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Hi all, 

I have recently been admitted to three programs: Georgetown's MA in Conflict Resolution, Boston University's MAIA in Diplomacy, and LSE's MSc in Conflict Studies. I cannot for the life of me decide which school would be the best fit, so I'm hoping that someone here has either attended one of these schools or can offer insight into which program sounds the most compelling. Here is what I know so far: 


  • Tuition: ~ $50k USD per year for a 2 year program
  • Great career centre/job prospects post-grad
  • Perfectly located for internships/careers in diplomacy or foreign service 
  • Beautiful campus
  • Great reputation in the US Poli Sci/Government circle
  • Very high cost of living 
  • Don't know a single person in Washington
  • High crime rate

Boston University 

  • Tuition: ~$45k USD per year for a 2 year program
  • Offers a summer exchange program for CR students in Geneva & London 
  • Prof whose work I have followed for ages teaches a class in my department 
  • Boyfriend and best friend from uni both live here (support network + potential roommates)
  • From what I can tell, great student-faculty outreach
  • Very high cost of living 
  • Not as internationally acclaimed as the other 2 schools


  • Tuition: £20,904  for 1 year program (roughly $29,176 USD - this is a HUGE draw of this program, as I will be financing my own graduate degree)
  • Great international reputation, would likely open many career doors 
  • Uni is in the centre of an exciting city
  • Well located for careers in government/foreign service
  • Insane cost of living
  • From what I've gathered so far, their academics are not as strong as Georgetown 
  • Only a 1 year program, so not as much time to network/study/perform research
  • Hands-off teaching style - very little in class time, grades based off one final exam at the end of term 

Any guidance you can offer on any of the 3 schools would be very much appreciated. HELP ME MAKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE DECISION!

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