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I will be attending the University of Miami for Clinical Psych.

UVa for Social Psych - made it off their waitlist. Beyond excitement

UWM for Clinical Psych! Glad to see future Milwaukeeans on this thread 

Made my decision today to attend Wayne State University for Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience! Congratulations everyone!

I would love to hear from anyone attending a school in MI since I'll be new to the area. 

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Attending Penn State's Human Development and Family Studies PhD with an emphasis in Quantitative Methods!

Turned down/Withdrew from:

  • UW Madison, UCLA, ASU, UCSB, UC Davis, Indiana Bloomington

Rejected by:

  • UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame
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23 minutes ago, missfleur said:

Does anyone think it’s possible to hear after the 15th given the cutoff lands on a Sunday? I’m still in limbo over my top choice. I interviewed and am waitlisted. 

CUCDP pushes til 24 hours after the next business day in the event it’s on a weekend 

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