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Can't decide.. Please help!!! (bio)

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After all the visits, and making pros-cons list, I still can't decide on where to commit myself to.. I think my title is pretty straight forward!

My area of study is biology (molecular/cell/micro/immuno), and got offers from Purdue, Dartmouth, Boston College and UC Irvine (All Ph.d). I'm REALLY thankful that I got offers from these programs, but I'll be honest and say that they were not my top choice schools. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed visiting all schools, and now it's freakin' hard deciding where to go and spend my next 5+ years.. If I only went for the rank and the name, I would probably choose Dartmouth or UCI. They were excellent programs with great faculty and resources, but I realized on my visit that the location and the student lifestyle didn't suit me very well. I liked BC for its location/program vibe (I'm crazy about the city). I think I would have the best work/life balance and happiest time at BC, but have to say that the program is the weakest among the four. For Purdue, I got in contact with a prof who seems really productive, personable, and wants me in his lab. I would probably spend my graduate years most 'efficiently' (fast/high productivity), according to his past mentees. 

What should be my main criteria in making this choice?? Does anyone have any experience from these schools? Any input would be greatly appreciated...!!!

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I'm graduating UCI soon (undergrad) but Ive worked in a grad student lab for a bit. I dont know the PhD program here tooooo well but if you have questions about the campus/area, I can answer those!

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