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Masters Applicants for Fall 2018!! Anybody out there?

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On 3/14/2018 at 4:42 AM, Just Accept me Already said:

I've been waiting forever to hear back from the schools I interviewed for. It's been longer than a month for one of those schools and I'm really starting to lose hope. I know that not hearing back from them isn't a rejection, but it's definitely starting to feel like that. Should I email the director for an update or just continue to be patient?


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Hi all!  Field/Program:  Urban and Regional Planning, MURP/MSCRP with research interests in affordable housing finance and development.  Schools:  Minnesota-Minneapolis, UT Austin, Portland

I see the thread got a lot longer than I first expected. Nice to see a lot of Master's applicants !!! I haven't really been keeping up with the posts as the thread starter.  So, here's an updat

Thank you for all your posts!  Seems like a lot of you are still waiting on most schools.. like me It just turned February so hang in there and let's keep each other updated....!

Hi all,

I moved to the Bay Area from Australia last year. I applied to the MS Clinical Psychology program at San Jose State University. I interviewed with the department on the 9th of March and on Friday I received an email from the program director that I've been put on the waitlist.

I have a Bachelors (Honours) (major: Psychology) with a 4/4 GPA. Their requirement for clinical experience is 100 hours and I have about 820 hrs. Submitted 3 strong LOR's and I think my SOP is equally strong too. But unsure why I was waitlisted. Well, at least it wasn't a rejection. I really hope someone does not accept and I get their spot instead. 

Good luck to all those who are waiting for decisions. 



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On 2/5/2018 at 4:22 PM, iHaveAquestions said:

thanks and to you as well! I didn't expect to see so many School Counseling applicants here. 

Counseling sounds great ever since my own school passed on me! I'm literally avoiding the dept. building now... Waiting on all the other schools.

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Does anyone know how long Cornell BME Meng program takes to give decision? The deadline is May 30 and I applied a couple days ago. Since it’s rolling and I’m applying late, I don’t know if I’m too late and have a shot at getting in. Any reviews of this program would be helpful information as well.


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