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This thread is for those who have applied to Balsillie's MIPP and/or MGG program. Did anybody hear back from either programs? I applied to MGG.

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I'm new to the forums but I had a few questions I thought I'd ask you all for advice! 

Last week I got my funding offer for NPSIA, which was $25 000 over two years through scholarships and a two year TA position. It's not necessary as much as I was hoping but I'm also not sure whether this is good for NPSIA or not.  I also got accepted to the MIPP program at Balsillie with $20 000 of funding for the one year program, which is enough to cover tuition and a large portion of my expenses there. 

So I'm wondering if you all had any advice on which one to pick!

Is NPSIA 100% worth it despite the lower offer or would going to Balsillie be comparable in terms of the quality of education and employment options after? 


I'm also still waiting back on my MGG application, but they don't message back until you've already decided for the two others I've mentioned and so I'll need to at least accept one before then. 

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I applied to the MGG, and it's one of two programs that I still haven't heard back from. I'm hoping that they start sending acceptances out soon, because my (already extended) deadlines are fast approaching for other schools.  

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@Lights Hi, did you already receive your acceptance offer from MGG? I checked mine on quest and it still says that department has not made any decision yet. 

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