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Hello all. I need a bit of help deciding between Mills College and Wake Forest for their English MA programs. I've spoken with both schools and will be visiting shortly. They both assure me that they place students very well into top doctoral programs and - at least for Mills - into positions outside of universities (publishing, journalism, private high schools, community colleges, and so on). But neither program seems to have or to want to cough up hard data regarding their past placements. Is this something to be concerned about? Or maybe, more pertinently, does anyone have insight into the standing and success rates of these two schools?

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MA placement information is harder to get, so I wouldn't be too worried about it. It's really PhDs that you need to be concerned with for placement. Both programs are seemingly well regarded, so I would say either would be great.

I use to live in the bay area and would absolutely love to go back, if I had the money. I went to high school with a few folks that got their UG from Mills and they all loved it. I don't know anyone who went to Wake Forest, though the head of my MA committee was a visiting assistant prof there and seemed to like it well enough. VMI is right across the street if I'm not mistaken, a military academy with a bit of a reputation for having confederate flag loving students. My cousin went there and had a bit of a conservative phase while there. Pretty location though.

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