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Hi! I am in great need of some insider information. Has anyone ever attended University of Washington’s MedSLP program and regretted it? Was it not what you expected? Do you feel like other programs would have prepared you equally for the medical setting? Are the classes as tough as you were expecting? In my mind’s eye all the courses are the equivalent of med school/Grey’s Anatomy. Is it tough to get a research position? Are you at school from 8am to 8pm? I’m trying to get a picture of what life would be there. 


It was my dream to go there, but after visiting another school I feel confused. They are both the same price point so that’s not a factor. Washington is more prestigious and the curriculum makes me want to start today...but my other school has such a wonderful peaceful environment. Honestly it won’t be as hard so I would probably be able to still work part time and most likely have better overall balance. Do I pick a school that still has a great program but will be less difficult. I will probably be happier holistically not at Washington. Or do I go to the school of my dreams where it will be more academically demanding, expensive to live, competitive and probably lonely. I’m afraid to go and feel like I’m drowning for two years. I already spent four years in sacrifice mode working full time and going to school full time + research projects during undergrad. 


I’ll regret not choosing either school, but I can’t figure out what I will regret more. If anyone has attended UW’s MedSLP program and has some words of wisdom/advice about surviving there I’ll take it! I have until Monday to decide. SOS!


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I can’t speak for that specific program (sorry) but I will say even an easier program will likely be demanding. My program wasn’t necessarily difficult, but we had to learn to manage our time well to be able study and also plan daily sessions. I’d consider what placements and externship opportunities you’ll have. Those often make the biggest difference when job hunting. And consider if the cost is worth it. We don’t make bank as SLPs and if tuition or cost of living is astronomical then you’ll be paying it off for years while having comparable job prospects as most other schools. 

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