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Cleaning Up the Results Board

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Greetings! First, many thanks to all the folks involved in running this incredible resource! 

I'm wondering, though, if it's possible to at the very least encourage posters on the results board to use the forums for discussion and questions. It's getting difficult to filter through all of the extraneous conversations to see the actual results coming in. 

Thank you!

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There's straight up mutiny going on under "creative writing," haha. People are getting in fights. Someone has done the Spongebob meme (WhEn YouR tExT iS LikE ThiS) without the actual meme. It's insanity there. I don't mind minor questions, but this is next level, lol.

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I was about to create a similar thread, but apparently you guys have tried dealing with the mess that is the results section. I know that it is hard and everything but isn't it particularly messy this year? May I suggest maybe setting a character limit for the comments or maybe or write something like: "if you have any questions or want to contact others please use the forum" instead of just "use forum for discussion". Or maybe put a notice at the top of the submission form the same way you have this thing?:image.png.391e5430d1b93413d400feac785327b8.png

Thank you for all the work you do!

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