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Has anyone heard back from Johns Hopkins CBID (Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design) MSE program yet? Online says first round interviews would be mid-late January yet I've heard nothing back yet (its Jan 31), and haven't seen reports of anyone else hearing back yet either. 

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Thanks for the information! They had mentioned that they would let everyone know of their final decisions, so I'm a bit bummed they didn't even contact me officially to let me know I wasn't invited to interview. Do you mind me asking when your interview was? 

Best of luck to you! :) 

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I suppose they will release the ad/rej all at once in March. But I agree they should've done a better job at informing ppl what's going on. 

Mine was last Friday and they will have the campus visit on 19th of Feb.

Thanks a lot and same goes to you :) 

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