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International student here who is faced with the choice between Edmonton and London. Can any of my Canadian resident friends out there throw some light on the following aspects in an Edmonton vs London context? I will be a PhD student living off limited stipend.

1. Liveability - weather, affordability of housing options for a small family, access to utilitarian services etc

2. Early schooling - how good are the schools

3. Childcare - affordability and quality

Thank you very much!

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Probably way too late, but in case people come here in the future, here's my advice:

1. Both are fairly liveable cities. Weather is way worse in Edmonton. Housing is probably a bit cheaper in London. Neither are particularly "exciting" cities. Edmonton is a bit closer to Canada's main centres of natural beauty. General services are roughly equal.

2. Early schooling is roughly the same.

3. Childcare is roughly the same. Edmonton (and Alberta in general) might be a bit better for cost of living overall.

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