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Help choosing economics masters program

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I’ve been accepted to a number of masters programs, of which I’m seriously considering the following:


- LSE's Msc. in Economics (2 year programme)

- Duke's MS in Economics and Computation (40% tuition waiver)

- Columbia's MA in Economics

- NYU's MA in Economics

- Tufts' MS in Economics (80% tuition waiver plus TAship)


I currently work as an analyst for a government agency with a pretty heavy research component. My goal is to eventually pursue a PhD, though I’m not as competitive a candidate as I’d like to be quite yet (missing certain courses, eg real analysis, and less than stellar grades during first half of college). The plan is to use this degree as a sort of Econ post-bacc, and maybe a launching point for a better RA position (I’ve applied to a ton, but never made it past the final round). Any thoughts on where I should go? Leaning towards Duke currently.

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You definitely need to go to Duke. First, Duke is renowned for its master's programs that enable students to prepare well for Ph.D. programs. Thanks to the flexible structure of the M.S. in Economics and Computation program (i.e., many electives, and permission to take undergrad courses), you will be able to complement your qualifications. Moreover, you can enjoy the tuition waiver, which means you can spend less! Considering that Duke's reputation that is comparable to or better than the rest's, if I were you, I would choose Duke without any hesitation. Lastly, Duke's placements have been outstanding and I think the fact will help you when you apply to either Ph.D. programs or RA positions.

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