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Hi! Wanted to start a thread for those who were accepted to CU Boulder! I was accepted and will be attending in the Fall. I AM SO EXCITED. Is anyone else pretty sure or strongly considering Boulder?? I will also be at the open house! Anyone going to that? I know for people flying in it's a holiday weekend.


For people applying to Fall 2019 who might end up reading this thread ;) :

I attended a very early information session in Oct where the presenter gave a TON of helpful information. I worked very very hard on my personal statement that had a decent amount of personality and voice and was by no means dry.  I had a ton of people read it! I think out of everything my personal statement was my strongest. Good luck to all who apply next yr! 

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Hey! I am strongly considering Boulder but I'm having a hard time deciding!! I have been to Boulder which I LOVED but I did not get a chance to check out the department or clinic at all and I will not be able to make it out for the info session. Do you mind sharing some info after you have attended the info session? That would be so helpful. My main concern is how expensive it is. Much more expensive than all my other options... so if they mention any funding options that would be particularly useful information! 


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Hi all! I have no idea if anyone still looks at this the year after they are accepted, but for anyone who decided on CU, how do you like the program???? I was accepted this week and it's one of my top choices!! But it's always hard to know what it really is like once you're going through the motions and get to know the faculty, teaching styles and organization of the department. What do you think??

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