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I submitted a portfolio for MHCI+D. According to Google Analytics, only one person from Seattle has viewed it (the website says 2 faculty members will review each candidate)...so losing hope that deci

I didn't apply for UW MHCID, but I applied for a few other HCI/UX-related programs...good luck to all!

Hey guys, I just got an email about 10 minutes ago from MHCI+D for interview requirement. I will do it tomorrow morning and let's see what'll happen.

Major: Applied Computing (Computer Science and Interactive Media Design) at UWB
Current Status: Senior Student graduating in June 2018
Background: International Student; A few working experience at school and at a product design company.
I only applied to MHCID in UW Seattle. I am really looking forward to this graduate program.
At the meantime, I'm finding internship or full-time job as a web developer.

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Hi guys! Another MHCID applicant here.

I’m a few years out of school (Colorado College ‘14 grad) and have been working in digital marketing/website management for a few years now. I became interested in HCID when I took General Assembly’s UX course this past summer and started doing more web/UX type work at my job.

I was just accepted to University College London’s HCI program, but UW is definitely my top choice.

Good luck to all!!

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Hi guys! I applied to the HCDE program too. I graduated from the UW two years ago and worked in marketing for a while. 

What are some other schools you guys applied? Did anyone of you know Depaul University at Chicago? I heard they have a good HCI program as well. 

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@kaid I'm a senior at an engineering school in a very unique program with a lot of emphasis on user-centered design, no pubs/official research experience, three software engineering internships at a big 4 company, a lot of TA experience for both design and software classes. GRE: 167Q/162V

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