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If anyone is going to UBC this fall and want to room together, please contact me!! We can find a place together :))

Congrats to everyone getting into audiology! I’m excited for all of you!

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Hi everyone!

I was on the waitlist for Dalhousie and UofO but just got off the waitlist for Dal last week!!! If anyone else is going would love to meet you!!  Feel free to message me:)

I hope the rest of you received good news as well!


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Hello future applicants!

I know applying and waiting for an acceptance is stressful, and I turned to the forums from previous years a lot when I was waiting to hear if I got accepted into audiology. So, I thought I would update future applicants who may be lurking on this forum about happened with the wait list after this forum was abandoned! If you haven't seen my previous posts, I applied to Western for Audiology and was put on the wait list. Shortly after I was put on the wait list in April, I figured out via this forum that the program was full and they were not admitting any more applicants at that time.

I stayed in contact with another member of this forum after we both were placed on the wait list and did not get accepted. We thought all hope was lost and were talking about our next steps when she was offered a spot in the program in June and she accepted her offer!

Fast forward to August and I got a call that I was being accepted off the wait list! Needless to say, I was absolutely shocked since applying to the program felt like a lifetime ago! After much consideration, I decided to reject my offer since I already accepted my offer to another master's program a few months earlier and I felt that program and career path was a better fit for me (and I couldn't imagine uprooting my entire life and moving in less than a month!)

I hope this post will help if you've applied and are anxiously waiting to hear back about an acceptance, or if you've been placed on the wait list! Best of luck!!



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I'm not sure if anyone still looks at this form but I'm interested in applying to Western Audiology for Fall 2020. I'm just wondering how previous applicants have gotten their clinical experience hours to apply to the program. I can't seem to find any audiologists willing to take on student volunteers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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