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PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience/Psychology at Wayne State, MI or Miami University, OH

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I've got a wonderful problem: I've been accepted to two PhD programs and have no idea which one will be the best fit for me long term. They're both through departments of psychology; one at Miami University in Oxford, OH with a focus in Behavioral Neuroscience, and one at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI in the area of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. My problem is this: I'm in love with the research at Wayne but intrigued by the plusher setup Miami is offering. Both programs are well ranked and there aren't any red flags for either. Does anyone have any advice for how to make this decision and/or any insight into what the programs may be like beyond the little taste I got at my interviews? I'm very torn and while I'm leaning towards Wayne very slightly (think, 97% undecided) based on the research I'd be doing, Miami has a much nicer campus, updated lab space, and is closer to my family. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. 

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