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I have been accepted to my current in state university as well as Purdue University and am on a waitlist for another in state school. I am having trouble deciding whether it is worth it to spend double the amount of money to go to Purdue, one of the highest ranked program in the area. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to weigh cost, distance, and rankings, or advice from anyone who has gone to or gotten accepted to Purdue.

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Hi there! I had a similar question and I talked to a number of SLPs in different settings. Everyone has told me to choose the least expensive option because employers will not care what school you went to. It also doesn't matter whether your degree is M.S., M.A., or M.Ed. because ASHA has uniform requirements for every program. One thing I have heard is that the name of the school will matter more if you intend to go on to get a Ph.D..

With that in mind, my top choice is significantly more costly to attend than my second choice, but money was not the only thing that factored into my decision. My first choice will allow me to live at home and commute to school, so I would be able to live with my husband and not pay rent. Those things are very important to me, so I am willing to shell out a little more or have a little more debt. So it really depends on your situation!

Overall, I'd say if nothing else is holding you back, go with the cheaper option!

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Hello! Do you plan on attending the accepted students day? That should give you a feel for the program and the area. I got my bachelor's there, and work in one of the research labs, so I'm somewhat familiar with the program. Overall, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on research and evidence based practice. Personally, I would choose the cheapest option that aligns with your interests (specific faculty, populations, or research areas). 

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