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I applied to Columbia’s PhD program for biomedical engineering and got an interview invite. It’s my top choice and I didn’t think it was going to work out, so I was ecstatic to hear from them. Since I got the email though, my stress levels have steadily gone up as I realized that this interview was a step in the right direction but no guarantee of admission.


I want to be as well-prepared as possible, and I was wondering if anyone had advice/information on how Columbia’s interview process goes? Should I expect to talk about my own research experience or POI’s? Is it more casual or will it involve an intense technical interview? Are my chances of getting in relatively high or is it like a 50/50?  Anything that would help me figure out where I stand and/or how to best prepare for this would be appreciated!

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Sorry I just saw this, maybe we met while we were there haha. It definitely sounded like each professor got to decide how they wanted to interview applicants and some were more formal about it than others. Any idea how long before we hear back now? Someone was saying around 2 weeks or so but I'm not sure

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