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GRE Writing Sample

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Hello everyone, I am planning to appear GRE exam very soon. But I am very concerned about my writing. Last time I attended GRE, I got 3 on the writing. It would be very helpful for me if someone please review my writing and provide necessary corrections and tips I need. It would be a great help.

Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times and places.

Laws are the basic principles of our day-to-day life; therefore, behavior of an individual should not go beyond the lines restricted by laws. However, laws should vary on different situations, cultures and regions. A quick reflection on a typical day reveals how laws impacts on humans. For instance, people go to work places everyday by using vechicles, which follows traffic rules. In addition, every person has to reach to offices timely and follow certain disciplines to maintain cooperative environments to the offices. Nevertheless, due to certain obligations, maintenance of laws everytime becomes difficult and because of that laws should not always be very strict. 

The prompt attempts to connect rigidity of laws with making them pliable on certain situations. The assumption is that laws sometimes need to be suppled on different scenarios. Looking back at the intoduction, sometimes following traffic rules, and reaching office in time and maintaining all the laws of work places becomes hard due to personal obligations. Undoubtedly, on those situations, rules should be liberated.

However, child birth rate is an important law in many countries of the world. Though many countries like, Iceland, do not have any limitations on child birth rate as they have very few populations. In contrast, overpopulated countries for example, China and Bangladesh have so many people that government of those countries created different rules for birth control; in fact, no parents cannot have more than two children. But because of recent natural calamities, which takes away life of almost half of the population of Shin Yang, a region in China, are now focusing on increasing the population rather than controlling that.

Futhermore, in 1946, when the second world war ended, women started to work both on households and industries. At that time, most families in the USA were suffering from financial issue. Therefore, having one extra bread-feeder makes like easier for the people. In addition, many women attended the world war II for the sake of the country. Women empowerment, which was inconceivable at the beginning of the 19th century, now becomes common in almost every corner of the world and they do not rely on men anymore; in fact, they become competitors of men in every field of science, economics etc. 

Connection all ideas, laws helps to regulate a society by the government; in fact, laws make a person think before commiting a crime. Nonetheless, laws sometimes need to be unfettered by considering scenarios, environments and cultures. For example, a serial killer should be punished severely whereas a person who kills for saving another might not be punished as much as the previous one.

Finally, laws are very important for the society. Without laws, people might have created an chaotic environment where life would be very difficult. But every time laws should not be austere, sometimes for the sake of improvement of the society, laws firmness should be reduced. To summarize, as laws are for people, so if laws sometimes is liberated on necessary situations, the society will be benefited.  

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