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Can I suggest a program facebook page?

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I'm a graduate student and I've been hired to create social media profiles for my program. I remember as a student coming to this site for advice and hoping to find insight into programs that I couldn't find elsewhere. Part of what we want our facebook page to be is a place where prospective students can ask questions and get answers from current students or faculty. I'm planning on doing interviews with the faculty one by one and students, but I'd like to know what prospective students want to know. I thought this might be a good place to get ideas about what students would ask if they could interview the faculty and students themselves. But I didn't want to appear that I was promoting an institution exactly. Our facebook page is very new and most of our followers seem to be older people simply interested in research articles, so if I were to ask our audience now what they would kind of questions they have I don't think we would get the right results. Is there a suggested area where I could post something about questions students might have and advice they are after if they are interested in our program already?

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