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University of South Carolina MSW

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Hi everyone! This is my first post on this site but I have been checking it daily for a long time now :) 

Has anyone applied to USC (South Carolina) for the 2 year program? I am an undergrad here now and am eagerly awaiting a decision! I've seen a couple of people have gotten their acceptances already. I sent in my application two weeks ago but just got an email on Thursday that they received all my materials (my letters had already been submitted but I think they had to pull my transcripts). I am going crazy waiting!! I keep refreshing my email even today, when I know no one is at work! I also have my letters and application ready for Winthrop but I am hoping I will be accepted to USC soon and wont have to send them in! South Carolina was my dream school when I came here as a freshman and it still is today :) 

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I just got my acceptance today, but unless I hear about scholarships later it might be off the table.  I can only go if I get funding 


oops I thought this was a university of Southern California thread.  My bad!

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