foot into local politics and public administration. The thing I like about WashU is the number of resources and programming they have in place to fast track your skill development and networking opportunities. The curriculum is also very flexible and they provide many hands-on learning courses, such as, consulting and incubator classes. At SSA, I would pursue the AM (equivalent to MSW) and pursue the social administration track. There aren't as many specific school-based supports or programming but UChicago is such a well resourced and vibrant school in an awesome city that would provide a similar level of resources and support. The program provides a wide breadth of course options on issues in philanthropy, social policy, and their intersection of clinical practice which is a big interest of mine. There are also opportunities to take courses at Booth, the law school, and the Harris school of public policy. Many alumni seem to gain access to influential spaces in Chicago, DC, and NYC. WashU does also but seems it's more common for SSA grads. I also feel from my previous visits to the school that UChicago will be more rigorous and challenge me more personally and academically. But that may be a false perception. I am looking at potentially working in community development, philanthropy, and/or government throughout my career. I have worked in education (K-12) and policy research in DC that past 6 years. Does anyone have thoughts on the schools and what to consider in my decision? Thanks!
  7. Hello - At this point in the app cycle, WashU is looking really appealing, as they have offered me a $25k scholarship. I also got into Emory and Columbia with no word yet on funding, as well as Pittsburgh, which does not offer masters funding. Since WUSTL is not ranked as they do not have a school of public health, I am hoping some of you can help provide me with a decent understanding of the perceived quality of this program. What is the reputation of an MPH from WUSTL? What is your general opinion or impression of their program? Thank you!!
  8. Hi I'm an international student and I recently got into a master's program for NYU and WUSTL. I know at a first glance NYU seems much more superior, but I have a few issues that bugs me. One is obviously the money. WUSTL offered a full tuition remission for one year ( not sure about my 2nd year, they didn't say anything in the letter about extending the offer to my second year) NYU offered about 20k off from tuition for one year. They did say this offer is contingent in my second year, so I need to hold a good academic standing in my first year. It's also obvious that NYC is notorious for expensive rents and other fees. I know NYU is one of the top universities in relation to film, and NYC itself is full of resources and opportunities for film-related work, but the money is a bit of a worry for me. Also, although I've lived my life in a big city for +15 years, I don't think I'm such a city person based on past experiences, so I'm worried whether I'll be able to get used to the environment. I really don't need the extra stress. All this seems to aim at going to WUSTL, but my other problem is that I haven't really decided for certain whether I want to get into PhD after my master's for now, since I ultimately aim to work as a film programmer rather than teaching academically. If I was certain about getting into PhD, I probably would choose go to WUSTL, since I have another chance of applying for PhDs in the future. But since I may just finish my studies with a Master's degree, it just increases my uncertainty about going to WUSTL Master's Program. I did also get into UCLA and UT Austin Master's as well, but they didn't offer any funding or tuition remission, so I'm only considering NYU and WUSTL right now. I've been stressing over this for days, but I just can't make up my mind. Any advice would be really helpful.
  9. Any WUSTL applicants waiting for a decision? I thought it'd be fun to make a thread seeing as there was none! Post here if you get any info from the school!
  10. Is anyone else attending WashU this fall? I accepted my offer last week and am hoping to connect with future classmates!
  11. Did anyone else get a phone call from Washington University in St. Louis before they finished submitting the application? I did. I've had schools in the past call me after I'd been accepted, but never before I'd even submitted the application. My advisor thinks it's a good sign, but poking around this forum someone said they get a very "sales" vibe to WUSTL admissions, and I could see how that could be the case.
  12. http://www.sc.edu/uofsc/posts/2017/04/sarah_gehlert_named_social_work_dean.php#.WPzFn1LMyt- "...Gehlert was the E. Desmond Lee Professor of Racial and Ethnic Diversity at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU/WUSTL) and has been named dean of the University of South Carolina College of Social Work by Provost Joan Gabel. "Sarah's appointment comes at a time when we are further strengthening our university’s position as a state and regional leader in health science research and education," Gabel says. "I’m excited to have a scholar of her stature join the College of Social Work as it continues to make great strides in both research and direct community impact. Her dedication to working collaboratively to improve the health of society’s most vulnerable populations makes her an ideal fit for the position." Gehlert begins at a time when the university has set into motion a bold health sciences initiative and greater collaboration between social work, nursing, pharmacy, public health, biomedical engineering and medicine. Gehlert, who had a joint-appointment in Washington University's George Warren Brown School of Social Work and the School of Medicine, says collaborations between fields of study can produce greater results since healthcare providers treat the whole patient. Her research area includes studies on the effect unsafe and violent neighborhoods have on African American women diagnosed with breast cancer."
  13. Hello!In January I was accepted into Washington University in St. Louis, and in the last weeks I was accepted into MGH IHP in Boston, and Murphy Deming college in Virginia . I am having a lot of trouble deciding between the 3. WashU- I truly can see myself here. I appreciate all of the connections, the low price of living, and that student health insurance is included in tuition. Definitely would push me to grow, as it would be a step outside of what I'm used to, living in the city. Top ranked school might give me more opportunities finding a job after graduating. Facilities were not as nice and updated as the others. Very welcoming faculty members. Murphy Deming- I love the smaller class size and the inter professional design. Coming from Wyoming, I know I would feel more in my comfort zone living in rural Fishersville, VA. Facilities much more impressive than WashU. Low price of living.MGH- I feel this school is a good mix between WashU and Murphy Deming. The facilities are amazing, inter professional design, and I felt the school has many valuable connections. However, the price of living is crazy! Can anyone offer their opinion on the schools?
  14. Hey all, I recently got accepted into UT Austin, University of Notre Dame, WUSTL and UCRiverside for a PhD in Chemical Engineering. All offers have similar funding and all the programs are pretty great, especially UT Austin and Notre Dame. I want to continue in academia so I want to make a good decision about my university. Any advice? Thanks!
  15. Hey! Thought I'd start a thread for any students starting at Washington University in St. Louis in the fall. This is a good place to discuss housing, life in St. Louis, and in general meeting people before coming to campus in the fall.
  16. Hi everyone! Would you please help me with my SOP? I was an international relations student, but now want to switch to Public Health - Policy and Management. As transferring degree, I decided to spend more space talking about how I became interested, and how my past work experience affected me or would help in the future..I'm not sure if this is the right structure for my situation. Please let me know if you could help! I will PM you my draft. Thank you so much!!!!
  17. Dear all, I, International student, got accepted to two programs: one at the University of Texas at Austin and the other at Washington University in St. Louis. WashU offered me 50% more funding per year, and has guaranteed funding for 6 years, while UTA offers me 4. at UTA I have to teach all years, at WashU I don't have to teach in my first and last year. However, I am currently already doing fieldwork for the professor I would work with at UTA and it is the best thing I have done in my life. I am happier here than I have ever been at any other field site and see very good prospects for further research here. I think I have pretty much found my own little niche as a researchers here. So, my question to you all is: what things are most important to take in mind before making a decision. Do you think a trong funding package is more important, or doing the research you truly love? Thanks!!
  18. Help! Which university should I choose? Their reputations are both good. I want to know which area has a better chance or is easier to to find a job after graduation?
  19. Trying to decide between two great offers from Washington University in St. Louis/Sam Fox School of Art, and UNC-Chapel Hill. I'm going for a Masters of Fine Arts, with an emphasis on college teaching preparation. WUSTL/Sam Fox sounds like a great school, and I'm pretty excited about being in St. Louis. The class size is medium, and they are offering me a very nice package. The school is very conceptual and independently driven, which is what I'm looking for in a program. UNC-Chapel Hill has offered me a bit better of a deal (although, the tuition for UNC is lower than WUSTL, so they can afford it in a way.) The program is also very conceptual and independently driven, but they only take very few students each year, making their class size very small and intimate. I'm a little worried about this-- I feel like too small a size might mean that everyone influences each other in each incoming class, and everyone's work might develop similarly. I know it's not totally possible, but I'm still a little worried about it. So, My advice is, - Medium Sized program, or Very Tiny program? -St. Louis or Chapel Hill? -Really Good Offer or Great offer? Thank you!
  20. I just got an email from the director of grad admissions at WashU saying the following: "Having reviewed your application for admission to our Ph.D. program in English, I would like to encourage you to apply for an Olin Fellowship for Women. [...] I hope you will indeed apply for an Olin. It's a generous fellowship, reserved for our finest students across the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences." My heart tells me it's just a form letter sent to all the female applicants, especially because the application was only due like a week and a half ago. Sigh. But has anyone else heard anything?
  21. Hi guys, I got a few problems with the GPA calculation requirement by WUSTL. They sent me a calculation sheet with the method. After I converted my scores based on 100-scale to 4-scale, some of them cannot be put into the categories provided by the sheet (e.g. should GPA like 2.5 be put into 2.3 or 2.7?) Maybe I should just ignore the sheet and calculate a weighted GPA? Another question is that I also have transcripts from Australian universities. They use different grading system there, something like Distinction, Credit, Pass etc. Although they also put a 100-scale based score on my transcript, it looks significantly lower. Because the pass score is 50 instead of 60. How am I going to deal with these differences ?
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