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Chicago Harris MPP v. Willy Brandt MPP (DAAD Funded)

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I have been accepted into Chicago Harris’s MPP program (with no financial assistance) and have received a full scholarship (tuition, living expenses and insurance) from the Willy Brandt School (University of Erfurt) for their MPP program. I am writing to UChicago for some funding but that is uncertain as of now.

1.       Ideally, I would like to do a PhD in the country where I am doing my masters and stay back in the long term

2.       Ideally, I would like the financial independence to choose the career option that best suits me and not which most helps me pay off my massive education loan

I am waiting to hear from certain other US universities, but I doubt any place will offer me a full ride. I am hoping to get some advice and perspective on this forum about what will be a better option, given my priorities.

Many thanks!

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So, what have you decided? I have also got an offer from WBS, it seems a good program with good balance of practice and research. Although I have not got any financial assistance, yet In my view this is a really affordable program.

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