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All American universities publish on their websites the minimum requirements of their master programs. However, I can't find information about class restrictions for most universities, notably UCLA.

Can a master student take more classes than the requirements of its program? Can students enroll in as many classes as they want?

Can a student enroll in classes that do not belong to their department? For instance, can a EE student enroll  in any CS classes?

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You'll need to ask the relevant department that you've interested in. There is no one answer that fits all departments or all universities. Since you didn't tell us what department you're asking about, we can't really say anything more insightful. If I had to guess, it may be possible, but it'd be a bad idea to enroll in too many classes or to take classes outside your required classes if you want to maintain good standing in your program. One class per semester (or likely year) is the most that would make sense, if this were allowed. 

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