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It's definitely on the early side, but I figured I might as well start the 2018 version of this thread! (I was just procrastinating studying for finals searching for a Facebook group for my chosen pro

Do any NY schools have a FB group yet?? I'm always trying to find some and guess what they could be called but this is definitely way more efficient... 

Has anyone created one for Portland State yet? 

Anyone know how often they confirn join requests for Midwestern Glendale?

For anyone who needs it, here's the link. My request is still pending, but I just added last night.


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13 hours ago, SLPhopeful56 said:

Hi, I'm attending Edinboro but also don't know anything about a Facebook page... so if you hear anything let me know! :)

I'll let you know! I guess they usually have someone who was at Edinboro for undergrad as well, make one and a find people. 

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