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I've been accepted to a college and will attend their recruitment weekend soon! Their itinerary states a full day of events on Friday and Saturday (up until dinner on Sat), and nothing on Sunday. I'd rather go home on Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning. My question is whether it'd be okay to leave after dinner on Saturday? Does the school need to know whether I check out on Saturday evening or Sunday morning? Is it rude to skip unscheduled events after Saturday's dinner (e.g. drinks with current grad students)? 

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I thought you were going to miss an entire day of events. 

Leaving on Saturday evening after the last official scheduled event but missing any unofficial social events is fine. You just do what's best for you. You don't have to justify why you are leaving. It could be that you have to go to another interview, or you have a lot of work to catch up on, or you have a family to care for. So if you want to go home on Saturday evening instead of socializing, that should be fine.

We had a prospective student once miss an entire day of events (left after dinner on the first day) because they had another visit weekend to go to. Sure, some of the grad students thought it was weird to go all the way out here for just one day and certainly some students thought poorly of this and discussed it for a short while. But the student did attend our program and there was no real issues at all. Everyone forgot about it after a few days. Like @WhyTry said, there are like 30 other student visiting that we were busy with, so it's really not a big deal. Some students don't visit at all so one day is still better than zero.

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