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Hey Everyone,

   I got accepted for my first interview on February 9th for a clinical psychology PhD program. I've never done in interview for a graduate program, and am unsure how to prepare between now and then to maximize my chance at a succesful interview. I've recieved some suggestions about doing mock-interviews with friends or colleages, as well as writing out all possible questions and responses to those questions as a way to rehearse. I also realize that I should be researching both what my Principle Investigator of interest has been researching (e.g, read her past publications) , as well as what her graduate students are now researching. Do you think mock-interviews and pre-writing responses to potential questions is effective? Is there anything glaring that I'm missing and should be doing?  I want to prepare for this interview as much as possible and really nail it. Thank you very much, in advance, for your help!




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I had an interview today. Although my field is political science, not psychology, I have some advice that might be helpful. First, don't overthink the interview. It will be much easier than you think. Second, I wrote out responses to questions ahead of time. While this helped me with some questions, you will inevitably be asked questions you didn't prepare for. 

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Thank you for your response, Deutsch. May I ask, what of questions were you anticipating that you wrote out ahead of time? May I also ask, what if any research did you do for the program you were applying to?

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