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Hello, gradcafe!

I am making a difficult decision.  For my SLP master's I must choose between Rush and Northwestern.  Rush is $40,000 cheaper than Northwestern, which begs the question, is Northwestern worth 40K more?  Will I have a higher earning potential if I go to Northwestern?  Is it that much better of a program?

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you:)


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Personal opinion: 40k more tuition is not worth it. Most schools leave you with a similar earning potential. Our field is really not dependent on the name of your school. In fact the externships are probably more important because that is what gives you actual experience. Once upon a time I applied to northwestern and was rejected, but later I was relieved because of the price tag. SLPs have a decent job demand but the salary isn't known for being amazing, even if you're in the medical side instead of schools. Most jobs won't even care where you went to school as long as it's accredited and you're getting licensed. 

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If you're really interested in the medical side of being an SLP, I'd say 100% Rush! They are obviously known for being a medical oriented school. And obviously that's a big difference in price. I wanted to apply to those schools, but then I saw how much they cost (especially Northwestern) and decided not to lol.

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23 hours ago, CEFM said:

Thank you for your advice, jpiccolo!  How did you like Utah State, and how are you liking being an SLP?

Usu was surprisingly good! Haha mainly because it was far from my top choice. But the clinic was strong and my cohort amazing. 

Being an SLP so far is also good! Definitely confusing and tiring but I feel like I was pretty well prepared and I have supportive colleagues and mentor. Always more to learn but CFY is almost over!

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