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Calling all Current Students at GW ESIA (Both Part-Time & Full Time)

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I have recently been admitted into ESIA and am pretty excited about pursuing grad school.  I've been out of school for at least 6 years (don't want to give age away) and have a very specific interest in International Affairs in the Latin American region.  I would like to hear experiences from both full time and part-time students.  I will be working full time as well while going to school part time.  I understand it's how you make the most out of your education.  With that said, based on what you have put in and have gotten out of it - how has your experience with ESIA been?  I've listed a few questions that I have which would be helpful to me but think this could help other too.


1. Part Time or Full Time?

2. Which MA program and concentration at ESIA?

2a: What made you decide to pursue that program out of the other offers you had (if any)?

3. How much work experience did you have upon starting at ESIA?

4. Are you working full Time?  If so, what have you experienced with class workload?

5. Opinions on general Class Size and Faculty?

6. Experience with Career Services (approachable, effective, giving you practical knowledge and help?

7. Any additional tips for recently admitted grads to ESIA?

Thank you so much!

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